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Software Development

There are times when off-the-shelf software won't meet all your business requirements. We can build custom software systems that fit your requirements 100%.

Cloud Infrastructure/Hosting

We host your IT infrastructure in the cloud. We take the burden of server maintenance/scalability/high availability off you allowing to focus solely on your business.

Web Design/Development

We offer services to enhance existing websites, completely rewrite existing websites and finally offer services to put companies without a web presence on the internet.

Mobile Applications

We help companies build enterprise mobile applications to mobile-enable their employees. We also help with taking legacy business applications and extending their reach onto new mobile platforms.


Digiting is a professional software developer with experience delivering software consulting and software development services to leading companies. We specialise in cross-platform application development with a focus on enterprise/cloud/web/mobile platforms.

We develop cutting-edge web applications, mobile applications, websites and mobile sites that help our enterprise customers to successfully communicate with and interact with their consumers.

We are specialist in cloud platforms enabling our clients to leverage the power of cloud infrastructures to better deliver their services to their customers and clients.

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Enterprise application development


Mobile apps development


Cloud (aws, azure, google etc) hosting infrastructure support


Data mining and analysis

Our Services
we are professionals in every needed area

Enterprise apps

There is an increased need for collaboration, communication and business automation in today's virtual organisations. Information technology and data management have therefore become strategic to business. We build enterprise systems that help improve processes, reduce costs, promote customer loyalty, and increase revenues. By outsourcing your enterprise software development to us, you can continue to focus on your core competencies.

Bespoke software

Do you require custom business software to manage your business better? Our business application development experience spans a wide range of industries. We have experience with building complex billing systems, custom ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and virtually every kind of business information management system including ERP, CRM, Billing system, Payroll Systems, Custom CMS, Document/Asset Management Systems.

Cloud IAAS

Need a scalable, secure, highly available, fault-tolerant hosting solutions? Our cloud infrastructure as a service(IAAS) span across all major cloud service providers. Scale your computing resources on-demand and pay for only what you require when you require. We deploy virtual cloud servers in few minutes. When you experience spike in your website or application usage, we can automatically scale your computing resources as the need arises.

Cloud PAAS

We develop highly scalable applications on major cloud platform as a service providers. We built your applications or we migrate your existing applications to a more secure, cheaper and scalable platform where you need not worry about computing infrastructure allowing you to focus solely on the functionalities of your applications. Need not worry anymore about database administration or system administration therefore saving you tremendous cost.

Web solutions

At the core of our web services portfolio is the design and creation of websites. These vary from small brochure or information websites to complex programming websites that automate business processes etc. We offer services to enhance existing websites, completely rewrite existing websites and finally offer services to put companies without a web presence on the internet.

Mobile apps

We have the expertise to integrate mobile applications into your strategy, unlocking the efficiencies of the always-connected customer and workforce. Our team understands the mobile landscape and will create the perfect solution tailored to your business needs. Our services relate to all aspects of mobile applications with a speciality in mobilisation of enterprise line of business applications and processes.

Google apps

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Whether you are starting a new business or you want to transfer from free Google Apps to paid or you want to migrate from your existing email system to Google Apps, we can help.

IT Consulting

With our wealth of experience and expertise, it makes sense to share it around. We provide focused software consulting services that help you make the right technology decisions, and solve complex software problems through our expert advice. Our consulting engagements are typically short in duration and focused on specific outputs.

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