5 Easy Tips to Perfect Your Wig Regimen This Spring

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Every woman must have at least one wig they can count on. Wigs are a great way to change your hairstyles without the time, pain, and cost you’d otherwise have to go through to alter your actual hair. Wigs may be synthetic strands or human hair like this product at EvaWigs. They come in different colors, lengths, and styles.

Wigs are the logical choice for women who are looking to grow healthy, long hair. They give your natural curls and kinks a welcome break from the rigors of everyday manipulation. The protective twist, braids, or styling underneath your wig will lock in moisture to the hair follicle while promoting length retention.

Nevertheless, how well a wig will work for you heavily depends on the regimen you follow. This spring, here’s a look at 5 tips that will enhance your wig regimen.

1. Cleanse the Hair

Cleansing is the key to preventing a build-up of dirt and excess oil. Dirty hair will not only have an unpleasant odor but it’ll also be prone to dandruff and eventually, hair loss. Wash your hair every 2 weeks or as often as is necessary. Redo your braids, twists or cornrows and get rid of shed hair before wearing the wig again. Doing that will keep locking and meshing at a minimum.

Whereas certain shampoos are known to be less than friendly when applied to hair, there are plenty of viable alternatives. Cleansers referred to as co-wash that cleanse and condition the hair are among the best recommended if you regularly wash your hair.

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2. Deep Condition Your Tresses

Like washing, you should condition and moisturize regularly. Curly hair often grapples with dryness. Deep conditioning at least once a week is key to safeguarding and maintaining the health of curly hair. It restores your hair’s moisture after shampooing.

Ideally, you should keep the deep conditioner on for 5-30 minutes. However, follow the specific directions indicated on the product you are using. Have a plastic cap on your head so the conditioner and steam can do the best job.

3. Use a Leave-In Conditioner

It’s hard to go wrong with tons of moisture when it comes to curly hair. Leave-in conditioners help lock-in that much needed moisture as you prepare to style the hair. You can even pair them with another moisturizer if you really want exceptional results.

4. Drying

Exposing your curly hair to too much heat can damage it. If you improperly blow-dry the hair, you risk getting rid of all the moisture it had accumulated thus leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage.

Blow drying works best if done at a low heat setting. The alternative is to air dry the hair though of course, this takes much more time. To air dry, braid it or twist it then leave it overnight.

5. Oil Your Scalp

With your hair cleansed and the tresses moisturized, it should feel clean, light while smelling fabulous. But you are not quite ready to put back your wig just yet. For the wig to be a natural and perfect fit, the hair beneath it should be flat. Twist, braid or cornrow the hair before you oil the scalp between the twists, braids or cornrows.

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Cornrows offer a flatter surface for the wig when compared to braids but they may be more difficult to maintain for certain types of naturals. Twists can work too but they may tangle or frizz up faster. Whatever option you go with, put on the wig cap once complete and finally wear your wig like the crown you’d want it to be. You are now ready to go out there and conquer the world.

Wigs are an excellent accessory but you need a robust regiment to prevent breakage and thinning. The right regimen will give your hair the protection it deserves this season.