Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular platform in science and technology field. Artificial Intelligence apps provides you a personal assistance which helps you to do your works in less time period with the help of machine.

AI will helps you to automate your work across many industries so that you can done your work in less time period. Most of the people don’t have much money to purchase the heavy machine to automate their works so you can use the artificial intelligence apps on your smartphone.

These apps comes with good AI algorithm which can easily take your habits, what you like, what you don’t like, time to go office and come back to your home and other of your daily routine. It provides you a human level accuracy and easily suggest you a good way to finish your work.

In this article we are listing top artificial intelligence apps for android and iOS users. You can easily use any of these apps on your smartphone and do your work in less time.

Top Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

1. Knowmail

A personalized AI iOS and Android app to help you with the most urgent emails. Knowmail privately and securely learns your email communication habits, behaviors, and preferences, and can present only your most urgent of emails, so you may focus on the most important items whether on-the-go, short on time, quickly and efficiently.

Knowmail is a must-have AI app for busy people looking for a trustworthy and secure way to process heaps of emails and act on what matters, without having to spend heaps of time on them.

2. Hound

A personal assistant that you can instruct to do a wide variety of tasks. Hound acts similar to Google Voice Search, but is equipped with an impressive array of features. For example, you can ask Hound to play your favorite playlist, set different alarms throughout the day, inquire about the weather forecast, or find you the nearest restaurant.

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3. Cortana

A virtual AI assistant made for people who need an extra hand but don’t have the resources to hire a human virtual assistant.

Cortana uses a female voice to help you with tasks such as making calls, setting up a calendar, and telling you what the weather is like. It can even tell jokes, chat with you, and help you with directions.

Cortana’s high-end speech recognition feature and AI capabilities are considered advanced since it can even answer multi-tiered questions pretty fast. Cortana is renowned for having the fastest report times out of all AI virtual assistants.

5. Google Allo

Google Allo is one of the best and popular artificial intelligence apps for android and iOS users. It is a best messaging app which allows you to do action from your voice. You can also use it as voice to text app on your smartphone.

It has also a huge collection of stickers, emojis, and an amazing smart reply feature. You can easily express your feelings with stickers. One of the best feature of this app is to provide you incognito mode so that you can hide your search history from your smartphone.

6. ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is another popular artificial intelligence apps for android and iOS users which helps you to easily learn English language. It will help you to improve your pronunciation. You will be able to speak good English in less than 4 week using this app.

It has listed test designed by top experts which will help you to easily improve your English in less time period. You can also track your progress of learning using this app with full progress report day by day.

7. Robin

Robin is a popular artificial voice assistance app for android and iOS users which can be easily use on any smartphone.

It will help you to write a text message without touching your smartphone by voice, get GPS navigation, funny jokes and other on your smartphone. Along with these you can also set a reminder and work to do in your next day.

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8. Socratic

Socratic is one of the best and popular Math and homework helper app for android and iOS users. It will help you to done your homework in less time period with good techniques. It has an amazing artificial intelligence feature by which it will help you to done your home work.

You have to take a picture of your homework with your camera app and its artificial intelligence instantly provide you which concepts you need to learn to solve the problem in correct way and less time period.

9. Edison Assistant

Edison Assistant is also known as easilyDo smart assistant app which is a personal assistance and artificial intelligence apps for android and iOS users. It helps you to know about traffic for your destination so that you can easily know when to leave for your work.

Along with this it also remove duplicate contacts from our smartphone. You can also know about shortest direction with less traffic from your home to your destination. It also allows you to book your ticket for hotels, movies, restaurants, events and others.

10. Lyra

Lyra is another popular virtual assistance app with best AI option for android and iOS users. It is a best time killing app which can tell jokes, manage your dairy, find videos from different topic and play them.

You can also use it to open map while you traveling. It is your personal artificial intelligent assistant which can talk like a human. You can easily tell her a command and it will complete it on time. Along with these it also translate words and phrases instantly, save notes reminder, set alarm and complete other task which a man can do.

11. Stifr Magic Cleaner

Stifr Magic Cleaner is also one of the popular artificial intelligence apps, used to detect junk photos on your phone to free up some space. The images are scrutinized through a series of machine learning algorithms.

Apart from that, the app is quick and deliver results instantly. Moreover, you can select the photos manually to delete or allows the Siftr do the work. The app is available free of any charge on iOS and Play store.

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12. Recent News

Recent News is a news aggregation app, powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that will study your reading habits. It will keep you updated on latest articles, news, and relevant reading stuff according to your interest and past behavior. Recent News is the best application to stay informed and updated on subjects you love.

It can be synchronized with other devices to help you bookmark articles on your smartphone and browse them later on other smart devices. Moreover, the ease of exporting your history and bookmarks will also help you conserve battery by nullifying background activity.

13. Apptus

Apptus is an AI-powered mobile application which is able to achieve e-commerce optimization by the integration of certain key platforms.

This app is able to enhance the afore-mentioned platforms with the help of streamlined searches, merchandising and finally, providing seamless site navigation.

The main value gained out of this app is enhanced operational efficiency which is not only a daunting task but gets even tougher when teams are tax leaned. This amazing AI app is available for both iOS and Android-powered smart devices.

14. Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is nothing short of an AI revelation. With the help of this app, you can easily use your very own smart assistant powered by voice control. By simply pressing down on your home button or by just saying “OK Google”, you can activate this app on your phone.

You can send texts, listen to music, set appointments and reminders, make calls, and write texts, etc. without even pressing a button. You can now open apps, search for images online, schedule your favorite Netflix movie, etc. all with just one app.

15. Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket is another AI-powered app which performs an operation called “data discovery which is search based”. All you have to do is ask the app a question in simple English and it will return you an answer which is filled with reports and charts related to the question posed to it.

The use of artificial intelligence in this app allows it to turn normal human language into a much business intelligence detailed answer. In simple terms, it does the job of a simple business analyst.

The above-listed apps represent some of the best of AI technology in use today on android and iOS. Which do you have running on your device, let us know in the comment box below.