10 Amazing Uses of Lemon

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The uses of lemon are uncountable. Lemon can be sweet or sour, no matter the taste, it can be of use to you. Lemon has numerous benefits and side effects because it contains the mighty citric acid and it is, of course, an acid. Lemon water is another magic product that has many uses for the skin. some people use lemon and honey for their skin and lemons are particularly used for skin whitening. Most people don’t know but one of the uses of lemon is for weight loss. However, here we will explore other uses of lemon, that you don’t always hear about.

  1. Deodorize garbage can

Did you know that lemon was a good deodorant? Yes, best believe that lemon can be used as a deodorant. The citric acid in lemon kills bacteria and odours, making it an effective, natural deodorizer. At times we wonder why the garbage smells, after all, you didn’t throw anything smelly away. However, the combination of smells and the rot of some food items in the garbage can give your space a foul and unbearable smell. You can eliminate this smell by rubbing a sliced lemon on the insides of the garbage can when it is empty of course. This will give the garbage can as better smell and suppress foul ones that come from the garbage.

  1. Fade dark spots

If you ever watch a home remedy for dark spots YouTube video, you would know this one. Lemon can be used to fade dark spots. These dark spots don’t allow you to see your true complexion and beautiful skin, they are annoying, depressing and nothing seems to work. The concealer investment isn’t worth it. Lemon can save the day. The vitamin C in lemon reduces the production of melanin, therefore, if lemon is applied to those dark spots, it can brighten the area.

  1. Clean hard water stains

Hard water stains can make your sinks and the likes of it look very dirty even when it is not. Water is colourless, however, it can still leave stains, this is because hard water has a higher concentration of magnesium and calcium in it. As time goes by the stains become darker and darker. These stains could affect the kitchen sink, bathroom, shower door, water closet and the likes. Fear no more, citric acid can take care of it. With lemon, coat the affected area using a cloth or brush. Allow it to sit for a while and then scrub the stain out. Once you’re done, rinse with hot water.lemon

  1. Remedy for sunburn

In regions where the sun comes out angry, sunburn is expected. During the summer it gets brighter and hotter than normal. Every day as you step out of the house, you have the sun’s UV rays to contend with. These rays could have harmful effects on your skin including sunburn or a horrible tan. This can leave your skin looking patched with discolouration and just unappealing to you. Remedy these sunburns with lemon. Like I mentioned before, vitamin C is everything. The brightening effect of lemon makes it effective for relieving sunburns. However, it is important to note that lemons cannot be used alone as it may be too harsh. Mixing lemon juice with honey or turmeric is good because both honey and turmeric soothe sunburns.

  1. Brighten white clothing

White clothes are super amazing when its new fresh and still pearly white, however, over time, those clothes lose their pearly white. All the bleaches in the world probably couldn’t save it except one. Lemon can be used to brighten white clothes. Keep them shining and eye blinding. A mixture of lemon and hydrogen peroxide is the perfect combination for DIY homemade bleach. To make this bleach you need 12 cups of water, ¼ cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix all three ingredients together in a container. For each load of laundry simply add 2 cups of this mix to the wash. It can also be used as a surface cleaner.

  1. Prevent browning on already cut produce

It is a bit of an eyesore when you cut fresh produce and it starts browning within minutes, and your guests probably aren’t even around yet. It makes food presentation look tacky and food, in general, look stale and unappealing. The browning of apples has to be the worst of them all. To prevent this browning, simply slice a lemon and rub it on the already cut surface of the produce. Fresh produce includes apples, yams, potatoes and the likes.lemon

  1. Rid your fridge of unwanted smells

The fridge is supposed to keep your food fresh but sometimes, it gets smelly too. At times, you cannot even tell where the odour is coming from, to make it worse, the odour is swimming through the cooling appliance. Once you open the door and take a whiff of that bad boy, you may or may not shed a tear or two. How would you feel if I told you all of that could end today? If you want to keep your fridge smelling fresh and nice, soak a sponge in lemon juice and place it in the fridge. It will absorb foul odours for a few hours.

  1. Make a brightening face mask

Have you ever seen a brightening face mask without lemon as one of the ingredients? It is crazy how these DIY face masks perform wonders. The popular combination is turmeric, lemon and honey. Together, they make your face bright, smooth and glow by deeply cleansing the skin, nourishing and moisturising it, given you a brighter appearance. The vitamin C in lemon is the best magician in the lemon fruit. An antioxidant, it fights free radicals that can cause damage to the skin and mar your amazing skin goals. So make a face mask today to keep the dermatologist away.

  1. A splash of lemon in your cooking recipes

Some of your favourite meals off restaurant menus have secret ingredients. You try to recreate them at home, however, there’s a dash of sweet, sour and savoury that you just keep missing. It just might be lemon. Lemon adds a fresh and lively taste to food. You could even make lemon pancakes or French toast. Lemon zest is also a good shave for presentation, pun intended. All parts of the lemon come in handy when making fine cuisine.

  1. Make lemonade

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Lemonade is by far one of the most popular juice drinks in the world and fresh lemonade tastes even better. A fresh squeeze with a pinch, just a pinch of salt and there you have it, lemonade.

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