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Places to Visit in Lagos

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The places to visit in Lagos are bountiful.  So bountiful they cannot be mentioned. From restaurants to recreation centres and galleries,  below you will find fun places in Ikeja, Victoria Island and relaxation spots on Lagos.

Right after Novare mall on the road to nowhere, lies the earthiest park. It is a cross between an artistically abandoned animal kingdom and a garden like Eden. With a great combination of sand, grass, vines and wood, Lufasi park is one of the places to visit in Lagos. The road to this park may seem endless but beyond the hustle and bustle of Lagos lies this beautiful park.

  • Rele Art Gallery

Rele art gallery is the hole Alice fell into to reach Wonderland. The world of its own is so small on the outside but deep on the inside. Out of all the places to visit in Lagos. The wonderland cuboid is filled with artwork from different creative minds. The artwork can be described a renaissance, tribal and untraceable all at once.

  • Red Door Gallery

Red Door Gallery out of all the places to visit in Lagos, is more than just a red door. Just like every other art gallery, it houses artwork from all works of life and minds. And no two galleries are alike. Located in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos, there is always something new to see at the Red Door Gallery.

  • New Afrika Shrine

New Afrika Shrine is that rebellious place that has survived decades and has become a part of the Lagos culture. Of all the places to visit in Lagos, the New Afrika Shrine is the most symbolic. Founded by the great music legend and pioneer of Afro-pop music, Fela Anilukulapo-Kuti, this shrine has served generations. The shrine is a sight to behold and a world to experience. The moment you enter, the spirit of afro-pop consumes you by sound, drink, or smoke.

  • Computer Village

Computer Village is a place to visit in Lagos and a wonder to Nigeria. It is by far the largest mobile device trading outlet in the country. Computer village houses so many kinds of traders, the authentic, subpar and the fakes. Located in Ikeja, computer village is really a village. There is nothing you cannot find or do. Be careful not to get robbed or swindled, therefore it is ideal to go with someone who knows the place well or have in mind who you want to meet prior to the time you visit.

  • Balogun Market

This is a market so big that there are many sides to it. Balogun market is Shepherd’s Bush of Lagos. It is also one of the largest markets in Africa, making billions in revenue, annually. Balogun market rests on Lagos Island, and it is home to a series of clothing, fabric, gift items and hair care merchants. This market is most famous for fabric, clothing and hair, as there is nothing you can’t find. Here, you get the best of the best at affordable prices if you really know what is up.

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  • Freedom Park

Freedom park is a place that caries its name in its story. The park commemorates nothing but freedom as present in that park are former prison cells on our heroes passed. These heroes include the likes of Obafemi Awolowo and Olusegun Obasanjo. Such a historical place has now been converted to a park with hosting some of the most vibrant events and gatherings. You can take a trip down to Lagos Island to learn more about the place.

  • Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is by far the finest art gallery in Lagos. Housing thousands of art work from diverse African artists, this gallery is a place to visit in Lagos. It is a must see. The eclectic Nike Davis Okundaye founded this gallery and with no formal education, she lectures at the prestigious Harvard University. The gallery is a mood on its own.

  • The Tea Room

The Tea Room is a new cute restaurant in Victoria Island. It has soon become one of the best places to visit in Lagos. If you’re looking to have a nice date with your friends and family, the tea room is the place to be. Adorned with vines of flowers, petalled pink and hanging from the roof, the restaurant has a rich menu. The menu may be too pricey for the average Lagosian but they have their audience. The Tea Room looks incredible in pictures too.

  • Ofada Boy

Ofada boy is one of Surulere’s finest hang out spots. With an ultramodern yet local design, ofada boy is one of cosiest places to visit in Lagos. It is well suited for gatherings of friends and family. Ofada Boy is a representation of a family heritage founded in 2009. It exudes tradition as the menu consists of the finest ofada rice in all of Lagos. Here, you can also enjoy a lot of other local meals.

  • Farmcity

Farmcity is where the friends come out to play. With outlets in both Ogudu and Lekki, Farm City is the place to visit in Lagos. Farmcity is a Relaxation Centre, a fantastic place with nice ambience and the perfect place for hanging out with your family and friends while having some nice tasty food.

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Fun Places in Ikeja

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Kalakuta Museum

The Kalakuta Museum is what used to be the Kalakuta Republic, Fela’s home. The history in that compound is too thick to overlook. Home to the resting place of the Legend, the Kalakuta Museum receives an influx of visitors daily. These visitors go to fun places like this in Ikeja, to have a look at the life and times of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. His bedroom remains the same after many years.

Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja City Mall is the fun place in Ikeja to be. The mall houses many restaurants, stores an arcade and a cinema. There is so much to do and so much to try at the mall. The most attractive feature of the mall is the cinema. At the cinema this December, numerous amazing films are showing such as Chief Daddy, Up North and many more.

Fun Places in Victoria Island Lagos

  • Paradise Jetty
  • Hilma Aquarium
  • Cross Roads
  • Alba Lounge
  • The Artisan Lounge
  • Buzz Bar
  • Texas Connection
  • Danfo Bistro and Dives

    places to visit in lagos
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Relaxation Spots in Lagos

  • Barracuda Beach
  • Sultan Beach, Badagry
  • Lakowe Golf Course
  • Jazz hole
  • Bogobiri
  • Ikoyi Club
  • Rowe Park
  • Whispering Palms