10 Things Nigerians Love

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Things Nigerian love is an endless list. Nigerians are multi-faceted and enchanting individuals and the most comedic lot. From money, fashion, food to awoof, Nigerians love everything and anything there is to love in life. However, spending so much time with the average Nigerian, you begin to understand the things he/she loves the most. The heart desire of Nigerians may seem funny, but it is true.

Here are 10 things Nigerians love.

  1. Moneymoney

Everyone loves money, however, Nigerian’s love for money is beyond. Money, they say is the root of all evil, however, Nigerians love money because of the life and power it affords them. Money is a key to economic and social freedom in Nigeria, hence, the hustling spirit of its people. Nigerians aim to succeed by any means, legal or illegal, so far, they make that money. Asides economic benefits, Nigerians will almost not do anything for free, even their duties, there must be something for boys. The love for money can be good and bad. The love for money has resulted in corruption, crime and more.

  1. Foodnigerian food

Nigerians love food. If you invite a Nigerian to an event their first question to you will be “is there food?”. If there is no food, there’s no point wasting their time to end up hungry. Nigerians’ love for food branches out to the numerous local delicacies, each person adds their own signature to it. Nigerians eat richly and in quantum as though tomorrow were their last. The food we love ranges from heavy home cooked meals, to street food and snacks. The love for food can take this nation to places unknown.

  1. Party (Owambe)nigerian owambe party

If there’s something Nigerians love more than money, its parties. Nigerian parties are called ‘Owambe’ meaning ‘it is here’ in literal terms. Owambe simply explains that this is where it is going down. Nigerians can party non-stop. As long as there’s good music, food, drinks, and money being sprayed, they are up for it. The party spirit of the Nigerian people is evident in the Christmas season. During Christmas there are concerts and parties lined up one day after another, trust Nigerians to attend every single event effortlessly. Both home and abroad, Nigerians are known to be the most turned up.

  1. Freebies (Awoof)awoof

Freebies make the eyes of Nigerians, light up. They love free things. Freebies in Nigeria can be souvenirs, promos, osho free, bonanzas, giveaways or awoof and Nigerians love awoof. Its hard to understand why aunties and uncles fight to collect souvenirs at parties because the gift items are sometimes useless to them, but they fight still because its free. Nigerians will enter in millions for giveaways online. Anywhere freebies are being shared, Nigerians are there.

  1. Footballnigerian football

In Nigeria, football is life. You neither dare to interrupt a football match nor attempt to speak ill of fan’s favourite player or team. If you neither know nor can analyse statistics, do not contribute to football debates as you can cause blood pressures to rise. Nigerians love football so much, they bet on it every Sunday with their school fees, house rent, life savings and monthly salaries. The game unites the country and at the same time divides friendships. That is how committed Nigerians are to the game, Arsenal fans being the most loyal of them all.

  1. Musicnigerian music

Music feeds the soul and therefore, Nigerians. The love for music in this country knows no bounds. Musicians are supported by the government and its people. Politicians dance to the tunes of the hottest artists, and the citizens sing their songs word for word. Nigerians turn up in millions at concerts and pay for tables which cost millions. Most Nigerian songs, come with a new dance move and Nigerians never fail to exhaust these moves. In Nigeria, musicians are treated like royalty.

  1. Fashionnigerian fashion

Nigeria’s new age in increasingly taking interest in fashion. Their rebellious nature is evident in the new fashion and style trends sweeping the nations. As much as Nigerians love to create the art that is fashion, they also like rocking the latest trends and fashion items, no matter the cost. A large number of Nigerian pioneers in the fashion industry both home and abroad also solidifies this love. They are rewriting stories.

  1. Showing Offshowing off

Nigerians deserve some accolades; hence, they love showing off. If a Nigerian asks you if your shoe is Gucci, they’re about to tell you they bought 2 pairs worth $3000 last week. Nigerians love showing off to the world, especially their invisible enemies, haters and those who once doubted them. Unnecessary, but they love it. Nigerians want to let you know via Instagram that they are hustling and making money moves and will borrow to do it.

  1. Social Mediasocial media

It’s been a bit over a decade since social media gained ground in Nigeria and Nigerians have become the kings and queens of the online sphere. The connectivity feature of social media brings more Nigerians together to break the internet day after day. Out of Nigerian’s 10 favourite things, social media is one of them. The nation can’t seem to do without it, even our political leaders. If the virtual community that is social media were real life, the country would be up in flames. Nigerians take to social media to communicate, build themselves and brands, tear others down, radicalise, slander, entertain, analyse and debate all topics you can imagine.

  1. WeddingsNigerian Wedding

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Nigerians love weddings. A few Nigerians love the idea of love, some love the aso ebi (uniform), and others just want to associate with the wedding hashtag, snapchat and eat. At a Nigerian wedding, you eat and dance till you drop. Weddings have now become fashion shows because aso ebi outfits look like they’re straight off the runway. The men release their inner demon, wearing their best agbada. Both genders ensure they look dashing because their Man or Woman Crush Forever just might be in attendance. After the day’s shenanigans, Nigerian wedding attendees flood our social media timelines and stories with pictures and videos of themselves at the wedding, captioned with the wedding hashtag.

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