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20 Makeup Hacks You Should Know

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Makeup hacks save lives hence, there are many beauty hacks on youtube. Makeup becomes easier to use when you can get around it and maintain it using basic tips and tricks. Here, you can find makeup tips and tricks for a natural look, beauty hacks for school, easy makeup tips at home and pretty much easy makeup hacks everyone should know.

Here are 20 makeup hacks you should know.

  1. Make a gel liner out of your pencil linermakeup hack

It is always difficult to find the perfect gel liner and you just wish your favourite pencil was a gel liner. Sometimes it is just the fact that pencil liners do not glide on the skin as smooth ad easy as gel eyeliners. The solution is to turn your pencil liner into a gel liner. This hack can be achieved by placing the tip of your pencil eyeliner in flame for a second, leave to cool for a few seconds and apply. It will glide on like a gel

  1. Your liquid makeup is not finishedmakeup hack

Every Nigerian should know this makeup hack because it is the oldest trick for toothpaste. Your liquid tube makeup may seem empty because nothing comes out when you squeeze but it is not. Waste your makeup no more. cut open the tube with a pair of scissors and use your liquid makeup to the last drop before opening a new one. This makeup tip works well for foundation.

  1. White eyeliner as a primermakeup hack

There are so many eyeshadow primers and these different primers work for different skin types with different effective results. Sometimes the primer you want is just too expensive right now. Your white eyeliner is a great substitute. The white base will make your eyeshadow pop just like a primer would and it’s affordable.

  1. Reuse mascara brushesmakeup hack

In every girl’s makeup life cycle, there will always be that mascara that worked wonders on her lashes. What most people don’t know is in the trick is in the mascara wand. Your lashes can remain magical if you reuse mascara wands. Simply clean it and reuse.

  1. Make your lipstick last longer with powdermakeup hack

Makeup enthusiasts are always asking how to seal lipstick, and how to make lipstick last through eating. Ask no more, make your lipstick last longer with this simple hack, powder! As weird as this makeup hack sounds, lipstick lasts longer when you apply translucent powder over it. Simply apply the lipstick of your choice, place tissue paper or a serviette over your lips and dab translucent powder on it.

  1. Get the perfect cupid’s bowmakeup hack

Its hard to get the perfect cupid’s bow, sometimes, one side of your lip is overlined. Avoid problems by lining your lips with the help of ‘X’. draw an ‘X’ at the centre of your upper lip. Line the rest of your lips following the positions of ‘X’ to achieve the perfect cupid’s bow.

  1. Find your actual contour linemakeup hack

As weird as it may sound, a lot of people do not know their own face. Sometimes lighting causes some confusion hence, they don’t know where to place their contour. Place the straight edge of your eyeliner or even makeup brush right below your cheekbone to get the right angle for your contour.

  1. Prevent mascara stains with a spoonmakeup hack

You spend your time achieving the best eyeshadow look and it all goes to the bin with that unexpected mascara stain. It makes you just want to cry, scream, kick and faint all at once. Avoid mascara stains by placing a dry teaspoon on your lid as you apply mascara. The excess will touch the spoon instead.

  1. Avoid eyeshadow fall out stains with powdermakeup hack

Girls love pigmented eyeshadows. Some brands do it best by selling the most pigmented eyeshadows, it almost eliminates the need for an eyeshadow primer. As much as pigmented eyeshadows save product quantity used, the fallouts could ruin your whole makeup. You can avoid fallout stains by placing setting powder underneath your eyes. It holds the fallouts. When you’re done with your eye makeup, dust off the powder underneath your eyes with a brush and voila.

  1. Perfect nose contour with a forkmakeup hack

The nose is so hard to contour because those thin contour lines are hard to achieve. For this, a fork will become your best friend. By placing a fork over your nose, you can achieve the perfect and even nose contour because the spaces in the fork serve as guides and shields when contouring your nose.

  1. Lipstick as eyeshadowmakeup hack

At times lipsticks could be the perfect shade. Did you know you could use your lipstick as an eyeshadow or even an eyeshadow base? Lipsticks are pigmented enough and would stay on your lid longer due to its creamy nature. You can set your lipstick shadow with a powdered shadow of a similar shade.

  1. A face dip in cold water will remove excess powdermakeup hack

It is common to go overboard with powder whenever you’re applying your makeup. You keep trying to brush the excess off, but it doesn’t work, your face still looks cakey. Well, here is a makeup hack for you. dip your face in cold water, it will remove the excess powder without smudging your foundation. If your eyeliner or mascara is not waterproof, it is not advised to try this after you have applied them.

  1. Powder before foundation for a matte finishmakeup hack

One of the latest makeup hacks for a matte finish is powder before foundation. It is normal to set your foundation with powder to avoid oiling and creasing but your face may still get oily because of the natural oils in the skin. You can hold these oils to an extent by setting your face with powder before applying foundation. This will give you an extra matte finish with your makeup.

  1. Use your lipstick as a cream blushermakeup hack

If you do not have a cream blusher, its okay, you have lipstick. You can use your favourite blush tone lipstick as a blusher by applying a light coat of it onto your cheeks and carefully blend it out. This will make your blush look for natural and last all day.

  1. Eyeshadow as a contour powdermakeup hack

Just like foundation shades, the perfect contour powder shades are hard to come by. At times the colour comes out too orange, ashy or it doesn’t even come out at all. If you have the perfect brown eyeshadow for your skin tone, use it as a contour powder, it works.

  1. Remove eye makeup with Vaselinevaseline

It can be frustrating when you make an attempt to wash your makeup off but the eyeliner, mascara and sometimes lipstick stains remain. If you use a good primer, the eyeshadow will be hard to remove. You can start, by using Vaseline. You can apply Vaseline to your eyelids and wipe with cotton wool. You can also apply the Vaseline directly to the cotton wool before going over your eyelids.

  1. Remove makeup easily with body oilmakeup hack

If you do not have a makeup remover, body oil is a close substitute. There are some elements in body oil that takes off makeup or products. You can apply oil to a cotton wool, or on your face and wipe off till all your makeup is gone.

  1. Turn broken eyeshadow to lipstick with Vaselinemakeup hack

It may seem like it’s all over the moment your eyeshadow breaks, however, broken eyeshadow gives birth to lipstick. Turn your broken eyeshadow to lipstick by adding Vaseline. Mix the broken shadow pieces with a little Vaseline to form a cream lipstick. You can add more Vaseline if you wish to make a tinted lip gloss. Nothing is lost.

  1. Make tinted moisturiser with brown powder and body lotionmakeup hack

BB cream seemed to be the latest no makeup, makeup look hack. You can make your own tinted moisturiser at home, by mixing your powder foundation with body lotion. This will give your moisturiser a brown colour and give your body a tint when you apply it.

  1. Wash your beauty blender in the microwavemakeup hack

Beauty blenders are lifesavers, but they can be so hard to wash. You can use dish soap, but the makeup never full comes off. No need to worry, the microwave can help. Put water in a container and add dish soap. Put the beauty blender in the soapy water and place in the microwave for a minute. All the makeup will come off.

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