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Importance of Personal Branding

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Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. The importance of personal branding cannot be overemphasised, because it is key to the growth of every individual. A good personal brand will make you a better version of yourself and allow you to measure your growth. Personal branding suggests that success comes from self-packaging and as they say in Nigeria, all is packaging because image sells the majority of the product or person. Personal branding tips are important to not because as a career-driven individual or not, you will need them. Branding is not a one-time thing as the relationship between brands, stakeholders and shareholders need to be made and remade. A personal brand must continuously build so as to achieve the best of his or herself. Some examples of personal branding include presentation style, colour code, personalised items, work ethics, style and more. There numerous personal branding books that you can read. These books will expose readers to personal branding strategies. As there are also articles on personal branding, this article focuses on why personal branding is important.

Here are some of the importance of personal branding.

  1. Impressionimpression

Impressions shape people and choices. Impressions are feelings or ideas about something. Personal branding will make or break that impression. Impressions can be good or bad. The purpose of branding is to create an image the market can identify with and have a good impression of. It is very important to engage in personal branding because as an individual you are a brand. Whatever business or project you represent is a reflection of you. Prospective customers and partners may like the idea but refuse to identify with the person behind the brand. Also, the impression your brand makes will determine the way you will be addressed or if you will be recognised in your desired circle or target market. Every opportunity is a marketing opportunity.

  1. Establishes valuevalue

Personal branding establishes your value in the mind of prospects. The value placed on a brand will determine what is offered to that brand. It cuts across all interactions, with clients, a possible employer, field experts etc. A well branded resume will establish the value of an employee to a firm. This value communicates how much an employer needs you in their business. Value also translates to respect. In a field of experts, no matter your experience, you could be a rookie, a good personal brand will earn you respect in your field and social sphere. It will also help in achieving prominence and relevance in whatever career sector you wish.

  1. Attracts good leadsattract leads

Personal branding attracts good leads. Leads in this context are prospective clients, employers, partners and even friends. The recognition attained through branding will bring the leads to you. People and businesses always want to identify with a good brand, therefore, the leads will come to you.

  1. Builds credibilitycredibility

Personal branding builds credibility. As value is added to your brand, you continuously establish your self as a thought leader, influencer or expert in your area of specialty. As one builds credibility through personal branding trust, respect and relevance will come along with your name. This will leave an individual with a good long-lasting impression and self-reward. A person who brands personally gains recognition which can expose him/her to more opportunities and connections.

  1. Differentiates you from othersstand out

As individuals, everyone wishes to stand out and be unique. This is another reason why it is important to engage in personal branding. Personal branding differentiates you from others. It sets you apart from the rest. The unique style that is established in the process of branding is what gives an in individual away. It could be a logo, a font, a slogan or even a pay off if it’s a corporate brand. However, the unique style of a person’s brand may be in their colour palette, signature makeup, style, hairdo, accent, vocabulary, slangs etc. personal branding communicates a lot about your being, who you are, why you are who you are and why you are not somebody else.

  1. Builds connectionsbuild connections

Building connections is one of the importance of personal branding. Branding yourself will help you build a reputation in your field and the connections you stand to make are not limited to your field or the digital world. By being a brand of value, you will be exposed to different industry influencers, movers, and shakers, this will allow you to interact with others who can make things happen, further building your credibility. These key connections will help you move to the next step in your career and field. It can even help you cross into other markets and broaden your reach.

  1. Builds authenticityauthenticity

Personal branding authenticates the individual. A personal brand is an individual’s values, passion and goals. No other person can drive your brand goals except you. Personal branding only allows you to create the person that is truly you or the best version of yourself. Through this, it is possible to discover your strengths, weaknesses and identify your threats and opportunities. You cannot be someone else. This form of branding solidifies your persona as you cannot be someone else. In being authentic individuals can work on their weaknesses and if possible, turn some of them to strengths. This will also help others identify you beyond general identification details.

  1. Builds confidencebuild confidence

Personal branding builds confidence. Having your values, skills, goals set will help you become more confident in who you are as a person. Identifying positive qualities, strengths and building them boosts your confidence during your personal branding journey. As you brand you will realise that these strengths and skills can be shared. The moment your audience identifies and interacts with what you have to offer, your self-esteem will heighten and allowing you to clearly see where those strengths can be utilised.

  1. Builds trustbuild trust

A personal brand will help others you interact with understand you better which can build trust. It will also help you as an individual understand yourself and your patterns. It will enable you to work easily and more comfortably. Such a brand creates genuine and transparent intentions which are key for building trust. So far you are credible, authentic, connected, valued, have a good impression and confidence, it won’t be hard to earn and build trust.

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