Black Friday Deals 2018: Best Buys for the Best Price

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Black Friday deals for 2018 promised to be better than before, however, there are specific items that serve as black Friday best buys. Though the Black Friday ads are catchy and tempting, truth be told the discounts on the things you’d love to buy are not that great, however, if you are looking for what to buy in a black Friday sale you can make a great buy by purchasing a product with value. The black Friday date is not constant, however, it is held annually between October and November, depending on the country. The biggest black Friday sale in Nigeria is the Jumia black Friday. For weeks black Friday news has sent chills down the spines of consumers. Here is what to buy in a black Friday sale.

  1. Laptop

When black Friday news drops on all media platforms, the first thing you need to do is scout for that precious laptop that you have been dreaming of and hope that there’s a good discount on it. 2018 has seen the release of amazing gadgets and a laptop is definitely something to get during black Friday sales. This is because generally, laptops are expensive. They are useful, durable and will be a great value for your money. The money you save will be highly beneficial to you.

  1. Camera

A camera is one device that is really expensive and can make or break a job. Many businesses rely on cameras with its most dependent user being the photographer. A photographer constantly has to ensure his/her gadgets are good and can produce the quality photographs that will set them apart from other photographers. For a profession that is just gaining attention in Nigeria, getting a camera on a Black Friday deal would not be a bad idea.

  1. Skin care

Skin care products in Nigeria are affordable but the best of the best is expensive, therefore, most people go natural. However, things like toners, sunscreen, face washes and masks do not come cheap. Also, some of them are hard to find and is best to buy in bulk because duplicates fill the market. Black Friday is the best time to get your favourite and trusted skin care brands for the best prices and save you from bargaining which one to forego.

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  1. Shoes

There are usually those perfect soles you wait till there’s a sale to purchase them. I am not referring to the regular ballet flats and loafers, I am referring to those big baller Nike sneakers and the faux fur heels you have been dreaming of, or those Balenciaga boots. Those shoes are good investments like every other type of shoes. However, the price makes it a good investment for a selected few. Black Friday is the day a larger majority are made equal financially.

  1. Phones

Phones were the best buys of black Friday 2017, especially during the Jumia and Konga Black Friday sales. Phone brands like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series sold out in minutes. Knowing how Nigerians add their transport cost and house rent to phone prices, Black Friday is the best day to purchase those exotic brands for the actual price. Other brands like Tecno, Infinix and Injoo sell quickly too. A phone is definitely a Black Friday best buy.

  1. Fridge

Fridges are durable and costly. Use a fridge properly and it will last you more than a decade which makes a fridge a very good investment. You might be building a home and a mini fridge will not suffice. Also, that fridge you’ve had since junior was born is about to give up. A fridge is one of the best items to buy during the Black Friday 2018 deals, however, do not buy a fridge if there is no need for it, don’t be wasteful.

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  1. TV

That new TV that LG advertised will be a great steal during this season. Television is great, with amazing programming television is even greater. Sometimes, the problem is not the TV, sometimes it is sharing the TV. Solve your problem with buying a TV on Black Friday. The family won’t see it coming. However, sales like this, the best buys are durable products that you will give you utmost satisfaction. Such products like a TV are expensive, however, it is worth the discount.

  1. Home Theatre System

As you add that TV to your shopping cart, take a nice home theatre system with you. What is TV without a home theatre system? A TV without a home theatre system. Black Friday deals are best on expensive products as aforementioned because the fact you bought it for less will make you feel good. You can get up to 60% off the price of a home theatre system, which is pretty much amazing. Let your home feel the sound.

  1. Makeup

Makeup is expensive. They are small and having a full kit costs a fortune. It is difficult for a makeup user to outline their basic needs and just buy the few because on some days you may need a product outside your needs to create the desired effect. Having it all is great, but having all quality makeup products is a pocket burner, therefore, black Friday deals save the day. The good thing about makeup is that the essentials can last up to 6 months to a year and it is perfect timing, purchase them ahead of Christmas during the Black Friday sales.

  1. Microwave

Home appliances are the best buys this season, one of which is a microwave. I cannot speak for other homes, but microwaves only last a while because of the tricks the electric current tends to play in the country. If you buy a quality product you need not worry. Black Friday is the time to go for Samsung, Binatone and Kenwood, the big guns, at amazing prices.

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