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Famous Nigerian Comedian: Basketmouth

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Bright Okpocha popularly known and recognized by his stage name Basketmouth. He is a Nigerian comedian and actor who is highly loved and respected by many Nigerians for his great performances as he is good at what he does. He has to his credit popular stand-up comedy concerts like Basketmouth Uncensored across the globe. Amazingly it would interest you and as well surprise you that this admired superstar has a very different perspective of a lifestyle than others, He once said in an interview that he does not count it fun to attend clubs as he sees it as so much stress and an extravagant way to spend your own money. Basketmouth gave his reason to be that a club is always a crowdy place where you cannot stay or dance without being hit by someone and he prefers to buy drinks which are cheaper outside the bar due to inflammation of prices in the bar and even call his friends and they a home created club.

Early Life

Basket mouth was (born 14 September 1978 in Lagos State, Nigeria) but hails from Isikwuato local government in Abia State, Nigeria. He completed his primary and secondary school in Apapa, Lagos and moved on to the University of Benin, Edo State to study for a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. He discovered his skill in drumming in 1991, after which he took up to rapping in 1994. He later formed a group called “Da Psychopaths which had 7 members and they started going for shows and rapping in 1995, however they broke up before releasing any material. He went on to form another rap group known as “Da Oddz” with his brother Godwin and Muyiwa Osunrobi: they performed a couple of shows but didn’t break through as their brand of rap was not accepted in Nigeria.

Basketmouth who is now referred to as “African kings of comedy” occupying a fair spot on the list of top 10 richest and funniest Nigerian comedian 2017 grew up wanting to become a musician or comedian and he had always had that as his reply anytime he was asked as a child what he would like to become in future, to the extent when one of his friend’s parents asked them what they would like to become in future and he said: “I want to be a comedian when I grow up”. The ambition to become a comedian did not just surface from nowhere it was like he had it in his blood all his life and he is now being loved for his exceptional manifestation and showcasing of his comedy talent.

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Musical Career

He officially discovered his talent in drumming in 1991 which he later did for over 5 years afterwards. he took up rapping in 1994. Starting his music career, he formed a group called Da Psychopaths which had 7 members and they started going for shows in 1995, however they later call it a wrap without releasing any material. From there, he went ahead to set up his own rap group known as “Da Oddz” with his brother Godwin and Muyiwa Osunrobi making it three of them: they were invited to a couple of big show where they did their thing but didn’t rise to stardom as their brand of rap was not conventional to the Nigeria kind of brand.

They had to pursue their degree whilst pursuing their career. They got admitted into the University of Benin in the year 1996/1997, where Basketmouth studied sociology while his brother studied anthropology. Bright and his crew went for a show and they got booed off the stage, that was where he thought it wise to pursue another career because he knew there was no future for their music career. He finally made up his mind to drop the mic as a rapper and grab the mic as a standup comedian.

Comedy Career

Basketmouth’s professional career as a comedian began at the age of 20 and this time his passion for the career became stronger. As at that time only a few were really making money in Nigeria by cracking jokes. Parents would always prefer their kids to go for a more lucrative profession such as medicine or law, but Bright (Basketmouth) did not want any professional course in the university because his path in life was different. Comedy career started for Basketmouth in the year 1999 when he was given a mic to perform in an event but unfortunately, he got shewed off the stage. He was very sad as he had to go back to the drawing board to research on what kind and style of comedy could sell in UNIBEN, he comes back the same year this time he was more bold, well packaged and refined.

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Bright’s ( Basketmouth) professional stand up performance came into existence in the year 2000 and he came into limelight when he met Ali Baba. With the influence of his mentor Ali Baba he got billed to perform at Lagbaja’s monthly concert at Motherland, on October 1st, 2000. He finally made his debut appearance at the renowned Nite of a 1000 laughs. He rose to stardom after this show and he started performing from one big show to another. In 1999, Basket mouth got involved in events management alongside his comedy acts. He and his friend (Bayo Adekeye) promoted and packaged shows that featured the likes of plantation boyz, remedies, and a host of other artists. It was during that period that Laff n Jamz was conceptualized. On the 1st of November 2000, the concept came to reality featuring Ali Baba, Paul Play, Teju babyface, mandy, Mr Patrick and a host of others. The event turned out to be a huge success and immediately after the event he was asked to come down to Lagos to expose his skills by the king of Nigerian comedy business, Ali Baba. When he got to Lagos things changed for the better for him and that was how his success story started.

Achievements of Basketmouth

After Basket mouth featured Plantation Boyz in 2000, they asked him to anchor a monthly show that was held at their den in Ikeja. It was during that period that Bright was able to get across to the entertainment industry in Lagos. He was invited by Tequila events to perform alongside Julius Agwu on a tour that hit over 30 higher institutions around Nigeria, this was a sign that the comedians have finally arrived because things became better for him. He started gaining more grounds and popularity in Lagos after he performed at a concert called hanging with the homeboys; his performance was awesome and was able to win their heart of the audience as they laughed all through till the end of the show.

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After that show, Basketmouth entered the monthly motherland concert hosted by Lagbaja. Thereafter, he got introduced to Opa Williams by Ali Baba who then featured him in one of the most popular Nigerian comedy show, Nite of a 1000 laughs. Bright Okpocha (Basketmouth) is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment scene today. He gained international recognition after he featured in international concerts that witnessed the likes of Joe, Boys 2 Men, Sean Paul, Beyonce, Wyclef Jean, Dru Hill, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Chris Brown and many others. He has organised several shows internationally including Europe (2003) , Atlanta, United States, South Africa and many more. In 2005 and 2006 Basketmouth won some notable awards for himself. On February 14, 2017, to mark Valentine’s day. Bright was also the ” First African Comedian” to headline a show in the famous Wembley arena which made people consider him to be one of the greatest comedians to come out of Africa. Basketmouth also appeared in the Africa Magic show ‘My Flatmates’ in (2016). He has also featured in various programmes as a disguised character of an old man and a grandma in ” Hilarious Transformation” in 2017.

Endorsement Deals

  • He signed a Multi-million naira ENDORSEMENT WITH DANA AIR In 2011
  • He also got an N12m endorsement deal with Surebet
  • He has also been an ambassador for Glo Ng and his contract was renewed many times


  • In 2005 and 2006 Basketmouth won the National Comedy Award
  • The Best Standup Comedian of the Year
  • Pan-Africa Comic of the year in 2017

Net Worth & House of Basketmouth

Bright Okpocha (Basket Mouth) is estimated to be worth over N950 Million, and the popular celebrity also owns his own house here in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Basketmouth Relationship Life

Bright Okpocha( Basketmouth ), The ace Nigerian comedian is currently married to Elsie Uzoma Okpocha and their marriage is blessed with two gorgeous and lovely Children: Jason Okpocha, Janelle Okpocha

Basketmouth’s Website & Twitter

Basketmouth (@basket_mouth). Twitter