Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

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Some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria are made available by the highest paying companies in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country filled with talent, however, the high unemployment rate remains a menace. Industries that should house the most lucrative professions in Nigeria are rendered subpar due to the economy, and poor remuneration of staff. Thousands study law but few become financially successful as lawyers. This list contains the highest paying engineering job and the highest paying government jobs in the country. The job search is the most depressing search known to every citizen, however, here are some of the highest paying jobs in

CEO/Business Mogul

Being a CEO or business mogul of a reputable company or business in Nigeria will earn you the kind of money that will get your job on a list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria. The CEO oversees the company’s operations, production, marketing and human resource thus, they are handsomely rewarded for their hard work and position. CEOs and business mogul earn millions monthly and year, some even earn in billions of naira annually.

Petroleum Engineering

Engineering itself is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, however, engineers are of different types which means there is a difference in their earnings. Petroleum engineers earn a whopping sum and are one of the highest paid in the country. Nigeria is a country whose names rides on its oil resources. Petroleum is the national cake. Nigeria is home to multi-billion-dollar petroleum companies, hence the amazing salaries. At the entry level, a petroleum engineer is still guaranteed a decent salary compared to his/her counterparts. In the petroleum industry, salaries vary with job level, the average petroleum engineer earns above five million naira a year. Petroleum engineering may be the highest paying job in engineering.

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Military jobs are the most underrated in Nigeria. Being a military officer is rewarding, however many Nigerians might not see the prestigious side of it because the military officers they see every day do not depict this amount of wealth. In Nigeria and of course, the military salaries are determined by rank and mode of entry. As an officer advances in rank, a salary increment follows. High ranking officers are often very wealthy because they earn a lot of money. Their wealth can be measured by the number of children they have, they tend to have a lot. When a high ranking military officer is driving by, you would know by the escort. Moving around in an escort is not cheap. Senior officers could earn as much as millions per month, this is Nigeria.

Aeronautic Engineer

Like earlier mentioned, engineers earn well. Aeronautic engineers, on the other hand, earn very well. Compared to petroleum or mechanical engineers, aeronautic engineers are scarce, hence it is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. The few engineers available are handsomely paid. The core of their job is to maintain aircraft technology. Their job is very delicate and important because the safety of the nation’s aircraft, be it military or commercial, rests on their shoulders. The lives of travelers and aircraft workers depend on themengineer


Flying an aircraft is one of the jobs many Nigerians hold in high esteem. It is also one of the toughest jobs to execute emotionally because as a pilot, the lives of hundreds of passengers are in your hands, a little mistake and it could be fatal. It is known that aviation jobs come with various risks, it makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Salaries vary based on experience, level of expertise and airline. Becoming a licensed pilot takes years of training, therefore, these heroes who don’t wear capes can boast of salaries leaning towards half a million naira or more, monthly.

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Like petroleum engineers, it is definite that chemical engineers are also employed by multinational companies and even at entry levels, they’re rewarded with whopping sums as salaries. About the risks involved and the technical nature of the job, chemical engineering offers reasonable salaries in millions of naira. Some Nigerian chemical engineers working with global firms can have an average annual salary of over ten million naira.

Telecoms Engineer

Telecoms engineers are responsible for all your mobile network access. Your ability to make calls, send texts and surf the web on your mobile phone is majorly thanks to the telecoms engineer. These engineers are more important now than ever because the world is going mobile and users cannot live without telecoms access making telecoms engineering one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a prominent aspect of engineering. In fact, it is the engineering field best studied by Nigerian students. Mechanical engineers have the tendency of being employed in virtually every industry associated with engineering. At entry levels, mechanical engineers enjoy robust salaries in comparison to what their chemical and petroleum counterparts earn. As a graduate of mechanical engineering entering one of Nigeria’s biggest engineering firms, you can be paid up to 12 million naira at your entry-level. Meanwhile, this average annual salary tends to increase substantially as you advance in experience, professionalism and duration.


Entertainers in Nigeria hold their fans by the heart. They are so adored, that fans would pay any amount to see them live, making entertainment jobs one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Entertainers include actors, actresses, producers, director, on-air personalities, musicians, entertainment managers, record label executives etc. Entertainers strive to build their brand with their talent. This makes them and their work desirable in the market. Just like every other industry, an entertainer pay depends on their demand, popularity, experience, skill and a lot of times, connections. Top musicians earn millions of naira per show and so do their managers. Headline shows can gross hundreds of millions. A lot of their income also come from endorsement deals. These endorsement deals also cheque out in millions, making a lot of entertainers, very rich individuals.entertainer

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Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are those under thirty individuals who are always casually dressed but earn millions. They have access and full understanding of the world’s biggest resource, Information Technology (IT). Computer programmers range from web developers, software engineers and many more. Understanding computer languages earn them millions because they programme most economic and social solutions humans use today. The demand surpasses the supply of expert programmers hence the rush for people to learn basic programming languages. These computer programmers can earn millions with one line of code.


It is rumoured that a Nigerian senator earns more than the president of the United, legally bagging millions every month. Nigerian politicians live in the most elite estates, cruise around in cars you never knew existed, fly private and adorn themselves in wealth. Political office is the highest paying job in Nigeria, hence the struggle for political seats.