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Blogger Tips for Beginners

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If you are starting or have just started a blog and you want to impact through digital media, here are some blogging tips for you.

Blogger Tips

  1. Build authority

Of all the blogger tips that I’ve come across, building authority is a constant. Authority takes you up so many ladders on the world wide web. Authority gives your blog a good chance on search engines, the minds of your audience and marketing your brand. Blogger tips may be hard to take in all at once, but one leads to another.

  1. Share your knowledge

Other bloggers need blogger tips too. No blogger knows it all and we rise by lifting others. Sharing your knowledge in form of blogger tips is one way to boost your blog because a lot of people are looking for a steer in the right direction and cannot find the right information. Tips from a first-hand source is great.

  1. Be consistent

Consistency is key, never let your audience miss you so much they get used to your absence. Asides your audience, leaving your blog redundant is bad for your position and growth. It doesn’t mean you should make a post every minute of the day but create a routine and be consistent with it. Blogger tips, consistency keeps your readers excited and anticipating your next post.

  1. Giveaways are great

Giveaways are a way to promote your blog, give back and have your audience engage with you. Everybody loves a little gift and since your readers enjoy your content, they will enjoy your giveaway. Blogger tips has it that a give away will earn you loyal fans and increase your email subscribers by a lot. This is because nobody would want to miss out of the next giveaway.

  1. Surprise us

As a blogger as much as you need to maintain consistency, style, and brand,  your audience, also want to be surprised. Surprises are best when they’re rare and unexpected, therefore, do not over and out-surprise the readers.

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blogger tips

Blogging for Beginners

  1. What do you want to blog about?

Blogging for beginners is not the easiest task, especially when you do not know what you want to blog about. For some people, it comes easy as their passion is clear, however, some people are not as confident in their desired content. Before you start blogging, it is essential to understand what you want to blog about. This will determine your content, activeness, your audience, style, blog design, etc.

  1. Define your niche, at least the beginning stage.

Defining your niche comes after deciding what you want to blog about. This singular act helps a lot when blogging for beginners because it helps you take the appropriate baby steps. It is impossible to have it all figured out all at once, but one thing is sure. As you grow your blog, you will grow in your niche and begin to expand or even tap into other niches.

  1. Understand your audience

One thing every blogger must understand is that as much as you are sharing your mind, you are also blogging for your audience. You must understand your audience. As you go along in your blogging journey, a blogging tip for beginners is to understand your audience. It starts with knowing who they are, what they respond to and how they respond. Over time, you will understand the time of day they are most active and how to influence their line of thought.

  1. Stand out

Anyone can be a blogger. Blogging for beginners, you must stand out. Be unique in your own way. It is okay to have your blogging inspirations and idols, however, do not copy. Amidst all the inspiration, make ideas your own. Being original is how your audience will tell you apart.

  1. Build your content and character.

As a beginner, blogging may come off to you as just posting whatever looks or sounds good to you. However, it is importing when blogging for beginners to build your content. Be intentional with your blog posts as this will serve as your content and will depict your blogging character. As you grow, your content improves, and your readers witness your character build over time.blogger tips

  1. Connect with other bloggers

No blogger is an island. When blogging for beginners it is one of the most important blogger tips to connect with other bloggers. This is because those bloggers are more seasoned and can give you a better insight into the blogging world. They can also be of help to you in the future, help that will cost a lot of money. This could be in form of collaborations, backlinks, etc. Your blogging network can also improve your authority and expand your pool of opportunities.

  1. Guest post

Making posts as a guest on other blogs will give your beginner blog a little bit of publicity and traffic because sometimes, you get to attach your link to the post. Guest posting is also a way to build your network. As you guest post, you get to learn tips and tricks from counterpart websites that have already obtained a good position in search results.

  1. Learn SEO on the way

SEO is search engine optimisation. Through proper SEO, you can get organic traffic which is the best and long-lasting form blog traffic. Blogging for beginners SEO may not be on your mind, however, as you progress it is key to learn SEO skills and tricks. When new updates and algorithms come along, you might be able to get around it. SEO is far bigger than you think.

  1. Consistency is key.

As a blogging beginner you will be excited, however, excitement can die when you realise your desired results take time. The only way to reach that desired result is to be consistent. Inconsistency can and will kill your blog. Blogging for beginners you are allowed to decide your pace and as you get the hang of it, build that pace, or slow it down. Do whatever works best for you and your blog, but remain consistent.

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