Life Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

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Life hacks are there to make life easier. The only reason they are hacks is that nobody ever thinks of that and when you do it becomes a great moment. Just like an epiphany of mind, it feels like you just struck gold.

Life hacks are here to save the day and smelly shoes must be saved. Sometimes people do not realise that their shoes smell and those who do may not understand why. The moisture from our feet is broken down by bacteria and the result is an offensive smell. Real life hacks like this should be a public service announcement. To get rid of smelly shoes, place a tea bag in your shoes and leave it out to dry. The tea bag will soak up the moisture and leave a fresh smell in your shoes.

  • Beeswax for waterproof shoes

Tired of water destroying your best shoes, use beeswax. Another one of the amazing life hacks is to use beeswax to make your shoes waterproof. I bet you’re wondering how don’t worry, I will tell you. Beeswax has a thick and oily texture and we all know water and oil do not mix. To achieve this, you will need a blow dryer and beeswax, obviously. Apply some beeswax evenly on your shoes and dry with a blow dryer. This will melt the beeswax until you can no longer see it.

  • Dry your clothes faster with a towel.

This particular life hack is neither new to Nigerian homes nor Nigerian boarding school students. There has always been a day you needed a clothing item to be dry in 30 minutes, sometimes five. Life hacks like this may save you some day, or the generation yet to come. If you want your clothes to dry faster, dry it with a towel before spreading them on the line.

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Spread a thick towel out and spread the clothing item on it. Simply roll or fold the towel from the longer edge like a sausage roll, folding the cloth with it. With a partner, hold each end of the towel, twist and squeeze until it is too tight to twist any further. For some extra squeezing, pull on each side of the towel and hacks

  • Use laundry clips to hold food sachets

Sachet food is hard to deal with, anything sachet is hard to deal with because you cannot close it back like a tin. Sometimes, foods that come sachets spoil because storing it is not as easy as it seems. You simply cannot finish the content at once. No need to fear, amazing real life hacks will make it easier. Once you have opened a sachet, simply fold the opening and use a laundry peg to hold it. It is easy.

  • Scented powder to deodorise

You ran out of deodorant and forgot to buy some more, this is what life hacks are fore. Life hacks allow you to improvise and improvise you shall. There are many ways to deodorise without using your regular antiperspirant brands. Some basic household materials have antiperspirant property too and powder is one of them. Everybody has a form of a white powder at home, be it baby powder, heat powder or regular scented powder. Applying powder to your armpits keeps it dry and smelling fresh. It just does not last as long as a deodorant.

  • Clean your showerhead with white vinegar

With time, showerheads become dirty and sometimes, rusty and you might be confused because only water comes out of the shower. Well, settled water can become something else over time when coupled with air or certain conditions. The real hacks of life will have your showerhead clean overnight, literally. All you will need for a sparkling clean showerhead is white vinegar, a plastic bag and rubber bands. Pour some white vinegar into a plastic bag, preferably medium sized and transparent. Place the plastic bag on the showerhead, dipping the showerhead into the vinegar and secure it to the shower rod with a rubber band. Leave it overnight and the next morning, it would be good as new.

  • A wooden spoon for overboiling food

In every Nigerian home, foods like spaghetti tend to over boil. This always causes a mess on the stove or burner. One of the biggest hacks to life is to place a wooden spoon over the open pot to prevent it from over boiling. Can you imagine, your former cane is now the prevention of overboiling food.

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  • Frozen grapes to cool your wine

Life hacks do not get any better than frozen grapes and where better to put it than in wine. Wine is made from grapes too so freeze them like you would freeze ice cubes. The reason for using grapes is because they will cool your wine without watering in it down. As a fruit, it melts much slower than ice cubes too. With this life hack, you get to have cool concentrated wine all night.

  • Wet newspaper for tight shoes

Do not through the old newspapers away. I know they have come in handy with other life hacks like lining your wardrobe and more, you can also use them for your shoes. The only difference is that newspapers should be wet. If your shoes are too tight, there is no need to feel bombed or cry over the thought of giving them out, simply stuff your shoes tightly with wet newspapers and leave it to dry. Once your shoes and the papers are all dried up, remove it and your shoes will be bigger to fit in.

  • Use a peg to hold a nail while nailing

Nobody wants to hit a hammer on their finger, it hurts like hell. However, how can you avoid that? The nail head is so small compared to your fingers, what if you miss? No need to worry, use a peg. The same way your peg hold your clothes, the last of these amazing life hacks is to use a laundry peg to hold the nail while you harmer. Trust me, you won’t hurt your fingers in the process.

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