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Nigerian Men and the Lies They Tell

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Nigerian men and relationships is a saga that never ends. In relationships and outside relationships they can be the same or completely different people. Nobody is perfect, and everyone lies, though it is wrong, but the lies men tell can kill and so do that of women. Yoruba demons are the most feared men in the group, but all the ladies seem to rush them. A Nigerian man in love is the perfect song, however, you can never tell, anything can happen. It is almost Nigerian men’s fashion to tell these lies, and these lies have been used since the beginning of time, yet women still fall for it. So, to all the lies that broke your heart and the ones that made you stronger, don’t say nobody told you, here are 15 lies Nigerian men tell.

  1. “Iyawo wa” – Our wife

This is the oldest lie in the Yoruba demon book of lies. It is attributed to Yoruba men only because the lie is told in the Yoruba language. When you are in a relationship with a Nigerian, there is the man and there are his friends. Most times you feel like you’ve got clout when his friends like you and always praise you, however, its all a coy. Their famous praise is “iyawi wa” which means “our wife”. They do that to make you feel like you are the only one, whereas your boyfriend has 2 other wives.

  1. She is my cousin.

Have you ever caught your partner or male friend with a girl and you felt, Aha! Today is today, I have finally caught you, but they pull up this common lie and you have no choice than to pipe down? You find that male feeling cosy with this unknown female, knowing he has been caught, when you ask who she is, he simply tells you she is his cousin. It’s a big lie Nigerian man tell.

  1. I don’t have money

This lie is reserved for the married men. Times have changed and now, most Nigerian women see the need to be financially independent of their husbands. This lie is so uniform, Nollywood movies, portray it. It is not new for Nigerian men to deny they have money when their wife or partner asks for some. They don’t have money, but they are dropping stacks elsewhere.

  1. It only happened once.

This lie comes when Nigerian men have been caught in the act. It could be cheating, stealing anything. When you ask how many times, they say it only happened once. By once they mean, once on a Thursday, once in September, once during Christmas, once a month. Its never really happened just once. The lie is so common, but it still works.i smell lies

  1. I’m leaving my wife, we are separated.

Some ladies deal with married men. At times they know what they want, sometimes they are not aware of his marital status and sometimes, they are just plain naïve. When Nigerian men find a naïve one who wants to leave or won’t give in to his advances they promise to leave their wives for you. They will also tell you that they do not love her anymore and that they are separated. Don’t believe it, it will never happen.

  1. Just come, I promise I won’t touch you.

This lie is a dad tale female always fall for. They do not have the right to but it happens still. Many young girls have been deceived with this lie. Some Nigerian men have a habit of inviting girls over to their private spaces and when she refuses for obvious reasons they lie. They tell you “Just come, I promise I won’t touch you” but the latter happens. Whenever you get this line, run for your dear life.

  1. I am different.

Many people have had their own fair share of failed relationships. Sometimes, some people have been in serial failed relationships and decide to build a wall. When a Nigerian man wants to move beyond that wall, he pulls up every line possible. When you give your reason being all men are the same, he will proceed to tell you that he is different. He isn’t, if he was he won’t have to say it.

  1. Just the tip.

A lot of girls have been deceived and have lost their virginity to this lie. Even people trying to abstain have lost to this lie. The lie just seems to roll off their tongue and Yoruba demons are known for this, they say “its just the tip”. No, it never is just the tip.

  1. I’m travelling this weekend.

When he tells you, he is travelling this weekend, there’s a chance he is up to no good. He may not want you around or he may have other plans and you being around will get in the way of it.

  1. I’m going to marry you.

A lot of women don’t give their all or commit to certain things in a relationship when there’s no guarantee that this man will marry. Due to society’s definition as the norm, back then, all women aspired to marriage and were made to feel they could not do certain things out of wedlock. However, this was also a defence mechanism from heartbreak. Nigerian men will gladly promise you marriage so as to get what they want.nigerian lies

  1. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.

There should be a special punishment for this lie. What’s worse is that a Nigerian man will look you in the eye and say it with so much conviction, wow. Time will tell.

  1. I’m not ready, I want to work on myself.

When Nigerian men are tired of the relationship or just wish to move on, this lie becomes very convenient, especially when you both have been together for 5 years and marriage should be the next point of call. It is at this time they know they are not ready and need to work on yourself. No sis, he just doesn’t want to be with you.

  1. I’m single.

When a Nigerian man, Yoruba demon especially, says he is single, do a background check, Odds are he is lying and may even be heavily married. They’re single until a girl who is not you posts him on her status as her MCM. Take his word but do not believe hook, line and sinker.

  1. My phone is bad.

You’ve been unable to reach a Nigerian man via phone call for the longest time. Seems to be communicating with him but you. The day you see him to confront him, he will tell you his phone is bad. If you are romantically involved with him, he is lying because if it was, he would’ve reached you and informed you somehow all this time.

  1. I will change for you, I will stop smoking and drinking for you.

When Nigerian men want a good girl or someone who doesn’t fancy their lifestyle, they pull out every trick in the book and every lie in the bag. A Nigerian man will become born again for you and go back into the world after you. He will simply say he will change for you, he can even stop smoking and drinking for you.

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