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What Money Buys the Richest People in Nigeria

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The richest people in Nigeria are tied to net worth that can cause an earthquake. What is crazy is, they are not even the richest in the world. Over time billionaires have amassed wealth and continue to do so through various means. It is so fascinating everybody wants to know who the richest woman in Nigeria is or more about the richest man in Nigeria. Money is not everything, however, it is hard for numerous people to see that because of the things money can buy in Nigeria, things you even thought were priceless. It is a funny list, but it is true.

  1. Nepotism

Nepotism is a common practice in Nigeria, though it never used to be that way, however, the dog eats dog world the citizens live in has pushed them to attain the power and influence that can secure their close associates a good standing in the countries socio-economic sphere. Nepotism is a practice among people of power and influence whereby they favour close relatives of friends. Opportunities are not given based on merit, rather, it is based on relationship. Some of the richest people in Nigeria enjoy this practice. Some initiate the act whilst others benefit from it, however, it is not entirely their fault. Every citizen has a part to play in this theatre production of a country.

  1. Freedom

In Nigeria, money can buy you freedom. A wealthy person can afford to do whatever they want, whenever they want, why? They can afford it. This particular concept is not bad, it is just the effect. Wealth affords you the freedom to leave your work and fly to Milan because you want to, and you can.

  1. The law

The richest people in Nigeria are above the law, unfortunately. You don’t even have to be rich to be above the law, you just need to have the right amount of money to afford certain laws. It is almost as if the law is bought and sold like fast moving consumer goods. Some law enforcers work very hard, however, their counterparts mar their efforts. From breaking traffic laws to illegal importation, a little tip would do the trick. As sad as it is, it does not stop there, some law enforcers are too afraid to bring wealthy people to book for either the fear of the repercussions or personal interest. Money does make the world go round.

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  1. Time

The richest people in Nigeria can afford the man-made time. in fact, time waits for the wealthy. It sounds funny, but it is what it is. Money can buy time when you’re rich people wait for you. When you’re rich in Nigeria time frames do not apply to you.  As a rich person in most parts of Nigeria, time stops for you. You get to pick and choose when and how you use your time and the rest of the city or community will be forced to adjust to you. it is a sad situation that does not change, hence, people strive so hard to make this money via any means, legal or illegal, natural or supernatural. Take the permanent voter’s card registration and collection exercise, for example, a rich Nigerian would easily walk in, jump the queue, register and leave. He or she would even be given preferential treatment because of the handsome tip that will come later.

  1. Luxury

Money can buy the richest people in Nigeria luxury. By luxury, I mean the nicest cars, homes, trips and more. luxury goes beyond having a marbled kitchen or surround sound system. Luxury lies in the brand, design, value. In the most luxurious homes, you find out of this world paintings, amazing architectural design, valuables worth millions. A simple vase may cost $6,000 USD. Some may call it vanity, but with all that money, who is going to spend it. the luxury is also found in rare automobiles, holiday villas and penthouse suites. Money can buy all of it. Money can buy you the latest gadgets and that home you had no idea was programmed digitally, the kind of luxury that can make you as “what for”. It is all an experience.

  1. Followership

It is not news that a lot of Nigerians follow the thickest wallet. Money changes man and opinions. Money can buy you followership, but it can’t buy real loyalty because when the money vanishes, so do the followers. When you’re rich most people want to be your friend. They would spread foul rumours about you, but never forget to send their account details or ask “anything for boys?”. As long as there is a chance of eating from your hand, your followers are stamped. These followers would support your ideas publicly, good or bad, because of the wealth in your possession. This followership stands because of the other things money can buy like freedom, the law, time and more.riches

  1. Opportunities

Being rich is already an opportunity, imagine having this one opportunity opening doors to endless opportunities. When you are wealthy you have the opportunity to get an education, a very good one at that because you can afford it. You will also have the opportunity to see fine things and settings, meet prominent people and rub minds. Socially and economically, wealth buys you the attention of opportunity makers, you have the opportunity to sit at the table and discuss wild dreams with other movers and shakers. This is because a wealthy individual is seen as financially capable to execute necessary projects. Sometimes, there is no need to chase these opportunities, they come to you.

  1. A good start.

As much as they say it doesn’t matter how you start, but how you finish, we must also bear in mind that money can buy even the richest man or woman in the world a better start. Many wealthy individuals did not come from wealth, but many others did. Money gets rid of one basic life barrier that is tied to many others, funds. Without funds being a problem, you can get a better education that looks good on your CV, connections to make dreams come true, capital to kick start an idea, funds to purchase your needs, funds to acquire resources, funds to give you an access pass to the gatherings that matter but funds can’t ensure you a good end, good management does.  Money can buy a lot of things that matter but not everything that matters.

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