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10 Bad Habits You Need to Quit

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Bad habits you need to quit are like stains you can’t wipe off. They are bad, yet so satisfying. A bad habit can be described as a negative behavioural pattern. We must keep in mind that not all habits are bad, there are good and bad habits. As there are bad habits for adults, there are also bad habits for children. The effects of bad habits are often times severe, and every bad habit has negative effects. If we were to write about it, it’ll be a bad habit essay. Bad habits are not constitutional, some bad habits do not cut across all demographics. For example, some bad habits for students may not be bad for a teacher.

Here are 10 bad habits you need to quit.

Overeating is a common practice. People overeat for different reasons; however, it is unhealthy. Overeating can cause weight gain, obesity, emotional distress, organ malfunctions in kidney, liver and other organs in the digestive system, ailments affect body oil levels which can cause skin issues like acne and increases acidity levels in the body. Some foods items cause problems of concentration, focus and memory if consumed in large quantities. People who overeat also tend to develop mouth odours.bad habits

  • Poor posture

Slouching may seem comfortable or convenient, but this lazy posture will cause you so much harm than good. Slouching causes tension headaches. Slouching can also cause you severe pain because the muscles are overworked when we slouch. The pain that is often ignored can lead to extreme health issues. Slouching isn’t the only poor posture, crossing your legs in a certain way is also part of it. Bad postures can cause poor blood circulation, negative moods, soreness and pain, stress, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor digestion and even fatigue.

  • Procrastinating

Procrastination is a thief of time. Procrastination is as a result of laziness, you have something to do and you know you have to do it but somehow, you convince yourself to do it later, and later, until it’s too late. You may have done this repeatedly with school work, and home needs. Procrastination will lead to incomplete tasks, dropping grades, loss of time, lowered self-esteem, you will risk your health crashing workload, bad reputation and much more.

  • Not drinking enough water

Water is an essential need in the body. We need water to stay hydrated and perform basic functions in the body. The brain, for instance, is 80% water. When you’re dehydrated your brain, tissue loses water causing shrinkage and pain around the brain. The pain you feel is a headache. Not drinking enough water also lowers blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which leads to dilated blood vessels in the brain that increase swelling and inflammation. This will also cause a headache. Dehydration will make your mouth, eyes and skin dry, urine dark, increase appetite, lower your energy level, disorient you and cause cramps.

  • Nail biting

Nail biting is a habit a lot of people can’t seem to quit. If your nails are almost non-exist it is because you bite your nails. It’s a subconscious habit and a response to stress. You never know when you become addicted, you try to let it grow but you can’t just stand your nails being long. Also, you bite your nails because your fingers always seem to be between your teeth. Some people think the effect of nail-biting just balls down to extremely short nails, however, germs are easily transferred from the nails to the mouth and vice versa. This could cause inflammation in the nails and sometimes, biting could lead to the nail bed being damaged. Nail biting can also cause problems with your teeth.nail biting

  • Overusing painkillers

Painkillers are easy to purchase and are a staple in every home. Some people are so used to painkillers they ingest them at ease, the moment they feel the slightest pain. Soon after they begin to feed on it, the pain could even be non-existent. Overusing painkillers is abuse and of course, is bad for your health. Overusing painkillers can over time, increase your risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks

  • Not getting enough sleep

Staying up late binge-watching series, studying or putting in extra work may seem like what you must do and at times it may be what you need to do, however, you must get enough sleep. You need at least 8 hours of sleep, if not at night, make up for lost time during the day. Not getting enough sleep will leave you grumpy, less productive and sleepy during the day. Lack of sleep will cause you eye bags and put you at risk of heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

  • Skipping breakfast

As we age, it feels like the time we have decreases each day. Rushing to school or work in the morning doesn’t create time for breakfast. Skipping breakfast is a very common habit that needs to stop. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast will cause your body to slow down to conserve energy and store calories which will eventually affect metabolism. With that rumbling tummy, you are likely to overeat at lunch to make up for breakfast.

  • Eating too quickly

At some point in time, we’ve all been in a hurry. Rushing your food seems like the best idea but it’s the worst thing. Rushing your food can cause acid reflux, bloating and excess gas. Eating too fast can also put you at risk of diabetes and you can possibly choke on your food. Next time you think you’re in a speed-eating contest, remember this.

  • Excessive alcohol

Alcohol is nice to dine with. It makes you feel relaxed too. Drinking alcohol on occasion is fine, however, too much alcohol will lead to addiction. Becoming an alcoholic will impair your judgment, affect your emotional and mental wellness and eventually, social capabilities. Alcoholism can also lead you to depression. Unknown to many, alcohol contains 120 calories in 5 ounces (150ml).

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