10 Black Owned Makeup Brands

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Makeup for women of colour was almost non-existent two decades ago. Back then beauty was defined using fairer skin. Black-owned makeup brands recognised this need because it was their need too and have strived over years to fill the gap by producing some of the best makeup brands for African American women and multicultural women as a whole. These black-owned skin care products made melanin foundation an actual concept and redefined melanin in terms of today’s beauty. Today women of colour still do battle with the discrimination that comes with a darker skin tone, however, they are far for liberated that before. Today, thanks to black-owned makeup brands, women of colour soak up in the sun knowing and believing that their skin is beautiful.

Here are 10 black own makeup brands.

  1. Black Opalblack opal

Black Opal is a cosmetic and beauty brand founded by a passionate trio. Inspired by the unique beauty and nuances of black skin, Black Opal became an instant success among women after its first launch in 1994. The founders, using their unique talents developed a technologically advanced skin-care line that catered to the makeup needs of women of colour, creating solutions for oil control, shade matching, hyperpigmentation and more, something which seemed non-existent and almost unattainable at the time. In over 20 years of operations, the beauty industry has seen the advancement of the company into a diverse customer-based company, catering for all shades of beauty with each shade expansion. Black Opal embraces and enhances multicultural beauty and has a rich global presence with customized presentations geared to engage consumers in fun and interesting ways.

  1. Fashion Fair Cosmeticsfashion fair

Fashion Fair Cosmetics is a beauty company that came to be in 1973 and was named after the fashion show that inspired it. Founded by Mrs Johnson and her husband John H. Johnson, owner of Fashion Fair and Jet magazine, the idea sprung up when they noticed ebony models had to mix foundations to get their shade. Made for the woman of colour, with its feminine pink packaging and a wide range of shades, Fashion Fair Cosmetics was strategically marketed in high-end department stores. The line expanded by introducing skincare, fragrance and hair care products that addressed Black women’s needs. With a resistance to expand foundation shades from already existing beauty companies at the time, this idea made Fashion Fair cosmetics unique.  In almost forty years, the company has expanded to have stores in cities across the United States as well as in Canada, UK, France, Africa and the Caribbean.

  1. Juvia’s Placejuvia's place

Juvia’s Place cosmetics is one of the bestselling cosmetics lines in recent years. Juvia’s Place is a cosmetic brand that aims to provide their customers with the richest, vibrant and highly pigmented essential colours on their makeup pallets.  Made to provide suitable makeup colours that take you from the office makeup look to the Caribbean Islands and everywhere in between.  Juvia’s was created as a way to provide beauty enthusiasts an affordable collection of colourful eyeshadows, makeup tools and beauty essentials. It is affordable too. In such a short time, the company has gained significant recognition and has been featured in thousands of Youtube videos, by famous and infamous Youtubers. It is also a top pick makeup brand by many women of colour. Each colour in each palette takes its user to Africa as it is all named by African cities and countries.

  1. Sacha Cosmeticssacha cosmetics

Sacha Cosmetics began operations in 1979 in Trinidad and Tobago which is an ethnically diverse market. Sacha Cosmetics is a beauty company with a vision to provide flawless makeup for all women regardless of skin tone and ancestry. Sacha is that makeup line responsible for producing the best setting powder of all time, the Sacha Buttercup setting powder. In almost forty years of existence, the company has recorded tremendous accomplishments. Sacha was the Official Cosmetics of the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant, the 2000 Miss USA Pageant and the 2015 Miss Panama Pageant. Sacha products are sold in 500 retail outlets in 45 countries and sold online. The founder of Sacha Cosmetics Kama Maharaj was selected as the 2016 Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year.

  1. House of Tarahouse of tara

House of Tara is a top Nigerian beauty brand. Founded by Tara Fela-Durotoye in 1996. House of Tara has evolved to be one of the biggest beauty companies in Africa. In 2004, the company launched its first makeup school and the House of Tara product line. The brand is a superb brand that promotes ethics and ethnicity, by empowering young women for economic independence without moral compromise. The House of Tara beauty range consists of various makeup items. These items include makeup tools, foundations, pressed powders, eyeliners, primers, eyeshadows, blush, highlighter, lipsticks, lip liners, eyebrow pencils and more. With a distribution chain and studios spread across Africa, House of Tara has wowed its customers with quality makeup brands that measure with international pioneers.

  1. Taos Cosmeticstaos cosmetics

Taos cosmetics is a Nigerian beauty brand based in Lagos. The Company describes itself as a fun, fresh & sassy beauty brand that is continuously evolving and improving for the benefit of our customers. Founded by Vanessa Onwughalu, Taos Cosmetics is a brand with a vision to great quality and trendy makeup products. Taos, which was coined from the initials of the founder’s mother, prides itself in their use of harmless ingredients in the production of Taos makeup products and it is not tested on animals. Known for their stunning lipstick line, Taos Cosmetics is one beauty brand that has risen to the competition of foreign and local beauty brands in Nigeria.

  1. Black Up Cosmeticsblack up

Black Up is a French beauty brand and the first to be dedicated to women of colour. The Paris-based beauty line is known for its range of professional-quality makeup that is developed by women of colour to cater to the unique needs of darker skin tones. Black Up is a luxury brand that pairs quality with customer satisfaction producing cosmetics that satisfy desired effects such as velvety, long wear, matte, oil-control, perfect coverage or even a dewy finish. As defined by the brand, a Black Up woman is free and modern. She is a beauty who is proud of her roots and absolutely anchored in her era. Stylish and triumphant, she is a symbol of elegance accepting who she is and cultivating her beauty as well as her personality. Today Black Up is a key player in the beauty industry.

  1. Ka’oir Cosmeticska'oir cosmetics

Ka’oir Cosmetics is a cosmetic line owned by Keysha Ka’oir, reality tv star, model and wife of the famous rapper, Gucci Mane. Founded in 2011, Ka’oir Cosmetics can be described as a vibrant and bold beauty company. The beauty line is associated with numerous celebrities like Snookkie, Teyana Tailor, and more. Catering to the needs of their customers Ka’oir has been featured in celebrity fashion, beauty events, music videos and worldwide media outlets including MTV, BET Rip the Runway, New York Fashion Week, 106 & PARK, VIBE, GLAMOUR, CBS, IN STYLE, IMATS LA and various other beauty and entertainment outlets.

  1. Black Radiance black radiance

Black Radiance is a beauty company that recognises and understands the beauty needs of women of colour. With the use of style and the latest technology, Black Radiance provides a range of lip and eye colour makeup with different textures and overall face makeup which don’t just suit their customers’ skin shade, but their customers’ skin type as a whole. With a mission to enable women of colour across the globe to feel more beautiful, Black Radiance celebrates the beauty of self-acceptance and inner strength of today’s black women.

  1. IMAN Cosmeticsiman cosmetics

IMAN Cosmetics is a beauty company founded in 1994 by supermodel legend, Iman. The makeup brand was launched holding the that women with skin of colour represent many races, cultures and ethnicities. IMAN cosmetics are designed for multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades. Sold across the globe, IMAN cosmetics boasts of sixteen foundation shades. The brand has been consistent over the years, producing quality products that cater to the needs of women of colour. The cosmetic line is so successful, dupes fill the markets, however, the difference is clear. The company’s founder Iman is the daughter of an African diplomat. She rose to fame after debuting her career on Vogue in 1976. Continuously having to defend her beauty is one of the inspirations for IMAN cosmetics. All skin is beautiful.

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