Yahoo Boy Starter Pack

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If you come to Nigeria or live in Nigeria, yahoo boy, yahoo yahoo and yahoo plus will be heard frequently, almost as if it were a fashion trend. The yahoo syndrome is fast spreading and I do not mean the social media platform. Yahoo boys are synonymous with fraud boys, they commit frauds not restricted to any platform. At inception, it was strictly internet fraud, however, things have evolved. This growing menace has created silly stereotypes used by law enforcers and gossip blogs to brand anybody possible a yahoo boy. There are many popular yahoo boy names, but do you really know? Some also believe there are schools with the most yahoo boys, but what do we know? Yahoo boys have their different formats, and very yahoo boy news is a different one. From someone bathing at a round-about, to another person running mad for a short moment, this life is really a tough ball. Therefore, based on the funny stereotypes we have all heard if you’re wondering how to start a yahoo boy career here is a starter pack to help you learn how to be a yahoo boy.

  1. Short tinted dreadsbeginner dreads

According to the stereotype, yahoo boys love this hairstyle so much it is almost uniform. How this silly school of thought was formed, and a pattern identified, is unknown but if you agree with me it is funny. The hairstyle is short beginner dreads with an ombre tint. It is edgy and rugged. According to the masses, yahoo boys in Nigeria must have a thing for that ombre tint done with the golden colour. It doesn’t look nice on everyone, but the show must go on, right?

  1. Ripped Jeansripped jeans

Last I remember, ripped jeans were a fashion piece and statement, when did it become yahoo boy attire? The idea is so strange, wearing ripped jeans gets you awkward facial expressions and stares. From the older generation who think you are irresponsible, to the SARS official who will immediately brand you a criminal. Since we are all here, you might as well wear the tag boldly as an upcoming yahoo boy or yahoo girl.

  1. Gucci Slippersgucci slippers

This particular point is actually a fact. For some reason, when these yahoo boys just hit the jackpot, they make Gucci slippers their permanent footwear. Fake or original, you will never know but the brand has been so abused the sight of green and red stripes screams “yahoo yahoo”. Some people even go as far as wearing Gucci from head to toe. It has given the shoe manufacturers a whole new market as they now indulge in producing fake Gucci slippers for the masses.

  1. Lexus to graduate to Benz or Toyota Venzatoyota venza

Every endeavour starts somewhere. As a supposed yahoo boy in Nigeria, you cannot just buy that Mercedes Benz overnight. When the maga pays, its only right to acquire a nice ride, a Lexus is a good start. When the big cheques start rolling in, you can then purchase that Mercedes Benz you really fancy. Of recent, the Toyota Venza has become a more preferred choice because it is classy and lowkey because just about any demographic can drive one, and also because the people caught on to the Benz. Drive one of these and the Nigerian police will be sure to stop you. If you want to go all the way, a Ferrari or Lambo will be nice.

  1. Gold chaingold chain

As a supposed yahoo boy, you can’t be dressed in all that designer drip and not accessorise with a gold chain. It doesn’t even have to be original as long as it is bright enough to blind the whole club, you are good to go. The gold chain is a show of arrival. You are telling the public that with all that bling, you brag different. Of course, the gold chain doesn’t dance alone, it comes with diamond rings, and Rolexes that tick. If you know, you know.

  1. Motivational postmotivational quotes

The term yahoo boy is used to describe young men that are into fraud. Basically, they are criminals. In Nigeria, this fact is publicly known but is it a country where money trumps right and wrong. At the same time, if you haven’t caught anyone in the act, who are you to say they are yahoo boys? One thing is sure, they are the best motivational speakers. They never fail to drop those motivational quotes to just elevate your spirit.

  1. Club attendancequilox

A yahoo yahoo guy that doesn’t go clubbing is what, fake. a Yahoo boy must always show that he has hammered. Asides living in a lowkey and unsuspecting area to avoid suspicion, they must find their way to the hottest clubs in the city. At these clubs, all they do is order the most expensive bottles and nod their heads to the music. As they grow, they get acquainted with all the club promoters and can get themselves and anyone into the club. What’s 2 million to a yahoo boy in Nigeria?

  1. iPhoneiphone X

If you’re wondering how to start a yahoo boy career you must learn how to be a yahoo boy and to be a yahoo boy, your phone must be the right brand. There are many quality and nice phones, but there’s this prestige that comes with using an iPhone, it’s a complex and unrealistic standard the Nigerian society has created. However, it remains a do or die affair. On becoming a yahoo boy, you must use the latest iPhone, if possible, use two at once, it’s allowed.

  1. Apartment in Ajah, Lagosajah

A yahoo boy must live somewhere. There are different types of yahoo boys in Nigeria and their type depends on their area of residence. The ones who are lowkey in a place like Lagos¸ live in Ikorodu, Egbeda, Iyana-Ipaja, but the yahoo boy in today’s question lives in Ajah and environs. If you do not have an apartment in Lekki Phase 1, Ajah, Chevron, you have not arrived. This apparently a staple for yahoo boys in this category.

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