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12 Things All Single Ladies Do

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You don’t need to tell us that there is nothing wrong with being single, that you are feeling independent and you are not lonely. You know the reason why you are still single. It could be because you are taking a break from the relationship, you probably have had your fair share of annoying partners. Well, the single life has its ups and downs, so whether you’re singing your single pride from the rooftops or daydreaming about your next relationship. No matter your feelings about your status, we bet you’ve indulged in at least one of these secret single behaviours—but don’t worry, we won’t tell.

1. You’ve considered what it would be like to be married to your friend’s husband

They’re pretty much #RelationshipGoals personified, so why can’t you wish you were married to him?

2. You get a new outfit for every first date—even when you have plenty of options

Yeah, your date probably won’t even notice, but still. Who doesn’t want an excuse to shop?

3. You get excited when things are rocky between your friend and her mediocre boyfriend

If he was more of a catch, you definitely wouldn’t be vying for their breakup, you swear. But if she’s not with someone who really deserves her, she should be flying solo with you. It feels good not to be the only single one in the group.

4. You let your body hair situation get totally unruly

No s3x on the horizon? No one is going to see you Unclad, singing Pharrell Williams – Freedom.

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5. You’ve definitely surfed the web for wedding dresses or wedding ideas

You know you want to get married someday, so why should the fact you don’t have a partner yet stop you from drooling over some gorgeous gowns? BellaNaija Weddings is your most visited web page.

6. You suffer occasional mood swings about How You Really Feel about Being Single

One second, you feel fiercely independent and totally content in your singlehood—the next, you really, really wish you were head-over-heels in love. Being single is an emotional battle…sighs.

7. You always want to ask, “Is He Single?” when friends mention unfamiliar men

You want to know if every hot and single man you don’t know is single.

8. You belt single girl anthems all the time

Beyoncé’s All the Single Ladies is your favourite song.

9. And you also secretly love listening to sappy love songs,

Yeah, you’re fine being single, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love the feels.

10. You get at least five fleeting crushes a day

The best thing about being single? You can check out whoever you want, and no one is going to judge you.

11. You mentally rank your male friends as potential dates in case you need one

It’s time to start taking them out of the friend zone.

12. You have an arsenal of responses to all the dumb questions you get

Are you seeing anyone yet? Are you sure you don’t want to be set up? Have you tried online dating? You and Dapo will be perfect together. Oh, yeah, you have an answer for every single one.

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