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15 Signs of a Jealous Co-Worker

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Signs of a jealous co-worker are sometimes very hard to miss. You may spend your time looking for signs of jealousy in a relationship, however, at the same time signs of a jealous manager, male colleague or female jealousy in the workplace are also key signs of jealousy take note of. Jealousy is the workplace can ruin your career path because of the lengths jealous co-workers could go. It will cause discomfort and damages n the long run, if not properly managed. Managing jealousy and envy in the workplace is not easy. In order to manage jealousy in the workplace, you must first know the signs of a jealous co-worker

Here are 15 signs your vo-worker is jealous of you.

  1. Your gut tells you

When a co-worker or anyone is jealous of you, somehow, some way, you will have a gut feeling. That 6th sense will just kick uncontrollably but your regular mind will tell you that you are overthinking things. This is because you can’t understand why they would be jealous of you. Having a clear and positive perception of your co-worker. it will be mentally discomforting to house the thought that your co-worker is jealous of you.

  1. They downplay your achievements

Whatever the stage or phase, an achievement is an achievement. A jealous co-worker, on the other hand, will never admit your achievements are as a result of your skills, they tend to associate it to relationships and any other thing they can think of, just not your skills. It’s a clear sign your co-worker is jealous of you when they always try to downplay your achievements. When you are praised, they poop the party with the typical “anybody can do it” or “He/She sucks up to the manager”. The first time is bitter, a second time screams jealousy!

  1. Lack of eye contact

A jealous co-worker will never make eye contact with you. The inability to make eye contact with an individual you dislike, hate, or have offended to their knowledge or not, is a psychological trait. The feeling of jealousy is one that stems from a deep dislike for someone. With that jealous feeling in the heart of a co-worker, it will be difficult for them to maintain eye contact with you.

  1. They avoid you

A jealous co-worker will avoid you. You make them sick to their stomach, so they will avoid you as much as possible just, so they can have a good day and a good time. If they could eliminate you from the organizational equation, they would.

  1. Your name is always in their conversations

If you didn’t like something, you would not associate with it, but it’s the opposite for a jealous co-worker. A jealous co-worker will always have your name in their conversations. All they ever do is talk about you. If the topic isn’t you, they will make it about you. You become their obsession.jealous co-worker

  1. They spread negative ideas about you

A jealous co-worker will always want other members of staff to see you in the same light as they do, therefore they spread negative ideas about you. They will say just about anything, as long as they associate you with negativity. It is almost subconscious.

  1. They are in a silently loud competition with you

A jealous co-worker is always in an obvious silent competition with you in a bid to prove that they are just as good or better than you. This co-worker will do everything you do and more. From your wardrobe to work ethics and more. The competition is their attempt to validate themselves based on your persona which they feel is a measure of a phenomenal person.

  1. Disrespect you openly

Disrespect is a weapon in the arsenal of a jealous co-worker. They disrespect you because they cannot accord respect to someone they aspire to be but just cannot. They also disrespect you to make you feel less secure and to hurt your feelings. Hurting you will make them happy as they do it to liberate themselves.

  1. They celebrate your failures

A jealous co-worker will always celebrate your failures. Their being in the office thrives on watching you fail. To them, your failure will show others that you aren’t as great as your achievements make you out to be. Your downfall is what they hope for. These wishes are subtly revealed in their passive statements. When you make a mistake, their laughter is the loudest and their mood, the most elated.

  1. They never invite you to social events

You would never be invited to social events other workers are invited to if the jealous co-worker is the one sending out invitations. This is because they don’t want you to outshine them and divide the attention of the guests. The jealous co-worker will want to have this day to himself or herself, without you reigning on their parade as they would feel. Any opportunity to disinvite you will suffice. This is a big sign of an insecure co-worker.jealous co-worker

  1. They always criticize you

Your efforts and choices will never be enough in the eyes of a jealous co-worker. Such people criticize everything you do, and it is usually a jealous manager. It is also common with female jealousy in the workplace. Your choice of words will be critiqued, hair, shoes, even your child’s name if you have a child or children. Jealous co-workers are the most diligent critics.

  1. They always disagree with you

That co-worker that never agrees with you even though your point of view is obviously correct or better is jealous of you. They can never bring themselves to admit you are right or be in favour of your thoughts, no matter what. It’s a big task only jealousy can make easy to execute. They would rather subject their ideas to the criticism of every other member of staff than agree with you.

  1. They will never give you good advice

Your friend could be a jealous co-worker too. You will pick up the sings of jealousy when you realise that they never offer you good advice. They always encourage you to back down, fuel conflict and more. This bad advice will lead you to a wrong decision and possibly a grave mistake. This is what will make them happy.

  1. They flaunt their success in your face

A jealous co-worker would flaunt their success in your face even after you have acknowledged their success. The extra flaunting is just to show you that they too can achieve something. Sometimes, they go the extra mile by making sure everyone is aware of their success.

  1. They feed you with insincere compliments

A lot of jealous co-workers are overly friendly and always praise you and feed you with compliments. If you trust your gut, you will see that those compliments are insincere, they are just to not make their jealousy obvious.

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