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Shopping In Lagos: What You Need To Know

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Amazing Tips for Shopping in Lagos

Shopping in Lagos is a career, it takes the brave and the determined to conquer a day in Lagos, shopping. You can get through it with these amazing tips.

Take a small bag

A very essential tip for shopping in Lagos is that you take a small bag. If possible, take a fanny pack to hold your money, cards and any other thin you will need in the market. The market is often rowdy, and the big bag can be a hassle. Small bags when shopping in Lagos will help you move with ease. Also, with a smaller bag, the pick-pockets will find it hard to reach for your valuables and if they do, you will definitely feel it.

Wear fitted clothes

The Lagos heat is real and it does not smile so sometimes, fitted clothes may not be very comfortable. However, in this case, I do not mean bandage clothing. A t-shirt and a pair of jeans will work. A simple dress will work just fine, wear anything that has very little detail and will allow you to move with ease when shopping in Lagos.

Be cautious

Be cautious when you are shopping in Lagos, because you could be taken for a fool, followed, or robbed. Sometimes, you might overpay. A lot of people go to boutiques and shop online, but a larger majority go to the big markets to get their needs.

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Be cautious when shopping online, pay attention to comments, reviews and engagement on the page, it will help you spot a scam. Also, market crime is rampant, as a shopper and retailer, the pickpockets could be anywhere, the retailer could be a scammer. Be sure to hold your items carefully and firmly to avoid losing anything.

Don’t fix yourself to one spot

When you are shopping in Lagos, unless you know your source, do not fix yourself to one spot because it will hinder you from exploring and getting the best prices. Sometimes, the quest for a better price can lead you to sub-par products and a scam, therefore, it is ideal to have an idea of the cost before heading to the market.

If a product is not favourable to you, let it go if you are not ready to settle for half the bread. Move around and see what the shop has to offer. You might find something you didn’t expect to in lagos

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Markets/Malls to Shop in Lagos

Balogun Market

Balogun market is one of the biggest markets in Lagos. It is beautifully notorious for having the widest variety of fabrics and hair products. Balogun market is home to a retail industry worth industries. At this market, you can find anything and everything you wish to buy, both quality products and sub-par.

However, this market is for the strong-hearted as there are many male retailers who will drag you to the end of the earth to ensure you purchase from them. Shopping in Lagos is an extreme sport in Balogun market. Making your pick will be difficult because there are so many amazing products.

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Arena Shopping Mall

Arena Shopping Mall along Oshodi expressway is the fastest rising market in Lagos. It is newer than its counterparts and millions are made in transactions daily. The arena also known as the Army Arena is built in sections and along this sections, product categories are divided.

Available at the arena are hair products, food, clothing, home decor, electronics, used items, services and more. It is indeed an arena. If you are shopping in Lagos and want an easy market to navigate through, the army arena is the place for you.

Yaba Market

Yaba market is the biggest market for cosmetics and tailoring. It is also home to many South-Eastern retailers, that love to call you ‘their colour’. Their harassment keeps many women from the market, however, millions still troop in and out of it, though things have changed, Yaba market is the only market in Lagos where tailors sew clothes like automated machinery, to perfection. Shopping in Lagos can be frustrating, but the buy is worth it. You can also find every needed product in Yaba market, the price is only higher.

China Town

China Town is the most undiscovered haven. The little village of its own is a hotspot for shopping in Lagos. It is where Nigeria meets China. With a mix of traders of both nationals, at China town, what you see is what you get. The idea that the products are from China, has placed a little stigma on the town, this is why it has never been as big as other markets even after all these years.

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It is presumed that the products are of inferior quality, which may not be the case. Though today, the foreign traders outnumber the local traders, it is a place to go shopping in Lagos. Here you can find a range of products unique to China and Nigeria, including fine in lagos

Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja City Mall is the land of well arranged, clear pathed, air-conditioned and comfortable shopping in Lagos. You can find almost anything, and you are sure it is authentic. The only downside is that in some stores, the rent is added to the prices. Asides that, for originals, the prices of products at Ikeja City Mall are affordable. Thousands of people walk in and out daily just to get their shopping needs.

Palms Shopping Mall

The Palms shopping mall, is situated on the Lekki – Victoria Island axis. It is home to lovely brands and exquisite products. The idea is that products at the Palms shopping mall are expensive, which is somewhat true. You can say location and presentation has a part to play in it.

Trade Fair

Trade fair is just like a depot of its own. This is where you find different types of products at cheaper rates. It is a wholesale haven. Retailers go to trade fair to get the best buy, however, shopping in Lagos has never been more confusing. You can get lost if you do not know where.