15 Types of Students

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The types of students in a college make up that particular school. Individuals differ in character and that’s what makes it beautiful. There are different types of students, from different backgrounds, however, across the classrooms, each student assumes a role under one or more of the categories below. The types of students in high school are pretty much the same as the type of students in college. The kinds of students’ behaviour will have you in awe. Here are 15 types of students.

  1. Super Strikers

The super strikers are the type of students whom everyone perceives to have search engine brains. They sit in the front row of the class/ lecture hall if they could sit in the body of the teacher/professor, they would. They spend their time debating topics of academia and trying to gain knowledge. Amongst them thrives envy, deceit and not as many brains as you think. The super strikers are know-it-alls. They do not share their knowledge and they struggle amongst each other for the position of the top of the class. They have little or no social life, in some cases they do. They use the information to their own benefit without caring about others.

  1. Comedians/ Class Clown

These people have no care in the world. Everything is a joke to these students. If something is funny, the class comedians told the joke, no other theory is valid. They make jokes about everybody and anybody, teachers, course mates, administrative staff and their jokes are also very creative. At times they go overboard but sometimes, a little comedy is what the class needs to get everyone pepped up and, in the mood, to learn. Some teachers like them, whilst others try so hard to nail them to a board.

  1. Misfits

Most times, the word misfit is used in a negative context forgetting that a misfit could be anybody.  Being a misfit simply means that a person’s attitude and behaviours set them apart from others in an uncomfortable way. The misfit sits at the back of the class and is often called a backbencher. The misfit is ignored and sometimes feared. Everybody knows the misfit’s name, but nobody knows the misfit, he/she is mysterious and is often the subject of crazy rumours. Taking a chance on the misfit you might find that they are very intelligent, just misunderstood.

  1. Sporty

The sporty students have nothing better to think about besides sports. Their lives revolve around it. Whenever there is a sporting event, this student gets to know first and is always invited. They are the pride of their team and an asset to the school. They take everything about sports to heart, they can also cry over the littlest thing like not being able to play sports at a given time.students

  1. Slay Queen

The slay queen is the girl who comes to class like she’s about to grace the cover of a magazine. They differ across boards. Some are nice and smart, some are humble, some are rude and rich, and some are living fake lives. They slay, by all means, wear the latest fashion trends, attend the hottest parties and are the most sought after. They are far from naïve. All the typical slay queen is not the most liked person in the class, even her friends talk about her behind her back, but it doesn’t matter, she slays.

  1. Cute boy

In every class, there is the most good-looking male student. He is every girl’s crush. The cute boy may be nice, he may be humble, he may be unintelligent, and he may be rude but it doesn’t change the fact that he looks good. When all the other guys are struggling to make a come up, he is just perfect because he has and still is maturing nicely. In a cliché story, the slay queen and the cute boy are a couple, but most times, they are usually in the same clique.

  1. Girl next door

The girl next door is the down to earth pretty girl that doesn’t need social validation. She is a free spirit and is a much-preferred choice to the slay queen. She is real, funny, smart and pretty. She might not be friends with everybody, but everybody likes her.

  1. All-rounder

The all-rounder is the star of the school. This type of students are those who are not limited or bound by groups or labels. They fit in with the super strikers, cute boys, leaders and sporty students. They are all round achievers. They excel in every aspect of school and social life and they maintain their straight As. They are the love of every teacher’s life. They are smooth and captivating too.

  1. Olodo

No student body is complete without the olodo. Olodo is a Yoruba word that translates to unintelligent. The olodo student never aces tests or exams, they don’t even score the average, not because they have a problem, but the books just aren’t for them. They break new grounds for the lack of knowledge surprising their peers each day.

  1. Extra pen, do you have?

This student never comes to class with their one material, they borrow everything even on exam day. They start their class with “Please do you have an extra pen?”. After a while, it becomes a known ritual to the rest of the class and a subject for jokes. Some students especially, come to class with extra materials because they anticipate his/her request. Mind you, they never return what they borrow.students

  1. Class captain

The class captain is also referred to as the course rep, class governor or class representative. He or she is the typical leader. They are able to deal with the excesses of each and every one of their classmates. They are well respected and most times unbiased. The class captain is the bridge between the teachers and the students. Sometimes no class captain is appointed, some students self-appoint themselves.

  1. Snitch

What is a student body without a snitch? A snitch otherwise known as a teacher’s pet is that student, the Judas in the dozen. This student sits among his/her peers to garner information. After which, they run back to the teacher as an informant. Nobody understands why they do it, whether it is to be seen by the teacher in a positive light or they are just natural betrayers, nobody knows.

  1. Radio without battery/Gossips

This type of student is talkative. All she/she does is talk like a radio without batteries. They start off with great ideas but begin to deviate gradually until they are totally off point. They talk so much at times your ears can’t take it. They do not only talk so much, but they also gossip. They gossip so much that telling such a student a secret is seen as a death wish.

  1. Silent night

This student never speaks. He or she is as quiet as a silent night. You may hear their voices once or twice throughout the academic year. They barely express themselves too, hearing them speak feels like a breakthrough.

  1. Gucci gang

Gucci gang is that student that doesn’t come to class, does not care about anybody and still gets away with it because he/she is from a rich home. They can pay their way through. They wear designers from head to toe and drive fancy cars, you see them once in a while in school but you see them every weekend out of school spending something.

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