8 Heart Wrenching & Funny Moments in Life

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As a Nigerian, in your lifetime you will experience a large majority of every possible heart-wrenching moment there can be. These heart-wrenching events happen every day and are known to cause heartbreak. When you think about it, you can categorize these occurrences as funny moments in life too, however, it’s funny until it is happening to you. If you do not know the meaning of heart-wrenching, it refers to extremely sad or distressing. Every funny moment in life on this list cant make you extremely sad and distressing.

  1. Realising your phone was never charging.

In Nigeria, never expect power always. It is no lie that some states and communities in specific states have a commendable power supply, however, others do not. However, no matter where it may be in the country, the power supply is not constant, therefore, you must ensure all your much-needed devices are fully charged and all electrical appliances like your iron, have been put to use. Though numerous people own generators a large majority does not. Nigerians have a culture of not putting on the generator during the day, at least most people. There is no moment more heart wrenching than assuming you had plugged in your phone to charge and when the power goes out, you realise it was never charging probably because you did not switch on the socket or you didn’t fit the charger in properly.

  1. Someone takes the drink you kept in the fridge for hours

When you get an awesome drink you have been craving, your instincts tell you to put it in the fridge, so it would be nice and chilled by the time you wish to drink it. Sometimes, you The worst time is when you go to work and throughout the day your major motivation is the drink in the fridge that you are going to consume as you binge watch your favourite series on a Friday night. You get home and freshen up because patience makes everything a lot better, only to open the fridge and see that someone else has taken your drink. That immediate moment of heartbreak when you feel your thinking faculty fail and the feeling of rage bubbles up. You will have no words.heart wrenching

  1. Soaking garri only to realise there’s no sugar.

What is garri without sugar? Every other thing may be absent, but sugar is a staple for the best garri experience. Soaking garri to perfection is an extreme sport because it must be well timed, so as for it not to swell up and become eba. It is important to put the right amount of cold water and get the sugar in time before it swells but the problem is birthed when you have soaked your garri to perfection only to find out that there is no sugar. That whole experience is heart-wrenching and can cause wastage of perfectly good garri and effort.

  1. Power outage once you plug your phone to charge.

When the power is on for a considerably good amount of time, everyone gets scared and in need of a taste of reality where the power goes out frequently. During this time, people hurry to do everything they need electricity to do in anticipation of the heart-wrenching power outage, however, the power does not go out. Once you get comfortable with the power supply, you begin to procrastinate things like charging your phone. The moment you get up to plug your phone in, the power goes out and all you have are silent tears.

  1. Realising you forgot your towel outside the bathroom.

Baths are fun and soothing when everything is just right. You have enough time, an important outing, new skin care products and the water is the right temperature. Sometimes, it may be a cold day and a hot bath is the only soothing option. The bath is great but what happens when you forget your towel in your room and the heavens help you if your bathroom is not en-suite with you. At this point, you may be thinking about different ways to get back to your room. Do you wait for someone to come to your aid? Do you put your dirty clothes back on, do you run? Either way, it never ends well.

  1. Your car refusing to start after a verbal combat with a soldier

In Nigeria, there is a saying, everyone is mad here, especially in Lagos where it seems every commuter smokes a thing or two before getting on the road. Lagos drivers are reckless and brutal and no matter how intimidating you think you are, a soldier is more intimidating and can tame you, a civilian. Every day in traffic, one car must double cross or hit another. Such an event is followed by the drama which involved exiting your vehicle and asking the other party to come down and see the damage they have caused. Some of these scenes end is flying fists, abusive words and sometimes, bills. With a soldier, many are bold enough to rant and make all the noise they wish to make, but what happens when you attempt to get away and your car refuses to start. Just fake dead because at the end of that event, you just might be.heart wrenching

  1. Items completely disappearing when you need it.

When you do not need certain items, they are always in your face, so much so that it even makes you a tad bit angry at the fact that it is everywhere. It is a more heart-wrenching feeling when you finally need that item and it suddenly disappears. The object becomes nowhere to be found, it is everywhere and nowhere. Could it be that we forget the last place we saw it or these objects come to life just to carry out this dastardly act?

  1. Going out on a date and your card is declined/forget your wallet at home.

Going out on a date is a great idea. It gives you the opportunity to bond with your significant other, do fun things together and set the tone for a relationship. For a lot of people, the date is to impress the other, and most times, the guy takes the girl on a date. Males are taught to take charge and hold their own, therefore, the impression is not up for questioning, they must make a good one. Imagine having the fancy dinner date only for the bill to come and your card is declined, or you forgot your wallet at home. It is heart wrenching and embarrassing. Simply pick up an apron and start washing dishes.

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