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Embarrassing Moments Everyone Can Relate With

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Embarrassing moments happen all the time. Some people are able to walk away from the moment and some have it etched in their minds. Embarrassing moments at school can kill your reputation and having to bounce back is just as hard. Some of these embarrassing moments are even caught on camera. Everybody has experienced some or all of these no need to feel ashamed.

Embarrassing Moments

  1. Farting in public

Farting in public is one of the most embarrassing moments of all time. It is more embarrassing when it is obviously you. Sometimes you think these moments are out to get you. When you’re alone you are perfectly fine. The moment you step out in public the embarrassing moments come for you.

What’s worse is that you only fart in public when you’re in a circumstance where you cannot excuse yourself to release gas. The change in the facial expression of the people around you sinks your soul to dark depths. You would want to ground to swallow you at this point.

  1. Falling in public

There is nothing worse than falling in public. It is such an unexpected embarrassing moment because the fall comes from nowhere. It is more embarrassing when you’re all dressed up and strutting your stuff.

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A public fall is a confidence breaker. The embarrassing moment is when you get up and all eyes are on you. Some people even mask their laughter and your face becomes red with disgrace.

  1. The toilet won’t flush

You do not want to be the person who forgot to flush the toilet. The maintenance staff and anyone walking in after you will look at you with so much disgust. Sometimes, you just don’t know what is ahead of you. It is one of the most embarrassing moments to use the toilet and it doesn’t flush.

It is a more embarrassing moment when you go to the loo to do the number two. It gives maintenance staff more work and it disgusts others. Watch out, one of them just might curse you.embarrassing moments

  1. Stalking someone’s social media and liking their post.

Social media is the new sphere for the new age. If you are not on social media in today’s world, what are you doing? At some point or the other, everyone has put on their stalker hat. We have all stalked a social media account or the other. It could be an ex, a crush, hater, rival, anybody.

Stalking requires a lot of scrolling and it is worse on Twitter. An embarrassing moment is stalking online and mistakenly liking an old post. It becomes obvious that you were looking through their page. Your heart will race but you will get over it.

  1. Ripping your trousers

“Why did this have to happen to me,” you ask. Sometimes, you don’t even know it’s torn. You just feel the breeze in your underwear. When you bend over in public and you hear the ripping sound, don’t second guess it.

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What you are thinking is exactly what has happened. It is the singular most embarrassing moment of all time because you become so cautious about your movement and actions.

  1. Flying low

When this happens to you, everyone is going to know you went to the bathroom or unzipped your trousers. To fly low means to have your zipper down. It can happen to anyone. Sometimes, after using the bathroom, you simply forget to zip up.

It is one of the embarrassing moments where other people feel embarrassed for you. Hardly anyone will be able to tell you-you’re flying low. Only the air conditioner will give you a hint.

  1. Waving at someone you thought was your friend.

When you see a friend the polite thing to is to wave in acknowledgement. Embarrassing moments know no bounds when it comes to this. Have you ever waved to someone you thought was your friend? The story ends with the person thinking you’re weird. Only very few people smile and wave back. Sometimes, you believe someone is waving at you, only to realise otherwise.embarrassing moments

Embarrassing Moments at School

  1. Your skirt hooking on your underwear

Embarrassing moments at school can live with you till you graduate. They are humiliating and sometimes, you just don’t want to go to school. You will be mocked and teased for life if this happens to you. Everyone will know you raised your skirt for a reason or the other.

During embarrassing moments at school such as this, a rumour about you will fly and touch the sky. Nobody is going to tell you your skirt is stuck to your underwear until you see the gasps and hear the giggles. Sometimes, you will feel the breeze, or a true friend will tell you.

  1. Sitting on chewing gum

Every school has the rude gum chewers who stick their gum onto school property. It is very irritating to sit down or touch something only to touch pre-chewed gum. Embarrassing moments at school start with sitting down on gum. This is because the pressure your body places on the gum will allow it to stick disrespectfully to your clothes. It won’t look pretty.

  1. Getting toilet paper stuck to your shoe

Everyone has experienced an embarrassing moment at school such as this. When this happens, everyone will know you went to the toilet. They will also make jokes about what you want to do. As you walk around the school a toilet paper is stuck to your shoe, the giggles will drown you, literally.

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The embarrassing moments begin when people begin to ask you if you went to number one or number two. They might take pictures and tell the whole school. Good luck if your crush sees you.

  1. Everyone read your diary

Embarrassing moments at school ends with everyone reading your diary. Once you brave through that every other thing feels like breeze. Almost everyone kept a diary in high school, especially girls. It was a popular bullying trend to steal a girl’s diary and pass it around the year group.

Sometimes, it could go around the whole school. Such embarrassing moments at school are eternally damaging and should not be encouraged on any scale.