25 Romantic Names, Words of Love for Him or Her

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Romantic names are things everyone should know and if you don’t, you can always learn. Whether they are romantic names for boyfriend or romantic names for your girlfriend, most romantic names go for both genders. You may have heard romantic words of love from all time lover boys and girls of Nollywood in Nigerian romantic movies like Ramsey Noah, Desmond Elliot, Genevieve Nnaji and Kate Henshaw. Your first exposure of romantic words could have even been from the sweet words Leonardo DiCaprio told Kate Winslet in Titanic. Whatever the situation may be, you must always have some romantic words in your vocabulary.

As a teenager or adult, your first use of romantic words was probably in those romantic goodnight messages you sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend back in the day. Love blows the mind and makes you feel butterflies inside. You find yourself doing things you’d never do, including making a list of romantic words just so you never run out of them. Well, keep the list long, you will need it for the rest of your married life. Romantic words are not only to be used in relationships, it could be used professionally, as a writer to write scripts for romantic movies, or as an advertiser or producer to shoot a romantic video. In your lifetime you will always have a need to use sweet words of love. Here are some of the most romantic words and romantic names for your partner.

  1. My Love

Love is a tender and passionate feeling. Love is the greatest power on earth. For someone to be your love it means you feel the greatest power of all for that person. My love is one of the most romantic names you can call your other half because calling someone your greatest power will make them feel like they’re floating on air.

  1. My Heart

My heart is another romantic name for him or her. The heart is one of the most important organs in the body because it pumps blood. Calling someone your heart describes the importance they hold in your life, without your heart, you’re as good as dead.

  1. My Life

Life is often deemed the greatest creation. Life is everything we are, our being, environment, actions. Calling someone your life will melt their heart because in your eyes they are the greatest creation.

  1. Darling

Darling is a word used as an affectionate way to address someone dear to your heart. It could be your spouse, partner, friend, child, parents. You’d be surprised how much being your darling will make your beloved smile.

  1. Sweetheart

A sweetheart is everything the name says it is. A sweet, important part of your existence. A sweetheart means more romantic words itself. A sweetheart is lovely, dear, angelic. Just call your dear one sweetheart and know you’re calling him or hear a thousand lovely things in one.

  1. Baby

When someone calls you baby, they don’t mean you’re an infant, they mean you are the ball of joy they love and treat dearly.

  1. Angel

An Angel is a heavenly body which makes it a sweet name to call your partner. You can mix it up and call him or her your sweet angel, beautiful angel, as long as they know they are an angel in your eyes, they will feel heavenly.

  1. Sugar

Sugar is sweet and nice. Sugar is a sweet name to call your partner, it will make them feel sweet and bubbly inside.romantic

  1. Honey

Honey is sweet, honey doesn’t expire, honey never goes bad. Call him or her honey so they know they are nothing, but sweetness than never expires in your life.

  1. My Dear

My dear has to be the most common

  1. My Queen

This romantic name will make her feel as though you regard and adore her as royalty. Being royalty is probably the dream of every girl.

  1. My King

Men love to be adored and put on top, calling him King will make him feel in charge and it just might make him blush.

  1. Assurance

Assurance is a new phase of romantic names. Calling someone your assurance inspires their confidence and gives them hope, it is an assertion of who that person is to you. As you call your partner your assurance,  assure your partner by insuring them.

  1. My Lucky Charm

A lucky charm is a special thing that you believe brings you good luck. Calling him or her your lucky charm will gladden their heart because you’re saying they bring you good luck.

  1. Mine

It is romantic when positive possessiveness is applied. Calling someone yours makes them feel wanted and happy, hence it is a very romantic name for your partner.

  1. My Everything

This romantic name sums it all up. It means you are everything and will take your partner’s breath away when you call them by that name.

  1. Superman

Superman is the superhero of all time. Calling him your superman will make him feel strong, capable, and

  1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a superhero, probably the greatest woman. Calling her your wonder woman means she is a superhero in every sense of the word.

  1. Soul Mate

A soul mate is the other half of you, the one person with whom you share your soul. A soul mate is believed by most people to be the deepest term for the one you love to describe how much you love them.

  1. Lifeline

Lifeline is a ray of hope, that hope you depend on the preserve and navigate your hope. Lifeline is one of the most romantic names to call your partner, it will remind them that they are hope in your eyes.

  1. My Star

My star is a sweet name to call the one you love, it makes them feel precious and admired, and love you even more.

  1. Love of My Life

Love of my life is a double dose of romance, it combines love, the greatest power on earth and life, the greatest creation and together they become eternity. Find the love of your life and you’ll find eternity.

  1. My Gem

A gem is a precious stone. Precious stones are rare and have a high value. My gem is a beautiful name to call your loved one because it means they are your precious, rare and highly valuable creation.

  1. Sunshine

Sunshine is the brightest light known to man. When the sun shines it means its new day. The sun brightens up the day and one’s life making sunshine a super romantic name for your girlfriend. You’re simple saying she is the brightest light.

  1. Bae

Most people don’t know but Bae is actually an abbreviation for ‘Before anyone else’. When you call someone bae it means to you, that person comes before anyone else. Next time you call your heartthrob just hit him or her with “Hello bae”.

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