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What Not to Do On A First Date

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There are no rules guiding what not to do on a first date. Every first date is differently made under different circumstances. However, there are some things that don’t fly on the first meeting with a guy or girl.

Some partners may keep quiet about it and others will make their stance known. Don’t be the mess up. What to do on a date is to be respectful. Don’t know what to expect on a first date? Wing it!

Order a meal before your date arrives.

What not do on a first date is order a meal before your partner arrives. Of all the movies I’ve watched, it is only done if you are stood up, or the host is on time and the guest or host is not. It is rude to order a meal before the arrival of your date in normal circumstances.

It is even ruder if you are on time and your host is running a bit late. If you order a meal in the absence of your guest or host, what are you both meant to discuss over? What to do on a first date is to wait for your guest or host. Order a drink if you wish.

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Order food for your siblings at home or friends and expect your date to pay.

This kind of behaviour is unruly. What to do on a date is to order takeaway for who you want at home and pay for it yourself. There is no rule against that. Ordering extra meals for others at home and expect your date to pay is what not to do on a first date. It does not give a good impression. Besides, you were asked out on an outing alone not along with your squad.

Leave your manners at home

Sometimes some people tend to leave their manners at home. You can do that for the second meeting, but it is what not to do on a first date. Bad manners disgust people and give a bad impression. It could even be a wrong impression too. There are no definite rules on how to behave on a first date.

However, some things should be obvious. A date is to spend time and get to know a person. Your manners are very much welcome to the table.

Get too drunk

Everyone likes a person who can handle his/her drink. Getting too drunk is what not to do on a first date. Stay away from the alcohol if you are a lightweight. If you are not, drink responsibly and don’t drive home. Getting drunk in the club is expected. In calmer settings, it is a big nowhat not to do on a first date

Get too confrontational

Being confrontational has its advantages. Something not to do on a first date is to be too confrontational. it is bad to make your guest walk on eggshells around you and refuse a second meeting.

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Although they have a right too, your confrontational character should not be the reasons. Confrontational people are scary and often blinded by their perceptions.

Divulge your family problems

A first date is to get to know you as a person, not your family. Some things take time. As a relationship is built partners get to know more about each other at their own pace. Want to know what not to do on a first date. Divulge your family problems.

It is okay to say if you never knew a parent, you are an only child or otherwise. The person you’re seeing doesn’t need to know that your parents have gone bankrupt and the landlord is threatening eviction. A problem shared is a problem half solves, but timing is everything. It is not what to expect on a first date.what not to do on a first date

Do not glue yourself to your phone

Your partner wants to interact with you, not your engaged self. Some people make it a habit to pull up their phones and completely ignore their partner. It is not only wrong, but it is also rude.

What not to do on any date at all is stay glued to your phone. If the activity requires an active use of your phone, like a game hangout then its okay. You can respond to a text, two or a tweet and laugh. Endeavour to share funny posts with your partner or they will feel left out. That is what to do on a date.

Do not be late

It a wrong impression to be late on a first meeting. It is exactly what not to do. If at all you will be running late, what to do on a date is to call and inform your partner. This will save them from waiting without knowing what is going on. If it doesn’t take a minute to get to your destination, leave early, plan well. If it is rush hour, get ahead of it. if something comes up, say so.

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Order more than what you can afford

They say many are mad, but few are roaming. You might just be on a hanging out with one of them. Some people generally lack common sense. Ordering more than you can afford is exactly what not to do. There are numerous problems that come with ordering more than you can afford.

Your host might ditch you. You won’t be happy settling the bill alone. If the bill is split, you will not be able to pay, or you may pay for more than what you ordered. If your partner pays for theirs alone and you’re the serial requester, kindly pick an apron and head to the kitchen.