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7 Things Not to Do After A Meal

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Nutrition is an essential part of human life as humans cannot survive without good food. With all things good, it is important to maintain healthy habits as there are things to do before and after a meal. Food must be consumed at the right time and in moderation. There are some meal practices we don’t know are harmful to the body. You find yourself asking how long to wait before taking a shower after a meal, should I sit down after a meal? Here are 7 things not to do after a meal.

  1. Showershowering

Right after a meal, it is a bad idea to take a shower. As you take a bath blood flow is directed towards the skin to withstand the impact of cold water thus reducing blood flow to the stomach. Digestion requires a lot of energy and taking a shower immediately after food will weaken this process. It is ideal to wait at least 30 minutes before showering.

  1. Walkingwalking

It is often said that taking a walk after a meal will help digestion however, it is a myth. It is okay to take a walk after a meal but at least 30 minutes after eating. This will give your food enough time to settle. Right after that lunch or dinner date, engage him or her in a conversation before taking that walk.

  1. Sleepingsleeping

Numerous people tend to eat and immediately take a long nap. This act is bad for you. Sleeping immediately after a meal will cause many digestive juices to flow in the opposite direction and will affect the entire digestion process badly. After a meal, try engaging in activities you like such as chatting, watching tv, reading etc.

  1. Fruitfruit

Fruit is healthy for the body, however, there is a right time to have healthy food. Eating fruits right after a meal does not help you. This act will cause the fruit to get stuck with other foods for too long and spoil before digestion. This can cause bloating and gastrointestinal distress (GI distress).

  1. Smokesmoking

Smoking is bad for your health regardless of the situation. Smoking cigarettes expose the human body to at least 60 carcinogens. Carcinogens are the elements which cause cancer. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar. Smoking after a meal simply worsens its effects by making you 10 times cancer prone, lung cancer especially. Smoking cigarettes also cause other cancers and health issues.

  1. Cold watercold water

After a hot meal, it is the habit of many to drink cold water as they find it very soothing. This soothing habit is bad for your health. Drinking cold water after a meal causes the food particles to form clumps thus hardening the digestion process. Warm water helps the body absorb nutrients better.

  1. Hot Tea or Coffeedrinking hot tea or coffee

Tea and coffee have their various health benefits, however, must be consumed and moderation and at the right time. It is best to consume either of the beverages at least an hour after a meal. This is because tea and coffee contain substances that can absorb nutritional benefits of your food. The tannin component in tee can inhibit protein absorption. Other elements in the beverage can prevent iron absorption and this will cause anemia and other iron deficiencies. It is ideal to drink tea or coffee at least an hour after a meal.

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