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Welcome to Lagos, Are You Traffic Ready?

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Lagos, the city that never sleeps, is the heart of Nigerian hustle. Overpopulated with different kinds of people, Lagos State is known to have traffic that can last hours. This is due to a few bad roads, overpopulation, recent constructions, weather, numerous car owners as opposed to public transporters and pure disobedience.

The ongoing constructions in Oshodi and International Airport road will have you in a standstill on various routes in Agege, Ikeja, Anthony and Gbagada that link them. Ikotun dwellers are saddled with the traffic jam caused by the bad road at the Ikotun roundabout. The Island is plagued by exhaust fumes from the working-class hustle and toll gate. The car cluster on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and Alausa workforce at the close of work always have Alausa, Ojota, Ketu and Ikorodu road blocked. These are just a few of the regular traffic spots.

Lagos has many communities, a lot of problems but ongoing solutions. One problem that is going to take longer to fix is traffic and as of now, traffic in Lagos is inevitable. You may have escaped today but tomorrow, you may not be lucky therefore you need to be traffic ready always. Here are a few ways to try.

Effective Time Management

Time management

One thing we can never have enough of is time, however, it can be managed. If managed properly one would barely feel the loss traffic can cause. Manage time by waking up earlier/ setting out earlier to reach your destination on time, consider the weather, know and understand all routes leading up to your destination and strategically pick the best on for the day’s circumstance. Organise your needs prior to your journey and journey preparations to avoid time loss that traffic will eventually claim. By doing this, you are creating enough time to be spent in traffic.

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Good Air Conditioning

air conditioner

For private car owners, it will do a lot of good to have a working air conditioner. The city is hot enough. When exhaust fumes from over hundred cars, packed tightly together and noise from honking horns and bus stop calls are added to the mix, the weather temperatures could cause meltdowns. The A/C will provide a more conducive atmosphere to spend minutes or hours in. If you do not have a working A/C, there is always good music.


Car Music

Music is the perfect distraction. By playing music you enjoy as you transport, you’re creating an enjoyable element in the situation. Singing along to your favourite lyrics can take your mind off the struggle for traffic. Music is also therapeutic. This can help the driver and passengers’ moods to not lose their cool and get into infamous traffic quarrels.



For public transporters except for motorcycles, having earphones to listen to your preferred audio entertainment as you travel can be of help. It doesn’t just help whilst stuck in traffic, it helps to block out noise such as gossip and quarrels on the bus or in a cab. Sometimes, it serves as a deterrent for those who like to invade the personal spaces of other passengers. However, never plug in both ears at once unless the volume of the audio is reduced, it is dangerous. Having one ear plugged in is okay.



In traffic, it is possible for one to get hungry. Having some snacks to eat will help combat hunger and its effects, especially when moving with children. You never know how long you’ll be stuck in traffic. Although, a lot of edibles are sold in traffic, be careful what you buy outside.

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These are a few ways to get through traffic with less stress. These methods don’t apply to Motorcycle (Okada) travel as it can be dangerous to engage in some of these activities and motorcycles are never really stuck in traffic