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Beard Gang: Benefits and Grooming

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Beard gang is a social and beauty trend driving the youths crazy. Times have gone from having basic facial hair to grooming a facial garden and having healthy hair. When talking about beard gang, there are some people who will ask what does beard gang mean. Beard gang is a demographic of guys who have beards. You may think, every guy has beards but not all, some just have mustaches. Members of the beard gang take time to groom their beards, some cut regularly as some make use of beard oil. Though much fuss is made by youths about the beard gang, it isn’t a must to have a beard, therefore, there is no need to google beard gang growth serum. Not everyone is the same, some beards are still preferable to others. The beard gang Instagram hashtag is one with so many posts and is popularly used by men who desire to show their healthy facial hair. Whereas there are some men who shave their beards regularly because they grey hair doesn’t sit right with them, there are others who don’t just know if it would look nice or not.

Here are reasons why letting your inner beard gang isn’t a bad idea and tips on grooming your beard.beard gang


Prevents Acne

Always shaving your beard might make you look and feel neat, however, those annoying bumps tend to develop. This acne and bumps may be due to lack of lubrication, razor cuts and the fact that bacteria are easily spread across the face using the razor. Also, you might have a neat face but your razor care might not be too healthy.

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Natural Filter

Having a beard acts as a filter by helping you keep microscopic allergens and airborne bacteria out of your mouth, which will improve your overall health. This will reduce the effects of conditions like hay fever and allergies. Having a mustache also doubles this filter effect, something a barefaced male cannot enjoy.beard gang

Protection from UV Rays

Beards can block your skin from up to a recorded 95% of the sun’s UV Rays. This will prevent your skin from getting burnt and cancer as you have what you can call a natural sunblock for your face.


For a man who wants to be perceived as older or more mature, growing a beard is an option. People with beards are often seen as older, more mature and attractive because it is expected that a beard comes with age.beard gang

Slow Down Wrinkling

Beards do not just protect the skin from the sun and cancerous blemishes, less sun exposure reduces wrinkles and eventually slows down the process. For those who fear that the beard will make them look old, know now that the beard will serve as a youthful spring for your skin.

Lock in Moisture

Shaving opens the pores allowing to dry up quicker than normal, especially during dry or cold seasons. When dry, skin can begin to look flaky. Having facial hair locks in the skin’s moisture and keeps your skin healthy.

Grooming Tips

  1. Use a Beard Oilbeard oil

A good beard oil will condition your facial hair, giving it a neat look, nice shine, and good texture. Also, some oils act as growth serums, which aid the growth of your beard. Beard oils can also give your beard a nice scent therefore, you’d want to be careful in picking which to use.

  1. Be Patient

It is key to not trouble your body or try to get ahead of your body. Your facial hair will grow if they are supposed to when they are supposed to. Your body is already built to function a certain way, as inhabitants of this body all we can do is maintain a healthy cycle and improve your body operations. Allow your beard to grow properly before thinking of trimming or styling your beard.

  1. Wash Regularlybeard gang

It is important to wash your beard regularly every week. This is because food particles and dead skin can get trapped in it and cause you itchy skin. regular washes will keep your beard area clean. You can wash with a cleanser or mild soap of your choice and pat gently till dry. Harsh towel drags will give you split ends and a rough beard.

  1. Trim When Necessarybeard gang

You might feel the need to make sure your beard is perfect at all times, you don’t need to. You only need to trim your beard when necessary. As your beard grows you will understand its growth pattern, you then decide when trims are most beneficial to you. trimming your beard will also keep it neat and promote healthy strands and growth. Also, knowing how to trim your beard is key so you don’t end up looking like a disaster.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

You are what you eat. Believe it or not, some foods you ingest can either support or inhibit your hair growth. Maintaining a healthy diet will keep your beard full and nice. Your beard is basically a product of protein and fat and is heavily dependent on Vitamin B. Therefore, lean meats, egg yolks, and leafy greens are essential to maintaining a healthy beard.

  1. Groom Your Mustache

It is important to also take care of your mustache. It may not be as full, but its presence is just as important to your overall look and health. Just like a beard, a mustache should also be taken care of. However, it won’t need as much oil.

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