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Data Bundles: Manage Them Better With These Tips

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Data bundles are hard to manage because it is close to a rip-off. They seem affordable but do not satisfy its cost. Being in the internet age, subscribers have no choice than to go along with the financial damage causing data bundles –that goes for data addicts. Not much can be done to the cost, however, you can manage your woes with these tips.

Streaming online content consumes a huge chunk of your data bundles. It is bad enough that data bundles are not sufficient, imagine worsening your case. Streaming videos take megabytes at a time and downloading them will cost you some useful gigabytes. However, it is easy to go overboard when these videos don’t even buffer and the network service is impeccable. Reduce the rate at which you stream videos online and save yourself the data.

  • Instagram and Snapchat aren’t your friends

Instagram and snapchat have to be the most data consuming applications after youtube. Both social media applications have such addictive features. Snapchat unleashes your inner investigative journalist and just makes you lurk until you finish your data. Also, when you’re out having fun there is always the need to post snaps. For Instagram, the Instagram stories and explore page are the woes of internet data bundles in Nigeria.

Those two features are by far the most addictive because you cannot watch a story and not move to another one. Neither can you land on the explore page without navigating through hundreds of posts. The moment you realise what these applications do to data bundles, the better. Mtn data bundles, 1gb or less only last a few hours, as opposed to a week. It disappears into thin air.

  • Set a data limit

Setting a data limit is restricting yourself from overusing data. Internet data is like a drug to the average Nigerian who cannot do without the internet. Bit by bit, it drains your funds. Before you know it, you would’ve spent thousands on data bundles. The cost of data can wreck any account. A data bundle limit will restrict your data usage once you reach it. Also, you will receive notifications when you are almost at your data limit. This keeps you cautious of the amount of data you use.

  • Minimise picture quality in your browser settings

The better the quality, the more data it consumes. Manage your respective data bundles by reducing picture quality. This can be done in your browser settings. Images may be small in size but you load up thousands of pictures every day. Imagine the amount of data you’d be bundles

  • You don’t have to be online 24/7

Boredom is the root of all data wasting. Some of us specialise in refreshing all our social media apps and repeating the routine. Staying online 24/7 increases the amount of data you consume. You can manage your data bundles if you just learn to put the internet down sometimes.

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Do other things, watch tv, cook, study, go out with friends, do anything that will take you off the internet for a while. If you’re at work, social media should not be your top priorities because it causes distractions anyway. Just be smart and connect to the WiFi.

  • Install data conserving apps

Data conserving apps are just what their name implies. They help to save data. If you are a data waster, do your data bundles some good by installing one or more of these magical data saving apps. These apps conserve data by pausing apps that run in the background. An app like this may not do all the justice but it will do some, for the greater good.

  • Don’t hotspot anything

Using your hotspot consumes up to three times as much data. There is a data wasting syndrome that comes with each new subscription. That safety net that allows you to surf and stream with confidence. It is at this time you use your data bundles to do philanthropy and you begin to hotspot your laptop, hotspot your friend’s phone etc. if you use the hotspot on a simple data bundle not meant for bulk use, you are playing yourself.

  • It won’t last as long as you would like.

The truth of the matter is, mobile network providers are thieves. We are blinded by what seems to be cheap data bundle rates. Compared to the user experience, it is a rip-off. 1 gigabyte will last 4 hours, 10gb will last you a weekend and 2 days if you are lucky. Somehow, your mobile data bundles run out within a twinkle of an eye. You find yourself subscribing twice a week for a weekly bundle, and 8 times a month or more for a monthly bundle, is it fair? The best thing to do is to go for Wifi network, if possible get a MiFi modem, they last longer and are cheaper.

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MTN Data Bundles

MTN date bundles run out within the twinkle of an eye. Though price friendly, you find yourself renewing more and more. The smaller MTN data bundles such as 1.5gb and below are not so economical, however, they are the most affordable. This is because the MTN data bundles do not last as long as they used to.

Could it be that applications now consume more data? A lot of mtn users, subscribe over and over again and become serial borrowers unable to pay back. With an incredible network speed, it is clear why their users still stay.

9Mobile Data Bundles

9 Mobile data bundles are just as inexpensive as MTN however, remembering the USSD code is the problem. It is unecessarily long but down to the main subject. Following some changes, the newtork provider does not perform as great as its counterparts but not the worst of them all. There are so many 9 Mobile data bundles that you have to choose the essential ones to memorise. With good enough internet speed for the average user in certain locations, others cannot boast of the same.

Glo Data Bundles

When the originator of the saying said “slow and steady wins the race”, they were probably referring to Glo internet data. Glo data bundles are affordable and by a margin, last the longest. This is because the internet sometimes is so slow you can’t run through your data. Though exceptional service is enjoyed in certain areas, Glo was practically the first to do it right.

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Airtel Data Bundles

Airtel Data Bundles are often described as the best of all data bundles because it lasts longer than others. Though the network experiences downtimes often, it gives more value for your money. Airtel data bundles are also the most affordable of all four major network providers. After the numerous brand changes, you would think they’d lose their authenticity, but they have a way of letting their users see that it is the same brand just a different name.