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David Ogbueli: Ministerial and Life Biography

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David Ogbueli is an icon, a reformer, a vibrant and radical ministerial soldier, a man who has dedicated his life to ministry. Pastor David Ogbueli is a man of whom when you talk of ministry in Nigeria it looks incomplete without his name being mentioned.
Talking about Pentecostal Pastors, there are very influential ones popularly known by almost every one for their great ministerial prowess, and heights attained. The usual names echoed are that of pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, Pastor E.A Adeboye of Redeem Christian Church of God, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith just to mention a few. Some, of these pastors are more averse to media publicity and fanfare, Pastor David Ogbueli is one who perfectly fits this description.

Biography of Pastor David Ogbueli

Pastor David Ogbueli’s ministry of teaching, healing, mentoring, and a lot more started out in his fellowship on campus during his university days. Pastor David Ogbueli was born on the 28th day of April 1968. He hails from the South Eastern state of Anambra, married to Pastor Sarah Ogbueli who he met in the university as an undergraduate. They are currently blessed with four children. Pastor David Ogbueli commenced Christian ministry at age 12, pioneering campus fellowships as an undergraduate, the core of which metamorphosed into the birth of his church “Dominion City Worldwide”. He is a graduate of Microbiology from the great university of Nigeria, Nsuka. Pastor David Ogbueli is the senior pastor of Dominion city, one the fastest growing Pentecostal ministries in Nigeria. The church (Dominion City) started as a small gathering of nurses in 1996 with a small space at Marcus Garvey Street, Enugu before moving to 95 Chime Avenue, Enugu and has spread to over 450 chapters in Nigeria and about 60 more scattered across cities in Africa, Europe, and Asia.
Pastor David Ogbueli is the founder of the New Covenant Family Ministries, a campus focused arm of the ministry with a presence in most universities in Southern Nigeria, and Pastor David is the senior Pastor of Dominion City International. He is currently the president of the Dominion Leadership Institute, a training body that seeks to equip Christians for success in their fields of endeavour. Pastor David is also a regular resource person and senior facilitator at the Institute National Transformation (INT). He has authored hundreds books on spiritual, mental, and leadership knowledge amongst others. He is a social reformer who hosts the Satellite TV and Radio Programme “Expand Your World” running on various TV and Radio stations across the nation. Pastor David Ogbueli is also the host of Dominion City’s Annual Camp Meeting, a three Day Spiritual retreat held during the Easter weekend and attended by delegates from over 4 continents. Pastor David Ogbueli is also the president of the Golden Heart Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization with a focus on youth Value re-orientation, leadership education, youth empowerment and entrepreneurial development. The GHF is also responsible for convening the annual National Youth Submit. Pastor David Ogbueli is a minister of the gospel and an icon of transformational leadership excellence. His passion for Personal Transformation and national Transformation has produced various initiatives and ministers causing a stir among youth, government, corporate institutions, media and other stakeholders both in Africa and globally. He is one minister who is also an authority in the government body as a management and a consultant who speaks nationally and internationally in organizations, government houses, embassies and church.

David Ogbueli and Dominion City

Dominion city church is also known as the New Covenant Family (NCF) which began in 1996, with an immense growth ever since then. The New Covenant Family is now one of the most established and well-known ministries in Nigeria. It currently has 40 city churches ( including in Enugu, Lagos and Abuja) campus churches and fellowships spread all over Nigeria with healthy membership numbers and over 70 pastors serving under the vision of Dominion City Church.
According to the vision bearer Pastor David Ogbueli, the vision of Dominion City Church is to preach to preach the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ. The vision started from an apartment in New Haven, Enugu and its realisation begat the ministry he has today, and its success is certainly a marvel to the Christain community. The ministry has a mission arm called the Global Mission Network. The Global Mission Network which has made a name for its self through philanthropic gestures ministered to the less privileged in the society.
The Dominion City Church have their goals as winning countless souls for Christ with a quest to empower members of the society. The church seems to be ever prepared to lend a helping hand to those in need of it. Human empowerment is one of D.C key watchwords. In the year 2015, the headquarters of Dominion city church Enugu branch conducted a free medical outreach which stormed Akpuoga Nike Emene Enugu East Council Area of Enugu state during which they had a routine for free medical exercise and treated dozens of members of the poor and neglected community with different diseases and ailments. The exercise was carried out in partnership with Abiding Fruits Maternity and clinic.

Books written by David Ogbueli

Pastor David Ogbueli is a widely read author who has written so many books that has helped transformed the lives, mentality, vision, and mindset of so many who has read any of the books.

The Dominion Mandate by David Ogbueli

Price:$2.99 USD. Words: 45,700.
Language: English
Published:January 29, 2015.
Categories: Nonfiction>> Religion and Spirituality>> Christian Ministry >> Discipleship, Nonfiction>> Self improvement>> Religion and self improvement
In ” The Dominion Mandate”, Pastor David Ogbueli established the fact that God gave man to man at creation. We see how man lost his authority an dominion as well as Gods plan to restore man to the position of authority, dominion and power he lost. “And let them have Dominion”, is what God said at creation, but many are not aware of this proclamation today.

Building Friendship by David Ogbueli

Price:$2.99 USD. words: 8,980
Language: English
Published: January 29,2015.
Categories: Nonfiction>> Relationships and Family>> Friendship
The book ” Building Friendship” entails the basis you need to know about friendship, it talks about the kind of person your friend should be, which is one who wants to see you succeed. who wants to see you have the best in life. who would do anything he can to see that things go well with you, the book also states that you can only find such friends among those who understands covenant. Pastor David Ogbueli brings to the people transforming insights into the art of building and maintaining friendships.With the lessons and teachings in this book you can never take a wrong step as it has to do with friendship

How to choose Political Leaders by David Ogbueli

Price: Free! Words: 2,670.
Language: English
Published: January 22,2015
Categories:Nonfiction>> Politics and Current Affairs>> world politics, Nonfiction>> Social Science>> Political Science.
is God interested in Politics? The answer is a resounding Yes. Is he interested in the kind of person we should choose as our leaders? Another resounding Yes. But how do we know what his will is? Answers to all these and many more of your questions are answered in this book.

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