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Foods That Increase Belly Fat & How to Lose It Naturally

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Foods that increase belly fat are numerous and act as villains to your body goals. The funny thing is that these foods are the most delicious and addictive of them all. A bite of one leaves you wanting more, more and just more, then you’re hooked.  You may be doing good but beware of your cheat days.

  1. DairyBelly Fat

One known food that increases belly fat is dairy. Millions of people are lactose intolerant and a million others do not even know they are as symptoms of this condition include gas and bloating. Bloating and gas is a result of indigestion and when foods do not digest properly they are converted and stored in no other place than your belly.  A lot of our favourite meal recipes include milk and milk simply gives it the taste it needs. However, substitute cow milk with nut milk or any other low lactose milk. Your tummy will thank you later.

  1. SodasBelly Fat

Sodas are sweet and the perfect step down for an equally unhealthy meal. It is also one of the best foods that increase belly fat. Sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners that do your body more harm than good. Sodas can be addictive not only because of their content but also because, sodas condition your taste buds for sweetness. One thing for sure is they do not satisfy the thirst, sodas only make your taste buds tingle and want some more. Also, some people feel the hack is to drink diet soda but here is a bubble buster. Diet soda simply does not take up the calorie space that your body will be urged to fill later. Soda’s sweetness increases the production of insulin; at this point, the insulin can either convert the sugars or store them as fat.

  1. AlcoholBelly Fat

The substance, alcohol, may be the favourite drink of a lot of people, however, if you are a drinker and you are wondering where your belly fat came from, here is a clue. Alcohol does not just damage your liver, it is one of the foods that increase belly fat. Alcohol intake gifts you a protruding tummy by slowing down your digestion process and we all know that is a call for the storage of food as fat in your midsection.

  1. Fried foodBelly Fat

Fried foods are menaces to your ab goals. Starting from French fries to deep fried chicken, it is part of the foods that increase belly fat and will not do your body as a whole any good.  The sweet indulgence that is greasy foods contributes to weight gain and gift you alarming cholesterol levels. A diet like this will only leave you battling obesity and obesity-induced complications like heart disease.

  1. Processed meatBelly Fat

The harm that is processed meat is not today’s news. It is one of the worst foods that increase belly fat. Processed meats are not just high in calories, they are also high in saturated fats which makes it a menace to your stomach and heart.  Consistent and high consumption will make any human susceptible to heart diseases and stroke.  Studies show that processed meats are difficult to digest because of how difficult they are to break down, neither do they contain any fibre. Did somebody say foods that increase belly fat?

  1. Processed foodBelly Fat

Like fried food, processed food sits in your stomach indigestible for a longer period of time due to its high-fat content.  The inability to fully digest these content allows for it to be stored as fat in your mid-section. Also, processed foods have been loaded with preservatives to improve its shelf life,

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How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Want to know how to lose fat naturally, keep reading. Sometimes, losing weight may look easy until you try. It is hard work. Some people do not need to do much but for others, their best seems to not be good enough. Knowing how to lose fat naturally is one thing, but losing the fat itself is another.  With the following tips, you can start your healthy journey.

  • Drink more water

Belly Fat

When people say drink water and mind your business when you ask how to lose belly fat naturally, they literally mean drink water and mind your business. Water is essential and your body needs a good amount of it. Water is not just nourishing but it does a lot of its magic in your body. Having enough water aids digestion, respiration and body rejuvenation.  Trade your soda and processed juice for freshly squeezed juice, water or fruit induced water.  A little hack is to throw in a glass of lemon water a day.

  • Eat more healthy foodBelly Fat

When learning how to lose belly fat naturally ignore where it says eat less. What you need to do is eat more healthy food and less junk. By junk, I mean processed food, alcohol, greasy food and the likes. Having a healthier and nourishing diet will keep you from over-eating while trying to get all your daily recommended intake of various nutrients. A healthier diet will have you getting stronger and not a flatter tummy.

  • ExerciseBelly Fat

How to lose belly fat naturally starts with exercise. Exercise itself is not limited to the sit-ups and crunches and other physical endeavours, it involves emotional, mental and social exercises. Believe it or not these actions have positive effects on your body, inside and out. A flat tummy begins with a healthy body and a healthy mind. To reach the flat tummy goal with exercise you must train your mind and heart to see the process through. Other than that, amazing flat tummy exercises include planking, sit-ups, crunches, bicycle kicks and more.

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  • RestBelly Fat

Rest is underrated and it is one of the best ways to lose belly fat naturally. As you rest your body secretes different fluids in a bid to rejuvenate. Sometimes, stress is the reason for the extra fat in your belly. Our stress hormones have been found to boost your appetite and drive cravings and we all know the havoc cravings can cause your stomach. This is why it is important to rest because the more you rest, the less you stress.