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Functions of Tiger nut, Nutritional, Medicinal & Economical

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The function of tiger nut depends on the consumer’s intended use. Tiger nut is a crop of the sedge family and is widely found across the world. When exploring this nut, one will find out about how to eat tiger nut, side effects of tiger nuts, tiger nuts and fertility, tiger nuts and sperm count, how to make tiger nut milk and where to buy it.

Tiger nuts can be found in most of the Eastern hemisphere, that is, the Indian subcontinent. Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. The botanical name for tiger nut is Cyperus eculentus. The cultivation of tiger nuts requires a mild climate. For optimum growth, tiger nuts should be planted about 1 foot deep in sandy, moist soil with a mildly acidic to neutral pH of 5.0 to 7.5. they are planted in flat soil where ridges have been done to accommodate irrigation in the coming days. Planting season lasts through spring, April, and May, with irrigation done every week to be harvested November through December in the winter season. Tiger nut leaves are scorched during the harvest and the nuts pulled out of the ground with a combine harvester. All sand and dirt are washed off, and the nuts are spread to dry for another three months. During this stage humidity levels must be closely monitored because tiger nuts lose their water and starch content when they’re dried. Farmers also turn the nuts over daily to ensure even drying.tiger nut

if your question is how to eat tiger nuts, after purchase, tiger nuts are to be washed depending on how you purchased them and can be eaten whole, as they are. Tiger nuts can also be made into bread, pudding or milk. You can also keep the nuts dry and grind them into tiger nut flour. You can go on to make cookies, pancakes, waffles and even ice cream with tiger nuts.

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Tiger nuts are pretty easy to find when in season. They can be purchased from the farmer’s market, supermarket, in some parts of West Africa, these nut’s are hawked in wheelbarrows. Tiger nut has numerous uses and functions. The functions of tiger nuts can be nutritional, medicinal and economical. Tiger nuts have benefits that will surprise every inquisitive reader. Here I share with you, functions and benefits of the tiger nuttiger nut bread


You are what you eat, and health is wealth. It is of no use to eat something if it has no nutritional value. Also, eating food with great nutritional value in the right portions is what you call living your best life. The tiger nut has nutritional benefits most people don’t know about. They include:

  1. Prevent heart diseases and colon cancer

Tiger nuts contain vitamin E which has anti-oxidant qualities. It rids the body of free radical which can cause harm to the body. In this case, the heart and colon. This basically strengthens your immune system.

  1. Activates blood circulation

Tiger nuts contain amino acids. There are different forms of amino acids, however, the component arginine is dominant in tiger nuts. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide which keeps the blood vessels open for adequate blood flow. This will prevent any complications caused or made worse by inadequate blood flow such as erectile dysfunction, heart disease, clogged arteries, artery infections and more.

  1. Rich in energy content

Tiger nuts are rich in starch, fat, sugar and protein which are energy contents. Energy is essential in the body to provide the body with strength to carry out daily activities.

  1. Rich in mineral

Tiger nut is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Potassium aids proper organ function. It also aids the contraction of muscles and improves digestion. Potassium also lowers blood pressure. A potassium-rich diet will give you strong bones and teeth. Magnesium, on the other hand, aids the muscles and nervous system. Magnesium also regulates the heartbeat and blood sugar. It improves the body’s immune system keeping us from getting sick, regulates blood pressure levels, helps protein digestion and strengthens the bones.

  1. Rich source of vegetable protein

Protein is essential for building the bones, muscles, tissues, all forms of cells. Proper cell growth translates to general body growth. This is beneficial to the vegetarian and one looking for a lean meat diet and is looking for other sources of protein.

  1. Improves fertility

Tiger nut contains quercetin, zinc, and vitamins which boost the production of testosterone and oestrogen which are the male and female reproductive hormones which aid the development and regulation of both reproductive systems. Tiger nuts also boost breast milk production. Vitamin E in tiger nuts combat ovulation decline and improve sperm count, quality, and motility. It also helps with erectile dysfunction.

  1. Great substitute for cow milk

Tiger nut milk has been found to be a great substitute for cow milk. Tiger nut milk is lactose-free making it consumable for those who are and are not lactose intolerant. Its milk is also high in calcium like cow milk which is essential for strong bones and teeth. Tiger nut milk also contains more nutritional content.

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tiger nut milk

  1. High dietary fiber content

If you’re looking to control your weight, tiger nuts are the way to go. The fiber content in tiger nut fills the stomach quicker causing the consumer to eat less. Also, the fiber is a natural evacuation stimulant therefore, it eases up constipation and prevents it. This dietary fiber found in tiger nut also control diabetes. Fiber provides a high caloric level and is also a good regulator of blood glucose levels making it beneficial for diabetics.


  • Used in pharmaceuticals

Tiger nut is an oil source. This oil has been actively used in pharmacy to develop medicinal remedies for various diseases and infections. These diseases are flatulence, diarrhoea, dysentery, debility, and indigestion. The mineral content of tiger nuts enables the treatment and remedy of the listed health issues.

  • Used in cosmetics

Tiger nut oil is used in cosmetics and for cosmetic surgery. The vitamin E component is effective for anti-aging effects on the skin. Tiger nut oil slows down the aging of body cells. it favours the elastic nature of the skin and prevents and reduces wrinkles and blemishes.


  • The tiger nut oil has a lot of potential due to its oil yields. With proper research and experiment, it could be possible for tiger not oil to be an oil crop which will serve as a source of biodiesel. This will be more environmentally friendly.
  • Tiger nuts are used as baits in the UK for carp. These nuts are prepared specially to not cause harm to the carp. They are soaked for 24 hours and boiled for 20 minutes, some people leave the nuts to ferment, so it can be more effective.
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