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New Year Resolutions Ideas for 2019

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New Year Resolutions Ideas

New year resolutions ideas are infinite, you just have to start with which is most important to you right now. Some resolutions are long term and others can be achieved on short terms within the year. New year resolution ideas for students are the most common, and quotes will inspire you.

  1. No more bad debt

Bad debt is one menace everyone faces. At some point, you may need to lend to others or borrow from others. One of the new year resolution ideas is no more bad debt. Avoid going into bad debt because it can greatly upset your financial balance. Bad debt is almost irrecoverable, and you are saddled with the task of covering for it. Lending a hand is no crime but what happens when your arm gets cut off. Make it one of your new year resolutions, no more bad debt.

  1. Positive energy only

You attract the energy you give off. Come 2019, a good new year resolutions idea is to exude positive energy only. Sometimes, the negativity that is not within your control gets you down. However, it is important to stay positive, not deluded. Understand the difference and just feed positivity into the world.

  1. Save!

You can never save too much. Having valuable savings is different from being stingy to yourself. The money saves come in very handy for the rainy day and makes it easier for you to invest and for. One of your new year resolutions should be a savings plan. One you can adhere to strictly. Open a separate account and do not get an ATM card. This is a measure to keep you from withdrawing your money. Better still, place this money is a fixed deposit. New year resolutions ideas will more than overflow.

  1. Eat healthily

Unhealthy eating is the order of the day for billions of people. This is due to either ignorance, indiscipline or the lack of an alternative. An unhealthy diet puts us at risk of numerous fatal condition, therefore, great new year resolutions ideas include eating healthy. Tell yourself you want to eliminate excess sugar, process foods, oily foods or whichever you choose. It takes time and baby steps, but one after the other, you can conquer it.

  1. Start working out

Everyone gets pumped towards the end of the year and makes new year resolutions like a work out plan. The goal of the workout plan is to have a banging summer body and a fit lifestyle. Also, starting on new year day allows for easy tracking and it fits well into the new year new me line. New year resolution ideas are incomplete without the thought of getting serious with year resolutions ideas

  1. Start your business

A new year resolutions idea that is quite unique, is starting your business. Many people have business ideas they have been wanting to birth but for some reason or the other have been unable to. One major reason is fear. Not the fear of failing per se, but the fear of the audience not receiving the business as they’d hope. One thing you must have on your new year resolutions list is that you need to go from wanting to do it and just do it.

  1. Live your best life

All work an no play makes Jack a dull boy. Life is no smooth ride and every day the world gets up to the hustle with hopes that the best life is the reward at the end of the tunnel. Sorry to burst your bubble but the best life is now and tomorrow holds a better life. Working hard is great as it will give you fulfilment and the resources to make a better life, but your new year resolutions should include living your best life. If you spend all your days hustling, you will die, forgetting to live. There is no need to break the bank or make irrational decisions, just live your best life.

  1. Meet new people

Restricting yourself to your circle births an antisocial character. Times will come when you will really need your sociable side to kick in, but it will be nowhere to be found. Meeting new people is a part of learning and growing. Make it one of your new year resolutions ideas to meet new people in 2019 and other years to come. You do not have to make them part of your inner circle but create a clan of your own.

  1. Be more polite

Being polite earns you a seat at a lot of tables. A polite attitude can also invite disrespect to your corner, however, it is the best way still. Politeness is a show of good manners, therefore, if you are a rude one, make it a part of your new year resolutions to be more polite in the coming year. Polite people are perceived as warm and often draw good people towards them. It also tells well of you.

  1. Give back to society

Not everyone is privileged and sometimes, those who aren’t may look like they have nothing to give back, but they do it the most. Giving back to society does not always require material donations, it could be love, advice, attention, care. Your purpose is not complete if you make no impact. Your new year resolutions ideas for 2019 should include giving back to society however you know how. It could be in form of sanitation, teaching, security, donations, year resolutions ideas

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New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

  1. Stop procrastinating

New year resolutions ideas for students is incomplete without stating that you wish to stop procrastinating. Pushing this effort to the new year is clear procrastination. It is the biggest menace in every student’s life, one that ends in late nights and heavy bags under your eyes. As a student, you procrastinate your coursework, daily tasks and registrations. Beating procrastination will earn your better grades and better student life.

  1. Study more

Sometimes, you could achieve your dream grades, only if you study more. As a student, such ideas as new year resolutions are needed to drive you to do better and be better. Taking time out at the end of each day or the weekend to study will go a long way. It helps you understand, retain information and keep track of your work.

  1. Get more sleep

Students do not realise the benefits of getting more sleep. Some people believe studying all night is the only way, but when you are doing that with little or no sleep, you are hurting yourself. Write it down as one of your many new year resolutions ideas, for students, getting more and enough sleep is crucial for effective learning and retention. You can’t take in lectures when you’re halfway into the dream realm.

  1. Do your assignments once you get it.

There is not much to say, as part of the new year resolutions ideas for students, do your assignments once you get it. This will allow you to do your assignments well, save time and reduce stress levels.

  1. Be more punctual

Early birds get the best benefits of new year resolutions ideas for students.

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New Year Resolution Quotes

“August is a gentle reminder for not doing a single thing from your new year resolution for seven months and not doing it for next five.”

― Crestless Wave

“Your minute is your hour is your day is your week is your month is your year. If you want to make this year better, make each minute better.”

― Saji Ijiyemi

“When you see a new year, see realities and limit fantasies!”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“A failed resolution is not the fault of resolutions.”

― Auliq-Ice