How to Say – ‘Thank You’ to your Boss(SMS, Letter & Mails)

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Writing is one activity that is fun, and very exciting, it is a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols. writing is a complement to speech or spoken language, a way of expressing feelings. Sometimes it could be hard to figure out what to write when you want to tell your boss how much you appreciate them, due to the circumstance of inability to be able to be able to compose something that would be loved and appealing to them, or not knowing the right words for the various occasions such as  Promotion, , supports, inspiration, gifts and more. Below are some helpful ‘Thank you’ samples of messages, letter, and emails you can send to your boss for different occasions as the case may be.

A sample of Farewell Letter to Boss

Dear ________, Sir/Ma or Boss’s Name

I am writing to say thank you for being a wonderful boss, mentor, Inspiration, and friend. You have taught me so much with the little time I have spent here and I honestly can not express my gratitude,

You are a role model for me and many others in our organization, and though I am sad to see you go, I know that it is for the best, I trust God to be faithful as you will excel in whatever you do next. I am grateful for the time that we have been able to work together and am happy knowing that you will go on to affect many others in your career.

Thanks again, and best of luck.

Thank You Messages for a Promotion

  1. Sir/Ma  I am ever thankful for this great opportunity, Thank you again for the promotion. It means a lot to me and I will continue trying to work to the best of my abilities.
  2. Thank you so much for the promotion and I appreciate the faith you have in me, which has given me more strength for the task ahead. I feel very grateful to have a boss who appreciates and values His/Her employees. I look forward to continuing to do great work with you.
  3. This promotion means a lot to me. You have taught me so much and I know there’s, even more, to learn as I take on these new responsibilities. Thanks again!
  4. I am very excited by this promotion and by the opportunity to continue doing great work with you and at this company. Once again, Thank you Sir/Ma
  5. Sir/Ma my appreciation goes to you, It means so much to me that you have faith in my abilities to take on a manager role. I feel confident that I will do a good job because you have been an excellent example for me. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you for believing in me! I am so excited about this promotion and can not wait to get started. Let’s do great work!
  7. I am so thankful for this promotion. Thank you for believing in me, helping me gain the skills I needed to be able to take this on, and showing me how to leverage my skills and talent.
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A sample of Thank You Email for a Promotion

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I have worked very hard to gain the skills and experience necessary to do this job well, and I am grateful that my efforts have been noticed and rewarded.

I’m very excited by my new role and look forward to learning as much as possible and fulfilling your expectations of me.

Thank you so much for having faith in me and my abilities — I know I will continue to learn from your example.

Thanks again,


Saying Thanks for a Raise

  1. Thank you for the raise! I will work as hard as ever and do my best to never let you down. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you so much for the raise. I appreciate the support that you have shown me and I am grateful. You are a fantastic leader and I look forward to continuing to work with you.
  3. This raise is a blessing to me, and it means so much to me — it shows that you have faith in my abilities and are confident in my role in this company. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you Sir/Ma for the bonus, I appreciate your ability to notice my efforts in executing my role, I promise to do better.  Thanks again!
  5. Thank you for the raise — it means so much to me that my hard work is noticed and appreciated. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks a lot, I am so humbled by this raise. I feel very grateful to be a part of a company that cares so much about its employees, also seeking their best interest.
  7. Thank you so much for the raise, for your support, and for your motivation in my time at this company. I am so happy to be a part of this organization. Thanks again.
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Simple Appreciation Messages

  1. Thanks for the kind words and guidance, I admire your leadership and decision-making skills, I hope to continue learning from you. Accept my heartfelt gratitude!
  2. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to work with you. You are truly an interesting boss that anyone would be lucky to have and work with.
  3. Thanks for being an amazing boss, your time and effort mean a lot to me, your words of encouragement and the inspiration that you provide every day, makes working for you a blast.
  4. Indeed you are a fantastic boss and manager. I have learned so many great things from you since day one. Thank you for helping me improve my skills and leadership abilities.
  5.  Thank you for the opportunity you have given me. Since I began to work with and for you I have learned so much which has helped me become a better professional and a better person.
  6.  Good day Sir/Ma,
  7. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you as my boss and friend. You have been helpful, not to mention how very skilled you are and readily available to impart. Thank you!

Short Appreciation Messages

  1. Thanks for imparting knowledge and skills that have helped brighten my career and professional life, and even personal life, I am more than grateful.
  2. Thanks for helping me identify my talents and work towards pursuing them!
  3. Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me to brighten my career!
  4. Your guidance has been so important in shaping my professional life — thank you!
  5. Thanks for bringing out the best in me!
  6. Thanks for being a manager and mentor who cares so much for his employees!
  7. Thank you for recognizing and rewarding my contributions at work!
  8. You are the world’s #1 Best Boss Ever! (In my book at least).
  9. You make it easy to want to work hard. Thanks for being a great boss.
  10. Thanks for being a wonderful boss who knows how to bring out the best in your employees.
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How to Write a Thank You Letter to Your Boss When Leaving

Writing a thank-you letter to your boss does not have to be intimidating, unsettling, or abusive though it can seem that way at times. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Express what you are thankful for in a simple and polite way. Try saying it out loud first just say the words that you are trying to express. Afterward, it can then pen them down.
  • Give some specific examples of what you appreciate about them; like their support, inspiration, care, imparts and so on.
  • Thank them once again, saying how much you appreciate it.  Then let the look towards the future be a good touch for the end note— something like “I pray for God to grant us more opportunities working together.
  • End the letter with “sincerely yours,” “Respectfully yours,” “yours truly,” or “best wishes, best regards.

A sample of Thank You Letter when you are Leaving

Dear ______,

I would like to thank you for your inspiration, impartation, encouragement, and support over the years. You are an exceptional boss who always has his employees’ best interests in mind, and your leadership qualities and support have increased my love and respect for you.

Thank you for being the friendly and open-minded boss that you are. Your support has brightened my professional career, I am forever full of thanks for your help in shaping me into the better person I have become.

Thanks again for everything.

Yours Truly,

Favour Chukwunyere ( Your Name )