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Mental Health: Taking Care of Your Mind

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The mind is the master of the body. Everything that makes up one’s self is a matter of the mind. Although with great difficulty, parts of the body are dependent on each other and are held together by the mind. When the mind fails all parts fail with it, therefore, take care of your mind.

The mind is considered mental health. Mental health refers to our social, psychological and emotional wellness. Mental health affects how we feel, behave, think. Many fail to realize the importance of mental health, especially in Nigeria. In this part of the world when one tries to express mental discomfort, they are often shunned, teased or scolded. However, in recent times, efforts have been made to raise awareness of the importance of mental health.

Mental discomfort will negatively affect our relationships, interactions, coping mechanisms, and in turn, physical health because the mind will begin attacking the body. In one’s lifetime, they are bound to encounter a mental health problem one way or another. This may stem from biological factors such as genetics, an experience or experiences which may have been traumatic or family history with mental health issues.

According to WHO, one who is mentally well will realize his or her full potential, effectively cope with the stresses of life, be productive, fruitful and make valuable contributions to the community. Many people in our societies especially black/ African are mentally unwell and a large number in denial of it. This is because poor mental health is often associated only with dementia and insanity, which is wrong. There are different types of mental health.Mental health

  • There are signs that reveal that one is mentally unwell. Having little or too much sleep is a sign of a poor mental health. Having little or no sleep is referred to insomnia.
  • Those suffering often find themselves withdrawing from others. Discomfort in social circles or during interactions becomes the order of their day causing them to refrain from social interactions.
  • The constant or frequent feeling of hopelessness is also a sign of poor mental health. Such a person has lost all motivation, feels he/she has nothing to look forward to and has become hopeless which can push them into depression or phases where self-harm or harm on others is considered.
  • Apathy is the loss of desire. Also, a sign of being mentally unwell, apathy is a state where one experiences a loss of desire to participate in any activity.
  • A desire to harm yourself or others is not normal. If you find you’re often pondering on this school of thought, you are mentally unwell and should seek help.
  • A decline in personal care
  • Unusual appetite changes
  • Severe mood swings can affect relationships and interactions. It depicts a poor state of the mind.
  • Lack of concentration is a menace to man. Not being able to concentrate or focus on your activities or work will negatively affect your productivity, result and in turn your emotions.
  • Smoking, drinking or using drugs more than usual.
  • Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scaredmental health
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It is essential that we take care of our mental health. A lot of life’s stresses pose threats to the mind, but maintenance and improvement are very much possible. Mental health can be improved through the following;

  • Eat right, you are what you eat. A proper diet will help in maintaining your desired body and health.
  • Get professional help, you can almost never diagnose yourself. Seek professional help by getting evaluated by a mental health professional, go for counseling, be monitored closely.
  • Be informed, read and learn about mental health, what it is, symptoms and ways to get help. Knowledge is power.
  • Occupy yourself with productive work.
  • Stay positive, an optimistic mind is a good mind.
  • Connect with people.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Develop coping skills. mental health