Traffic Laws in Nigeria

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By the mention of the Traffic Laws in Nigeria, the average Nigerian asks what laws. Not to say they are a myth but Traffic Laws in Nigeria have been put in place to protect the citizens and the law enforcer on the road. Also termed as Road Safety laws, these laws are broken, amended and reamended every day on Nigerian roads, by both driver and officer. The Federal Road Safety Corps has its duties to the nation; therefore, the enforcement of these traffic laws is compulsory in a proper society. On Nigerian roads, the rugged, smart and confident are above the law. From the sham that is driving school to the corrupt processing of your driver’s license, the Nigerian driver is just like the one in the GTA game. The driver isn’t the only citizen who needs to follow traffic laws, pedestrians are included. On Nigerian roads the motorcycle and tricycle riders feel exempted from the law because according to them, okada doesn’t get stuck in traffic, they ride along spaces between cars and the corners of the road most times, without helmets.traffic in nigeria

Traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria are to be obeyed no matter the circumstance, however, the people and the law don’t seem to take traffic offenses seriously because everyone is a serial offender. The common police checkpoints aren’t enough to maintain orderliness on the roads. Also, on Nigerian roads, the police is either your business partner or foe, your friend if you’re lucky, all it takes is a naira note or two. So to every driver, pedestrian, law enforcer, and future commuters, here are traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria, the laws we might and might not obey.

  • Be on any road without any lights or faulty lights, signs or reflectors or wrongful use of signals
  • Obstruct any section of the road with vehicles or in any other way that may affect the free flow of traffic
  • Use a restricted road where it Is marked “one way” or “no entry”
  • Disobey speed-limits erected at road construction areas or any other road
  • Drive a vehicle without a valid learner’s permit; driver’s license or any other permit required by law
  • Drive a vehicle without a valid vehicle license of identification mark being displayed
  • Overtake another vehicle wrongfully
  • Disobey traffic light signals
  • Disobey or disregard road signs or pavement markings
  • Drive a vehicle, a two or three-wheel cycle on any road in a reckless or negligent manner that will be dangerous to other road users.
  • Drive a vehicle or motorcycle with forged vehicle papers
  • Drive a vehicle or motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drive a vehicle or motorcycle or any mechanically propelled engine that would result in the damage to any public presence, street light, traffic lights, road signs etc
  • Engage in any act of commission or omission by motorists which may constitute hazard to other road users
  • Remove from a vehicle, the sign, “Do not move”
  • Use a road that is under construction
  • Fail to move over to the slow lane to free up traffic flow
  • Uncover gravel or other unstable materials with tarpaulin or strong plastics to stop it spilling on the road
  • Cover number plates at the front and rear sides the vehicle
  • Load a vehicle above the weight or number of passengers required by law
  • Drive a vehicle with projected load
  • Obstruct a marshal in the performance of his duty
  • Drive a vehicle with damaged or shattered windscreen
  • Drive a vehicle with worn tyres or without spare tyrenigerian checkpoint
  • Drive a vehicle that is mechanically deficient
  • Drive a vehicle without fire extinguisher
  • Assault a marshal on duty
  • Corrupt a marshal on duty
  • Fail to report at designated place by a traffic offender
  • Drive a vehicle that emits excessive smoke
  • Drive a commercial vehicle without a passenger manifest
  • Use your GSM phone while driving
  • Driver under 18 years of age
  • Ply the road by commercial drivers and conductors without badges
  • Ply the road without side and inner rear mirrors
  • Smoke or eat while driving
  • Drive a double-decker bus in Nigeria
  • Fail to use your headlight s during inclement weather
  • Fail to signal when changing lanes, making a turn or pulling in front of another vehicle
  • Fail to properly secure under-aged children in an approved school safety seat or booster seat
  • Travel in a bed of a pick-up truck by any person
  • Fail to use belts while driving
  • Fail to pay any prescribed fine or other fees under the law
  • Provide incorrect address under the law
  • Reject accident victims by hospital medical personnel
  • Ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet properly strapped to the head and fastened under the chin
  • Drive with one hand
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