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10 Great Restaurants & Hang Out Spots in Lagos

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Saying there are great restaurants in Lagos is just like saying the sky is blue. The list of restaurants in Lagos is endless as there are possibly a million restaurants in Lagos island, a and a million other restaurants in Lagos mainland.  Lagos restaurants are known to ‘chop life’, which means enjoy to the fullest, hence, the restaurant business thrives very well in Lagos. As long as your restaurant is a cool new place to Instagram, your customers will reel in like fish. Buffet restaurants in Lagos can be expensive but there are some nice affordable ones if you search well enough. This list holds some of the best restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria and some of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos too, even the best restaurants in Victoria Island, Lagos. These restaurants are nothing but joy for every member of the foodie committee. Fast foods in Lagos have become more than what it used to be with the extra effort put in to prepare and plate the meal. Eat Drink Lagos has exposed the public to great food and great places, we never thought existed. Restaurants listed below can be found of every list, best restaurants in Lagos Nigeria, 15 best restaurants in Lagos, top 20 best restaurants in Lagos, 25 most amazing restaurants in Lagos, eateries in Lagos, 22 Romantic Restaurants Perfect for a Date in Lagos, name it, their services make them stand out. Here are 10 great restaurants in Lagos

  1. Midnight City Lagosmidnight city lagos

Midnight City is the first of its kind. Midnight City is an online restaurant that caters to the late-night starving tummies. The restaurant was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t go to your food, your food should come to you and so far, it has received a warm welcome in Lagos. Midnight City offers a range of delicious meals and would be on the list for top restaurants in Lagos. Their menu ranges from seafood to burgers, fries, wraps, gidi eats, drinks, small chops and more. It is ideal for that nighttime party if you want a fresh, hot meal.

  1. Burgburg

Burg is a lovely restaurant located in the heart of Isaac John Street, Ikeja G.R.A, Lagos. The name of the restaurant gives of its main attraction, burgers. Burg has an aesthetically appealing interior design that has a corky feel to it and mouth-watering burgers. Though pricey, Burg is a great restaurant in Lagos that offers amazing food including fries, drinks, burgers of course and more. If your idea is to have a heart attack worthy meal, this might be the place.

  1. Sugarcanesugarcane

Sugarcane is an addictive name for a restaurant, Instagram users are addicted to Sugarcane, maybe it’s the interior design or the name itself. Sugarcane is a lovely restaurant on the island with great food, awesome service and is surprisingly affordable for its business category. It beats the stereotype that everything on the island is insanely expensive. The only problem you will have at this restaurant is deciding what to eat, the menu is incredibly rich.

  1. The HouseThe house lagos

The House is home away from home. Their goal to bring people from all cultures and works of life together to wine, dine and interact. It mirrors home. This restaurant is ideal for private parties, business dinners, family time and everything you can think of. The House combines this with good music and entertainment to give its customers a relaxing experience. It’s a unique one of its kind. Resting on Marinho street, Victoria Island, The House is another great restaurant in Lagos.

  1. The Backyard Bar & Grillbackyard bar and grill

The Backyard Bar & Grill is the most Instagrammed restaurant in Lagos. The beauty of this restaurant is the different parts it has to it and the legendary orange swing.  This restaurant has two indoor sections with two different atmospheres. The backyard is the best section, literally. The backyard section feels like a day at the park, at night the most amazing lights come on. The Backyard restaurant has a lovely menu with prices on steering towards the high side for the average Lagosian but it doesn’t take anything away from the lovely ambiance and experience. It has a closed area, open space, coffee shop, garden bar, simply ideal for your bridal shower, bachelor’s eve and get-togethers in general. The food comes in nice quantities as opposed to some pricey restaurants.

  1. Crust & CreamCrust & Cream

Crust & Cream is a lovely restaurant in Lagos which combines a bakery, bistro and what they term a ‘coffice’. The restaurant offers international cuisine cutting across continents, in a serene environment, a service so good, repeat visits is guaranteed. With services cutting across three continents, Crust & Cream is located on Musa Yar’Adua street, Victoria Island, Lagos, not too far from The Backyard Bar & Grill. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to break the bank to dine in style.

  1. Saborsabor

Sabor is a low-key restaurant on Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a modern fusion restaurant that offers both an upscale casual dining experience as well as a terrace lounge atmosphere. The entire existence of Sabor rides on the back of the desire to bring together exclusive flavours from different cultures and dishes to cater to the different palettes of Lagos residents.

  1. Trufflestruffles

Truffles is one restaurant that is easy to miss but hard to forget once you find it. Located on Sobo Arobiodu Street, Ikeja, Lagos, is a monochromatic restaurant with lovely affordable meals. Truffles makes you feel like you’re in your own corner, its an ideal place to wine and dine alone without feeling any type of way. The fettuccini alfredo is a must have. Truffles has both indoor and outdoor sections with a cool atmosphere.

  1. Brass and CopperBrass and Copper

Brass and Copper is one of Lagos’s newest addition to the list of perfect restaurants for a date. The restaurant actually reminds you of brass and copper with its metallic aesthetic. Located in Lekki Phase 1, Brass and Copper is different from other restaurants, it operates a waiting service, bar area, lounge area, smoking area, and is kid friendly at the same time. It may sound like a contradiction, however, having special areas for these demographics of customers, it means the general area is suitable for kids. The restaurant is open till late and relaxes visitors with soft music and TV viewing. The Brass and Copper menu is rich in content and is ideal for breakfast, brunch, group dining, and get-togethers.

  1. Food Shack

    food shack

Just as the name implies Food Shack is actually a shack, a very beautiful one at that, hidden in the same premises as a luxury furniture store on Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. During the day the restaurant only operates take-out orders and from the menu, customers can make a fine selection of burgers, sandwiches, shawarmas and meat options. Food Shackis also an incredibly affordable place to eat.

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