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Harmattan Season is Upon Us, Get Ready!

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Harmattan season in Nigeria is one of the most anticipated yet dreaded seasons. We are taught that there are only two seasons in this region which are rainy and dry, but I put it to you that Harmattan falls nowhere under these two. To easily survive harmattan you will be needing most or even all of these products. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Lip Balmharmattan

The first symptom of harmattan is chapped lips. All is well and good until you wake up with sores on the corners of your mouth and cracks in your lips. It makes you look unpresentable and it is a foundation for more lip injuries. Harmattan season in Nigeria is somewhat violent and rude. It takes forever to come in some regions and stays beyond its preferred visitation period. A good moisturising lip balm will be your hero during harmattan. This will protect your lips from the cold and dry weather.


If you have experienced harmattan in Nigeria, it means you have seen many cases of dry and ashy elbows and toes. Everyone loves to look moisturised, ashy skin is the last thing you’d want to have. To beat the dry and ashy, ensure you have a good, deep and active moisturiser to lock in moisture and keep your skin free of harmattan’s bullying. During this time of the year, you need your skin lubricated, nourished and protected. This will save your skin from drying out and becoming flaky. Moisturisers will also keep your skin hydrated, which is very likely during harmattan.

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Petroleum Jelly

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Nothing locks in moisture better than petroleum jelly. To survive harmattan in Nigeria Vaseline is a product that you need to buy. It is quality petroleum jelly that will have you looking as shiny as fried plantain once you step out of the door. The dryness during harmattan hath no fury, therefore, you cannot depend on your everyday moisturiser alone. It is better to coat your skin with petroleum jelly even after you have moisturised. This is a safety measure. Petroleum jelly is thick, therefore, it provides a thicker and longer lasting coat on your skin. It also keeps you warm and can serve as a good lip balm during harmattan season.

Warm clothingharmattan

Harmattan season in Nigeria is that season that is dry, cold and hot at the same time, however, warm clothing is needed. You may not need the thick sweater, but knitted or wool clothing will do you some good. Jeans will pass the harmattan test, however, you must wear the right pair. easy fit, stretchy jeans will be good for fitted jeans, otherwise, wear them baggy. Wearing socks to bed will help to retain moisture in your feet. Warm clothing will not just keep your body warm, it will also further help you to retain moisture in your skin and prevent dryness.

Aboniki balm

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Aboniki balm is the best balm brand in the country. With a smell so vicious, this balm can withstand any Harmattan season in Nigeria. Aboniki balm has a lot of heat so it can keep you warm and save your cracked and ashy skin. This yellow wonder comes in a pretty small glass jar. The heat of this balm can cut through harmattan’s thick embrace. This menthol will take care of the colds, by warming up your body. The scent of the aboniki balm is not the most pleasant, however, it does the job.

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Often times harmattan season in Nigeria is described as cold, dry and other similar qualities. What nobody ever tells you is that during harmattan, the sun does come out. The sun shines brighter than before and can cause a good amount of warmth which leans towards heat. It is essential to use sunblock as this will protect your skin from potential damage caused by UV rays. As sunscreen is not a product popularly used in Nigeria, try wearing more covered clothes, face caps, hats, just about anything that can block the sun.

Shoe brushharmattan

Do you know why you’re going to need a shoe brush during harmattan season in Nigeria? Let me tell you why. You are going to need a shoe brush because harmattan comes with a lot of dust. The air is so dry, very little moisture in it and everywhere just gets super dusty really quick. Your shoes that you brush or clean once every two to three days, will need to be cleaned every day. Sometimes, you may need to clean your shoes even twice a day. Harmattan season in Nigeria does not come to play.


The dust is not limited to your clothing and the things you take out of your house. Harmattan season in Nigeria is so disrespectful that it barges into your home without knocking and without welcome. More dust will accumulate on your furniture in such a short time. Apart from the furniture, your floors too if you have tiles or marble floors, your car, your hair, even you. Therefore, during harmattan, it is key to always have your rags or dusters up and doing to clean out all accumulated dust. This dust can trigger allergies and asthmatic reactions, which will lead to a not so jolly season.

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Inhalers and other medication

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The harmattan season comes with a lot of triggers for medical conditions. Harmattan is said to be a dusty, dry and hot wind that blows over from the Sahara Desert, through West Africa, from the last quarter of the year to the first. It is fascinating that the wind is considered hot, whereas, people start warming up during this season. The dust affects the eyes, the nose, skin, mouth, respiratory tract and more.

This can lead to a lot of sneezing and cough. Someone with asthma or allergies relating to dust and dryness will need to be extra careful in order to not experience any attacks or triggers as it could be fatal. In this case, it essential to have your inhaler and allergy relievers nearby and with you at all times.