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10 Right Attitudes Toward Work

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Having the right attitudes to work is essential on the road to success and even after success. Your attitude to work is your perceptions of, beliefs about and attachment to your work. You can either have a positive or negative attitude toward work and for each kind, there are examples. A positive attitude toward work will yield good results and a negative attitude toward work will yield no results as opposed to bad results as people might think. However, in work terms, no result is a bad result. Employee attitudes have numerous effects. On the part of the employer or enforcer, it is your duty to provide an environment whereby positive attitudes can thrive and on the part of the employee it is their job to produce results and grow, for which they are paid to do and the only way to achieve this is by having a positive attitude to work. Attitude does determine your altitude because stakeholders and shareholder are on the receiving end of this attitude. The same theory applies to all types of businesses, small retail shops, schools, maintenance service providers etc.

Here are examples of the right attitude to work.

  1. Honesty

Honesty is one of the right attitudes to work. Honesty is a moral character that connotes truthfulness and straightforwardness in one’s conduct. It is ideal to be truthful and straightforward towards your work as it will not only make you an upstanding person morally, it will also be visible in your work. Honesty is also the absence of lying, stealing and any of the likes. When you’re honest in all the work you do, it brings more good work your way and it will help you build trust in the working environment as well as a trustworthy environment.

  1. Discipline

Discipline by definition is the practice of obeying rules or a code of behaviour. Discipline is a good attitude to have towards work because as a person, it means you can train yourself to obey a code of behaviour which will yield positive results in your work. The ability to discipline yourself is key in your work. Discipline starts small, from giving yourself a fixed break time to checkmating your own attitude and actions. Disciplines vary according to field, institution or work at hand.

  1. Commitment

You must be committed to your work. Commitment is the act of dedicating your time, interest and other resources to your work. Your work requires attention and as such, showing commitment will not only yield good results in your performance but your work at large. It gives other people confidence and trust in you because you commit to any task you do. Commitment is also a key in driving productivity. Dedicating adequate time and attention makes you work faster than you normally would. You would work better too.

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  1. Punctuality

Punctuality is the state of being early or on time. Every kind of work has the desired start and end time so does every appointment. Being punctual is a good attitude to have to work because it will keep your organised, calm and early. Others will be able to count on your because you are on time. Productivity will never suffer because as a person you are punctual to work and with your work. Punctuality is the soul of any business as it is required at every level and in every activity of a business. Being late creates a bad impression, consistent lateness creates and entirely bad image and perception.

  1. Integrity

Integrity is a quality of character whereby an individual has strong moral principles. Integrity is part and parcel of honesty. You cannot be integral if you are not honest. You must show integrity towards your work. There are many ways to do this. It may include avoiding plagiarism, using the power of your office to manipulate others or work data, using the power of your job to influence things for your personal benefit and more. Having integrity means you must stay true to who you are and stand up for what is right. You must also uphold good moral values.

  1. Consistency

Consistency requires dedication and discipline. Consistency can be defined as a steady behaviour or treatment. It means your good attitude to work along with your results should be consistent. Do not confuse consistency with stagnancy. A state of stagnancy connotes a lack of movement. Consistency, on the other hand, creates room for growth and improvement. Consistency in work performance is the ability of a person to maintain a particular standard of your work or performance. The importance of consistency in a business will be revealed in customer reviews, loyalty and perception. Consistency is not just a key to good work, it is an essential ingredient in foster peace, unity and growth in and of a workplace.

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  1. Transparency

Transparency is an attitude that is underrated. Transparency promotes trust in one’s work because all details and sources are provided, and if transparency is in the worker, his or her intentions are made clear. Transparency foster easy understanding with a very low possibility of receiving a mixed message. You must be transparent towards your work, so the receiver of your work will see your direction without difficulty. It will also simplify the work needed to be done by the next hand.

  1. Passion

Passion for work is very important and it is one of the right attitudes to work. Passion is a form of emotion that comes from within you. It is a love for something displayed through drive, zeal and motivation. Passion is key at work because it makes work easier, as you will no longer see it as a routine but a quest. Passion will help you to device new and exciting ways to do your job. Passion is what makes you apply all of your skills and energy into your work, passion is always very evident at the result stage. A lot of people work jobs they are not passionate about, in reality, there is no direct way to find passion in something you do not love, however, you can have a passion for the remuneration.

  1. Respect

Respect is not accorded to only individuals, it is accorded to processes, institutions and work too. You can show respect towards your work and workplace by treating it with value and care. Do your work well, be polite to your colleagues, share ideas and information concerning work. Two show respect you can also exchange idea, listen to what others have to say and ask questions if there is a need. Your work is not a tool for competition or career and academic wars. The importance of respect in the workplace cannot be overemphasised. This is because it promotes productivity, unity and peace.

  1. Diligence

Diligence is the act of working hard and with care. Your work should be done thoroughly and well. Lazy work is always easy to tell, and you will not be pleased with the outcome. The process of being diligent may be a painful one, however, the reward is bountiful. Diligence is a key attitude toward work that will drive you to success.

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