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Celebrate Your Birthday in Affordable Ways

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Birthday celebration ideas are the toughest things to think about when you are an indecisive person. It’s worse when your birthday celebration is on a small budget. Considering the fact that not everybody has the same financial strength, a small budget for some people could be a blank cheque to other people. Whichever way the birthday table may turn, there are many inexpensive birthday party ideas which go for both adults and children. There are many cheap birthday party places which will be easy on your wallet and there are also many fun ways to celebrate your birthday at home. No matter the birthday idea you come up with, your birthday can never be more or less than what it already is, the special day you were born. Just as there are things to do with your friends on your birthday, there are many nice things to do on your birthday alone.  The key factor is that the birthday celebration is affordable. Birthday ideas may not be for yourself, you may seek ideas on how to make a birthday special for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, toddler, best friend or anyone in particular. In today’s economy, money is not easy to come by, therefore, these are cheap ways to celebrate your birthday.

  1. Get together

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A get together is the oldest, affordable way to celebrate your birthday in the birthday book. It is so simple and most times the basic things which cost a ton are already in place. The way birthdays are celebrated nowadays with so many creative birthday ideas, a get together no longer means a gathering of friends and family in your home. However, going by the old definition, for an affordable birthday celebration, you can have a get together at home. Invite your dearest friends and family, cook, eat and drink. It will be refreshing to interact, laugh and play games like charades.

  1. Visit the beachbeach

For some reason, in Nigeria, everything costs money. In a city like Lagos, inhaling and exhaling costs a whopping ten thousand naira. One thing you can always do that will not cost you much money is going to the beach. By the beach, I do not mean Ilashe beach and other resorts.  I am referring to the more open and public beaches, where your only cost would be transport, gate fee, parking fee, food and a hut or tent rental if you need one. In Lagos, Nigeria the cost of going to the beach is heavily dependent on your bargaining power, however, Nigerians call it pricing. If you can price/bargain to the barest minimum, lucky you. the beach vibe is not restricted to Lagos if you’re in AkwaIbom, Ondo, Rivers or Delta states, get your beachwear ready.

  1. House party

    house party
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If you cannot take the party to the people, bring the people to the party. The basic house party is food, drinks, people and music. The great thing about a house party is that it can be done to various degrees. If you’re going for the affordable birthday celebration, go the simple way. You do not need to hire a gourmet caterer, all you need is small chops, it doesn’t have to a gourmet Instagram vendor either. There are numerous caterers who make finger food at affordable prices. Along with small chops, you can have a birthday cake, with drinks. If the booze costs too much, tell your friends to bring their own poison. A dope playlist and speakers will work fine, but if you can find a local DJ, it won’t cost you much too. Let’s get the party started.

  1. Dinner with family

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There is nothing and no one who warms the heart more than family. A special day such as your birthday should be celebrated with those dearest to you, your family. The definition of family doesn’t necessarily mean blood relatives, there are different types of families. It could be your friends, co-workers, neighbours, clients or blood relatives. Having dinner at home or outdoors with your family is another affordable way to celebrate your birthday. It is not a must to go to a top restaurant as they can be very expensive, there are cheap birthday places that have a nice atmosphere and food too.

  1. Go to a showmigos concert

People who have their birthdays during holidays and festivities are the luckiest because more often than none, the birthday has already been planned for them. During the holidays and festive periods, numerous fun shows and parties are organised and there is a high chance, one or four of them are to be held on your birthday. If this is your case, simply pick one of them to go with your friends and have a fun time. It is one of the best things to do on your birthday with your friends.

  1. A day of pampering

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Your birthday is your day and as such, it is all about you. If you want to celebrate your birthday with no money to do it big, you can treat yourself. Spend your day doing things you love like binge-watching movies, have your favourite food, or treat yourself to a spa day. Just do anything for your wellbeing.

  1. Sleepover

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A sleepover is another one of the oldest birthday celebration ideas. It is always a fun time when you have yourself and your friends sleeping over. Sleepovers have birthed some special bonds and have been a form of becoming of age event. You can never be too old for a slumber party. There are many creative birthday ideas for a slumber party. Your sleepover can have a theme and your guests come costume. At your sleep over you can have finger food, or snacks, drinks, and games.

  1. Moviescinema

The movies are always there to serve everyone. There’s nothing like the cinema experience. Grab a friend, two or your favourite person in the world and go to the movies. It is inexpensive, and you can enjoy a movie or two and talk about it right after. Every year, new and exciting movies are released, and the cinema is always bubbly.  The cinema experience in Nigeria is different because asides the film’s audio, you get to hear live commentary from over a hundred other people and believe me when I say it is the funniest experience.

  1. Go Dutch

Going dutch is an uncommon term used for a certain gathering. If you and your friends are going dutch for your birthday, it means each person pays for their own damage. This way, the weight of everyone’s bill isn’t in your hands. It would be like a regular dine out with your friends.

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