10 Tips on Voice Training

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Tips on voice training may seem irrelevant to many, however, it may be relevant to more people than you think, including you. Voice training videos litter the world wide web and those who need it know why they do whereas others still wonder why vocal training a thing is even. The tasks of various professions/careers are executed using instruments. These instruments only vary across professions. For some careers in music and broadcasting, the voice is a major instrument. Rome wasn’t built in a day therefore, these are voice training tips for beginners and they are free voice training tips too.

  1. Physical exercise is key

Thinking about an individual whose voice is the major determiner of their career, you would wonder what physical exercise had to do with it. Your voice itself may not be an organ, however, your voice is projected from a part of the respiratory tract called the larynx, also known as the voice box. It is here you find your vocal cords. The voice box is very much a physical part of your body and as such can be exercised. It is not new to know that your physical fitness can affect the overall activity of internal parts of your body and voicing is no small feat. Physical exercise is key to not strengthen you to endure performances. Whether you are an MC, VJ, show host, broadcast presenter, vocalist, you are a performer and it takes a certain level of physical fitness to execute performances without compromising a quality delivery.

  1. Warm your voice up before voicing.

Before you exercise, you warm up to wake your body up. You prepare your body for the coming activity, so also before voicing, you warm up your voice to get the best output. Warming up our voice before using it will relieve you of any possible strains or cracks in your voice. There are different ways to warm up your voice. Some people practice scales or make sounds unique to them, some take an oral remedy like honey and another great ingredient. The major thing is a warm-up will make your vocal cords relax at your perfect vocal range. This will keep your voice relaxed and your mouth too.

  1. Do some breathing exercises

Your breath control is everything. The voice box is a part of the respiratory system that produces sounds via the vibration of vocal cords. You can say that your voice is a product of your breath. Using your voice requires immense breath control and to master this or improve on it, breathing exercises are key. Breathing should come from your diaphragm, this will ensure you a good supply. As you practice, it is essential to place your hand on your tummy to feel the movement. Practice makes perfect. These breathing exercises will help you to control your voice and better utilise your breathing when you voice, if not, you’ll run out of breath and mar your performance. hitips on voice training

  1. Record your voice and listen to it.

When trying to make progress, a record is taken. When you sing it may sound nice but how do you remember what you sounded like yesterday. Recording your voice will help you track your progress, asides that it is also better to hear things through a different medium. For example, some people sound amazing in the bathroom because it has got great acoustics, but sound horrid outside of it. When you use your voice professionally, most of the time it may be through a microphone. Recording your voice an listening to it will give you an idea of what you sound like and would sound like if recorded. You can then identify problems to improve.

  1. Practice your voicing.

Practice makes perfect, the more you practice the more natural voicing will come.   allows you to master your own skill and with this, you will almost always be prepared to use that voice of yours. It also makes your voice sound more seasoned.

  1. Get a vocal coach

As people we don’t know everything, therefore, we learn every day. Among us are trained, vocal coaches. These guys are termed as music teachers because they majorly train singers in order to prepare them for a performance develop their voices and improve their signing techniques. It may be useful to non-singers too. To the singers in the house, a trained, professional second party can do the trick. Having an expert who knows how you should sound, how you could sound and how to get there, will make your voice ten times better, leaving no room for on voice training

  1. Eat healthily

Eating unhealthy food is the pathway to many health conditions that can negatively affect your voice. Most singers experience a condition called acid reflux. This condition causes you to feel a burning sensation around the lower chest area which dries and burns the vocal folds. Such a fatal occurrence can lead to laryngitis, hoarseness of voice, or throat cancer, meaning voice, voice be gone. An unhealthy diet which affects the body can also affect your voice, in the long run, one way or another and acid reflux is just one in many. Remember, you are what you eat.

  1. Avoid screaming, yelling and overworking your voice.

Stress kills, so also, stress can kill your voice. Yelling, shouting and other loud projections can cause you to strain and harm your own voice. The louder you talk, sing and the likes will be as a result of your vocal cords vibrating much faster. Continuous loud projections can cause you to lose your voice. Also, practice makes perfect but then those cords and muscles are tired, rest. When you begin to feel muscular pain or discomfort after working your voice, rest and drink water.

  1. Pace yourself

Voicing is heavily dependent on pace. Some people articulate really fast, some are better off slow, and some find themselves somewhere in the middle. There is, however, more to it than speed. Pacing yourself also involves building your stamina. Some people start off with more workload of training than others, find your pace and build yourself gradually.

  1. Hydrate yourself

Hydration is a key element in the respiratory system. Also, it is essential in lubricating those cords and keeping your voice fresh and relax. A dehydrated body will be revealed in your voice. It will sound as parched and exhausted as ever. You would even be too weak to use that voice.

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