Nigerian Men’s Fashion: Pieces to Pair

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Nigerian men’s fashion is no longer where it used to be. Nigerian men’s traditional fashion styles have evolved to become more fashion forward. Not to say the styles are steering away from tradition but without losing the basic traditional style, Nigerians today play with cuts, fabric and dimensions when it comes to their clothing.  One thing never changes, when its time to get clothes tailored for you, you would still struggle to pick something from the Nigerian men’s fashion magazine because the styles are just too many and unique. These days, people no longer wait to see the men’s fashion catalogues, they just surf through Instagram.

  1. Senatorsenator

Nigerians have a way of naming things and amongst these funny names, the senator is one of them. The Nigerian men’s fashion scene has evolved over time from being borderline predictable to fresh and unique like every individual. The senator name also stems from the fact that this attire is fondly worn by senators. It is soft, easy, quality and looks appropriate however it is worn. The senator style is sewn with a particular fabric called pique. The fabric is woven using cotton yarn to make patterns. Regular plain cotton fabric can also be used to make this style senator. It is more casual that lace and would fit perfectly at a formal event without looking too traditional or overdressed because Nigerian traditional attire is jaw-dropping. The senator style consists of straight trousers called Sokoto is Yoruba and either a long or short sleeved shirt called buba. The buba style is ‘tres chic’, very chic. If you wish to do up your senator outfit.

  1. Atikuatiku

Atiku is another Nigerian men’s fashion style that is characterised by its fabric. However, it is not only characterised by its fabric, but it is also named after a prominent political leader, former Vice President and current presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar. This fabric is fondly worn by the politician and is a statement piece in men’s fashion. Atiku fabric is given away by through its stripe design. The design of the fabric is amazingly woven in stripes with one stripe being more transparent than the other. it is thin. It is light and easy to wear just like the senator style. The beauty of the fabric is in its design, you want to stand out? Wear the most unique design. A lot of men like to starch their traditional wear, starching your Atiku clothing will definitely make you look sharp. It is sewn in form of buba and Sokoto and sometimes kaftans.

  1. Sandalssandals

What is a nice traditional ensemble without nice sandals? Sandals are often thought of as casual and old school, but these fancy new designs are not old school. A pair of sandals coupled with nice and clean feet will make your outfit complete. However, sandals do not look nice of every single look, for example, a tuxedo. However, the way you choose to wear your sandals can make or break the complete look. A nice pair with a few straps is excellent.

  1. Loafers/Broguesloafers

In recent times, the shoe industry has witnessed the rise of numerous shoe designers. Some of you may call them cobblers but these guys make the nicest footwear at affordable prices. These shoes could be patent, suede, leather, fringe, faux reptile skin. These shoes adorn the feet of men and even women too. They could sometimes be the spectacle of the whole outfit. Every shoe designer with their own unique designs. They are not hard to find on Instagram. These shoes bring a fresh look to the men’s fashion scene. The loafers can be worn with traditional attires and some people pull off brogues, lace-ups and Chelsea boots on it too. however, these shoes are versatile in todays fashion.

  1. Mix and match Ankaraankara

Ankara comes in amazing prints and a lot of men wear it, especially the older generation. In a bid to switch it up many tailors and designers tend to do a bit up mix and matching. Wearing a well-tailored Ankara outfit is nice but harnessing the design of the fabric with a little mix and match is fashion. Ankara can be fused with many other fabrics to make signature styles like senator and kaftans. These mixes tend to change the look of Ankara, it makes it almost recognisable and turns clothing to art. Ankara can be mixed and matched with cotton, wool, pique, lace, scuba fabric and more. Ankara can even be mixed and matched with other Ankara prints to create a play on patchwork. It comes out beautifully. The way Ankara is designed into clothing is one thing about Nigerian men’s fashion, the other thing about it is how it is worn. Gone are those days when people felt Ankara could only be worn with its co-ordinate, today it is not uncommon to see millennials match Ankara pieces with other fashion items. For example, wearing Ankara trousers with a hoodie and sneakers, wearing Ankara trousers with a t-shirt or plain shirt. Sometimes it could be an Ankara shirt with regular trousers or jeans, it is all fun and fashion.

  1. Mulesmules

It is not what you think, mules are not always heeled. Mules could be flat too. The Gucci mules made this incredible fashion piece trendy. The mules are comfortable, simple and classy. They can do anything. Mules didn’t just become fashionable, in the early 2000s mules were still worn as traditional attire mainly amongst Yoruba men. mules come in different styles, the front could be covered, it may have an opening, it could be plain or patterned, however you like it. The mules with faux fur on it, have become increasingly popular and there is just something about the way it pairs well with pant trousers and a loose, button-up shirt. If you’re trying to go comfortable but classy, go for the mule.

  1. Chelsea bootschelsea boots

Chelsea boots crept into Nigerian men’s fashion like a thief in the night. Sometime in early 2015, all the young men simply started wearing them and it’s been a go-to ever since. This fashion piece became the subject of many jokes aimed at fashionistas in various universities. All it took to have ‘fashionista’ in your bio were these boots, it was and still is funny. Chelsea boots have a way of complementing an outfit. They come in different materials, suede, leather, name it. Paired with a nice pair of jeans and you just might take breaths away. Gone are those days people would say Nigeria is too hot for certain clothing items but would wear the same things in a hot American summer. You can wear anything, just not a winter jacket.

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