12 Dirty Habits You Need to Stop

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Bad habits are common in everybody because nobody is perfect. There are different types of bad habits. The worst of them all are dirty habits. Dirty habits are common and obviously dirty, some people do not even know they have some dirty habits. Messy people by default have dirty habits because being messy is dirty. An unclean person can change with discipline, but it is hard. A lot of these dirty habits are developed in boarding school.

Here are 12 dirty habits.

  1. Picking your nose

Picking your nose is one dirty habit that is developed in childhood and it is a bad habit for children and anyone at any age. Every infant takes its fingers into places out of curiosity. Curiosity lands those fingers in their nostrils and the mucus is discovered. As they grow the desire to pick their nose develops into a habit and it is one of the dirtiest habits anyone can develop. It goes from picking your nose, to eating the boogers. Habits are easy to fuel and difficult to stop. This very habit also starts off hidden and as one age, they become bolder and more public about it.

  1. Talking with your mouth full

Talking with your mouth full is a staple in Nigerian canteens and amongst many non-canteen goers. At pubs and joints, you meet people and a conversation begins. The gist is too sweet, you talk as you chew. It is a horrid sight and a dirty habit. Asides this being a constant in the canteens, a lot of people generally have this habit.

  1. Not washing your hands after using the toilet

To wash your hands after using the toilet is one of the most taught lessons on the topic of hygiene, however, some people still don’t do it. Not because they do not want to, but because they are accustomed to not washing their hands. It starts one day by feeling like you didn’t touch anything dirty. What most people do not know is that germs are everywhere and can’t be seen with the naked eye. Not washing your hands after using the toilet means you carry germs and waste particles from the toilet to other places your hands can touch, including E. coli which can cause harm to the body once contact is made with your mouth.

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  1. Not brushing your teeth

Not brushing your teeth is a habit many people have that is born out of disobedience. When parents hound kids to brush their teeth without giving a reason it makes kids see brushing their teeth as pointless. Some people rarely brush their teeth, some, just once and others, only on school days. Brushing your teeth is part of dental care. By not brushing your teeth, you’re making to teeth a home to plaque, discolouration, bad breath and other bacteria.

  1. Not bathing regularly

It is not new to hear that some people do not bathe regularly due to water bills and more, however, in places where water use is free, some people still do not bathe regularly. As an individual who has access to a good amount of water supply, it is essential to bathe, even during the winter. Not bathing regularly will not only give you a bad body odour, it will also groom your skin for skin infections and more.

  1. Not washing your underwear

Some people are lazy and tend to pile up their dirty underwear. It is a known fact that many males wear their briefs or boxers more than once without washing. This tends to give it the person an awful smell. Not just males but females too. Not washing your underwear creates a breeding ground for organisms formed from genital discharge and could cause infections.

  1. Rarely cleaning your ears

Cleaning the ear with a cotton bud is probably one of the best feelings on earth, however, a lot of people rarely experience this because they don’t clean their ears regularly or at all. Ear wax has a crucial role to play in the ear, however, failure to clean your ears will cause a build-up of wax in the ear. The wax buildup can sometimes have a bad odour, impair hearing and just make you look dirty.

  1. Spitting on the road

The road is a public space, with the breeze blowing on it and the sunlight hitting its core. Some people see the road as an open deposit for waste, so they spit on the floor. At times it regular saliva but more often than none, its mucus from a brewing cough. It is a dirty habit that many people find disgusting to the eyes. Frequent spitting on the road just like urine will give the area a bad smell.

  1. Urinating on the sidewalk

Urinating on the sidewalk is a dirty habit every man in Nigeria and most parts of the world fuel. Because it is biologically convenient every day, men urinate on the sidewalk even in prohibited areas. It is almost impossible to reprimand them from doing so because the law enforcers do it too. It is a dirty habit because by urinating on the sidewalk, waste is released over and over in distributed areas, making it dirtier.

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  1. Rarely washing your bedsheets

Rarely washing your bedsheets is a dirty habit a lot of busy people engage in. They get up and go when they get back home you just sleep on it. After all, all you do is sleep on it. However, when you sleep on your bed, your sweat, hair products, saliva drool and more soak into the fibres of your bedsheets. As they keep getting soaked in along with dust, not washing it regularly can give you a rash, breakouts and skin infections like eczema.

  1. Piling up dirty dishes

Piling up dirty dishes is a common habit. Procrastination is truly the thief of time. As you procrastinate that one dish, it will become two dishes, then a whole sink full of dishes. The pile of dishes will make you feel demoralized, so the dishes just keep piling up until one day you have received the call to wash the dishes.

  1. Not cleaning your bathroom

Not cleaning your bathroom is a very dirty habit because this is the place where you wash off and release waste. It is very easy for germs to grow in the bathroom. A bathroom is also a place where infections can be easily contracted when different people use it without a wash. It will also smell.