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14 Travel Essentials You Need to Pack

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Travel essentials are the items that you must take with you when you are travelling. Though these essentials vary across individuals, some travel essentials are constant which means they are needed and used by all. Some unique travel essentials are travel essentials for men and women. Some essentials are treated according to their purpose and time of need; hence, you have travel essentials for carry-on bags. A carry on is the small part of your belongings, that you are allowed to carry with you and on to your seat on the aeroplane, bus, car, train, ship, etc. There are even certain travel essentials for the plane. Sometimes, knowing how to pack a suitcase efficiently is the problem, so as to not miss out any of your essentials, make travel essentials list. Don’t know which items are essential for travel, keep reading and thank me later.

  1. Underwear

Were you thinking of wearing the same underwear the entire time? Nasty! Underwear is a default travel essential for women and men. It is important because underwear, cannot be reused the same way as jeans, an underwear change needs to be made every day. Underwear is an obvious travel essential, however, if you do not know how to pack a suitcase efficiently it is one item that is easy to forget and forgetting it is fatal.UNDERWEAR

  1. Bath Kit

Travels can be long, sometimes, it can take a whole day to reach your destination. At that time, you will be tired, stinky, in need of a hot bath and a change of clothes. That can only happen with a bath kit. A bath kit is one travel essential that can make your travels worthwhile. Take all you need, your disinfectants, soaps, cleansers, body scrub, moisturiser, bath bombs and more. Even if the journey was horrible, the bath will be worth it. Plus, buying another one at your destination may be a drag because when you get home to your old kit, deciding what to do with the extras will be hard.

  1. Fuzzy socks

Depending on where you’re travelling to and your transport means, fuzzy socks will come in handy for cold temperatures. Cold feet are difficult to deal with which makes fuzzy a travel essential. These socks are also a carry-on travel essential for the plane because if you’re travelling by air, there is no way you can withstand cold feet. It is a menace.

  1. Headphones

No journey is complete without earphones, hence its place on a travel essentials list. Sometimes, to take your mind off the long journey, you need to plug your ears with some nice music. Other times, it could be for convenience to watch things on your phone or computing device without disturbing others. More often than none, the headphones will come in handy when you need to cancel out the noise.

  1. Sunglasses

If you’re up for some fun in the sun, you best not forget your sunglasses, or else you will be squinting throughout your stay. Sometimes, you may not need them, but you never know when the sun is going to come out to play and how bright it is going to shine and to be realistic only tourists wear sunglasses. It is small, light and indeed a travel essential for your carry-on because you might need it during any moment of your journey.sunglasses

  1. Sunscreen

You do not want to travel to a holiday destination and come back super tanned. The pigmentation could take weeks or months to get rid off and truly, you never fully bounce back. Some of these tropical or super sunny destinations are beautiful, but they won’t leave your skin tone looking even. Before baring your skin, ensure you have sunscreen to provide the least bit of protection from UV rays. Your travel essentials list will not be complete without it.

  1. A great read

Trips can be boring, and this is me downplaying it. Some journeys take a bit over an hour or less, however, for the longer trips, a great read will come in handy. You will need your phone battery at a durable level, so a kindle, tablet, or iPad will suffice if you have your amazing read on a digital device. You can also bring along hardcopy books and magazines for the flight, road, and kickbacks on the beach. A great read puts you in the holiday mood.

  1. Slippers

Pack your slippers! There is no better way to say it, but you will need your slippers for more occasions than you think. There are different types of slippers, casual slippers, heels, indoor and bathroom slippers. You will need one or more of these, which makes it a travel essential and should definitely be on your travel essentials list.

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  1. T-shirt

You can never go wrong with a T-shirt. A T-shirt is not just a travel essential, it is also a wardrobe essential. A t-shirt is what you need when you need to make a quick step outside or do fun activities. It is also what saves the day if, by any means, a wardrobe malfunction occurs.


  1. Hand sanitiser

Our hands pick up a lot of germs, from the railings to door handles, the tap, anywhere. These germs could be bacteria and other parasites that could cause severe harm to your body. Hand sanitiser may not be the antidote; however, it is a preventive measure against health attacks. Hand sanitiser is often overlooked by a lot of people and it is not on your travel essentials list, it is best to add it.

  1. Sanitary towels

Sanitary towels are travel essentials for women. Every woman needs them, so as to avoid mishaps. Travelling limits your resources, especially when you are in transit or in a completely new environment. Having that spare tampon or pad in your bag can save a wardrobe malfunction and a downright embarrassing moment, therefore, sanitary towels are carry-on travel essentials essentials

  1. Power bank

Power banks save the day after a long day with nowhere to charge your phone. When you’re travelling you would want to keep in touch at crucial moments in your journey. Being out of touch is the last thing you want to do when travelling, therefore, you will need a power bank. A power bank is the only travel essential that will keep your phone and similar devices charged pending the time you have access to a power outlet. They are portable and easy to use too which makes them specifically a very good travel essential in your carry-on bag.

  1. A pair of jeans

A pair of jeans can be worn up to 10 times without wash, however, that is if no stains or spills are made. A pair of jeans is the wardrobe essential that is worn the most, and you will feel greatly inadequate if you forget to pack a pair of jeans. This travel essential can serve many purposes and can be styled in different ways. Most of the time, with a pair of jeans, you can neither be over nor underdressed.

  1. A dress

A nice dress is a travel essential for women. Though some women rarely wear dresses, a nice dress always comes in handy. It is one piece that you just throw on. On travels that involve packaged programs

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