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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

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If you’re tired of the unemployment rate in Nigeria, it is best to start considering how to make money online in Nigeria. Through numerous legitimate means, you can earn a living that can supplement your 9 to 5 job and even launch your career.

Blogging in Nigeria is the oil well of the 21st century. This is because, with blogging, there are endless possibilities. One thing you must know is that it takes time, patience, passion and skill to develop a successful paying blog. How to make money online in Nigeria with a blog? Monetise it. Once you have achieved focus, value, content, engagement and other key factors, you can monetise your blog by engaging in affiliate marketing, sponsorships, advertising, ebooks sale, selling courses, consulting, training and more.

  • Comedy Skits

In the last decade, online comedians in Nigeria have gained worldwide recognition. How to make money online in Nigeria is not limited to this method, however, the money rolls in quicker than others. Comedy is not the easiest breakthrough but it is easier to grow because it is sharable content. The audience will always love a good laugh and the funnier you are, the better. In Nigeria, comedians are the top choice influencers for promotions and social media marketing. The followers, engagements and impressions are easily traded for a nice big cheque.

  • Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a youtube channel is almost like starting a blog, however, this is a vlog, a video log. YouTube has many schemes to which YouTubers can make money from their generated content. Being a YouTuber is not as easy as you think, it takes creativity and dedication. Some tips for great youtube content is to be fresh, unique, clear, engaging and add value. It must also be sharable and marketable. Once you master this, you have mastered part one of how to make money online in Nigeria.How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

  • Design Websites

The market is moving online and if you think the world wide web is already crowded, you aren’t ready. Website designers are the next big things when looking for how to make money online in Nigeria. Businesses now see the reason to have a website in order to expand their reach. The pool of bloggers also got bigger so there are definitely more websites to be designed. As a website designer who has mastered the laws of UX and UI, designing websites for a living or extra cash is a good way to make money online in Nigeria. It also pays well.

  • Become An Online Vendor

I put it to you that becoming an online vendor is one of the best online businesses for students. This is because it can be easier to manage and a set market is already there for you which is your student body. Online vendors is a more general name for Instagram vendors and this is how people make money online in Nigeria. There are millions of social media users and if you have over 1000 followers, you can process just enough orders daily or weekly. The trick is to have good content, good stock, great customer service and affordable prices. If you are on the high side, no need to worry, your audience is online too.

  • Start Copywriting

Copywriting is an essential part of effective online marketing. With E-commerce growing by the day, the demand for copywriters is increasing. Seen as an art of how to make money online in Nigeria, copywriting involves the strategic frame-up of words to call people to take the desired action. With the power to influences purchasing decisions and beliefs, copywriters are arguably one of the highest paid writers in the industry. If you have interests in copywriting, develop your skills which will enable you to write compelling copies for clients and bill them.

  • Become a Tutor Online

Online there are many tutors who offer to teach registered users on different platforms. Since you are looking for how to make money online in Nigeria, why not become an online tutor. The world is changing and people now prefer to take courses online as it is more convenient for them than physical tutoring. The ever-evolving technology with the help of the internet has eased the ability to learn anytime, anywhere. You can make money online in Nigeria by bridging the gap in demand and supply of online tutors.How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing just got serious. Also on the list of how to make money in Nigeria, we have this not so new entry. Handling social media accounts have been a side hustle for years, however, it has become a 9 to 5 job. Still one of the great online businesses for students, social media marketing takes skill and with great skill comes great value.

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Social Media marketing is all about aiding businesses, individuals or organizations find their target audience on social media. The majority of the Nigerian population spend their time on social media platforms. This has created new opportunities for business and marketing. It is important to understand the algorithms of your intended social media platform as it will help you convert followers, impressions and other insights to sales.

  • Freelance

Not committed to any employer long term and is self-employed, is who we call a freelancer. You might think freelancers work just offline, they work online too. Freelancers nearly invented the online job market. Most of your go-to ways to make money online in Nigeria can be done as a freelancer. From blogging to copywriting, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

  • Buy and Sell Domains

A domain name is a website address that you put on the search your browser. The ‘how’ in making money online in Nigeria lies in the task to find and register domain names with commercial value row in demand. You can then resell these domain names to the highest bidder. The great thing is registering is cheap and purchasing domain names is quite affordable and can be sold for higher if it is much more valuable. Some digital marketing knowledge will help you do better.