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Signs He Will Never Stop Loving You

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Finding a man who’s willing to and ready to be with you, settle down and love you forever is no easy task, I mean life is no fairy-tale. So when you do find the one, it’s like walking down the street and finding a bag filled with 100 dollar bills (Naira no get value anymore).

We all have our own personal definitions of Mr Right. But there’s more to a relationship than just going through the motions together. Who hasn’t seen the couple everyone thinks is perfect? You wish you had a relationship like theirs. That is until they break up the minute they hit a rough patch. The minute they broke up, you were left in complete shock and confusion. You may start to wonder what are the traits of a “perfect” man?

Truth is, there is no such thing as the perfect man, only the man perfect for you. Men sometimes get a bad rap, the stereotypical man will never be sweet or romantic or love you forever. That is all a lie. When a man finds the person he knows he’ll be spending the rest of his life with, he’ll certainly work his hardest to keep them by his side at all times.

You’ve daydreamed about what it will be like when you find that incredible guy, the one who truly loves you and will want to spend the rest of his life with you. Waking up every single day feeling grateful that he snagged such an incredible woman. Well, don’t worry here are the signs that you’ve finally found a man who will love you forever.

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1. He is fully committed to your relationship

A real man will fight for your relationship, that if you are also willing to fight. Being there throughout the good times is easy. It’s when the going gets tough that it’s important that you both stick together. They understand how important their relationship is, and won’t let anything at all get in the way of persevering.

2. He doesn’t avoid problems

Relationships aren’t always easy. Anytime two people choose to blend their lives together and become a couple things can get a little complicated. He doesn’t bottle up his feelings until he explodes. If something is bothering him within the relationship, he brings it up carefully and respectfully. He is comfortable talking through the issues he’s been having and will make a genuine effort to fix any underlying issue that’s been plaguing the relationship. No problem is too big and you can overcome it together. Things aren’t always going to be like fairytale like, but he’s still your idea of prince charming

3. He is not afraid to apologise

While some guys will avoid apologising and instead choose to blow it off and pretend like nothing happened, simply moving on from it. This guy is not like that. If he screwed up, he will go out of his way to make it up to you. He’s the type to give a sincere apology. If he knows he hurt you in any way it will completely destroy him, to the point that he will be pulling out all the stops to make sure you forgive him.

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