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Amazing Life Hacks 101

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Life would be easier if we knew easier ways to perform certain tasks. Life just became easier because here are some amazing life hacks.

  1. For smelly shoes, put a tea bag in each shoe to absorb bad odours.

Humans are capable of sweating everywhere, including our feet, this often results in smelly shoes especially for those who do not wear socks. a quick way to get rid of bad odours is by placing a teabag in each shoe to absorb this odour and give your shoes a better scent.

teabag in shoes

  1. An easy way to clean your blender?

Blenders are awfully hard to clean after use. Stress no more because this is an easy way to clean your blender. Put soap in the blender, add water, blend and rinse.

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cleaning blender


  1. Remove blood stains with Coca-Cola

Many may not know but Coca-cola contains active agents which help in removing blood stains from clothes.

coca cola


  1. Place onions in the fridge for a while before cutting them to avoid crying.

Onions will no longer make you cry if you place it in the fridge 30 minutes to one hour before cutting them.

onion in fridge


  1. Use Velcro strips to avoid constant carpet tip flipping

Everyone gets tired of flipping carpet corners back into place. Avoid the flipping altogether by using Velcro strips on the carpet edge and the floor to make sure it sticks together.

Velcro on carpet

  1. Use a hair clip to organise long earphones

Long earphones seem to always get tangled, how? I don’t know. I avoid this by rolling it up and holding it in place with a little hair clip.

hair clip on earphones

  1. Tying a piece of bright coloured fabric to your luggage will save time spent checking if a similar suitcase is yours or not.

It’s always a task trying to pick your luggage as it goes on the conveyor belt because chances are a lot of other similar suitcases are going around too. Avoid the trouble by tying a bright coloured fabric to your luggage for easy identification.

Fabric tied to suitcase

  1. Apply bees wax to your shoes and dry them to make them waterproof.

Applying beeswax to your shoes serves as a shield to water because its oil base allows water glide off your shoes as opposed to being absorbed.

beeswax on shoes

  1. Use baking soda and vinegar solution to unblock sinks.

Blocked sinks can make you lose your mood. Save money on chemicals and a plumber. Instead, pour hot water down the sink, let a baking soda and vinegar solution follow to effectively unblock the sink.

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baking soda and vinegar solution

  1. Use a sticky note to clean your keyboard.

The sticky note pad lying around can be more useful when you use the sticky part to pick up dust and other dirt between the keys and on a keyboard

sticky note to clean keyboard

  1. Having a glass of water while drinking coffee will protect your teeth.

Coffee colour is a strong one, therefore, a glass of water while drinking coffee serves as a good protector to your teeth.

black woman drinking water

  1. Use dental floss to cut perfect cake slices.

Cutting equal cake slices tends to be a problem for many. Using dental floss will make things easier as it allows you to make symmetric cuts through cakes.

dental floss cutting cake slices

  1. Put a small amount of baking soda when boiling eggs to make peeling easier.

When peeling an egg and it’s not smooth, it tends to stir up angry moods. Make egg peeling easier after boiling your eggs by adding a small amount of baking soda to it.

baking soda for boiling eggs

  1. An oily bowl attracts mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are everybody’s enemy, especially in tropical regions. Insecticides don’t always work, and the odours aren’t very pleasant. Avoid all this by placing an oily bowl within the desired area to attract mosquitoes.

attract mosquitoes