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Things To Do This Christmas In Lagos

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Things to do this Christmas in Lagos are much more than you think. There is a special spirit that comes alive in the metropolitan city. It is one spirit that is different from every other time of the year.

Things to do on Christmas day with family

⦁ Eat Rice

One thing to do this Christmas is eat rice. By default rice will be the special meal of the day. It is not just a Lagos standard, but a Nigerian standard. Rice is the traditional Christmas meal.

Out of all the things to do this Christmas, cooking an eating rice of any style with your family is a staple. The rice usually comes with a choice of protein, commonly chicken. On December 25th, the eateries and restaurants are filled to the brim and that’s just a small section of the celebrations.

⦁ Attend a Christmas Carol

A  carol is never a bad idea and there are many to attend this season. One of the things to do this Christmas with family is attend a carol. It is almost impossible to miss one because they happen everywhere.

The event you thought was a play just might be  carol. If you have kids, it part of the things to do this Christmas. Their school shows will always feature carols. At church, the carol singing will continue.

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⦁ Attend Worship

For some people, the holiday is a traditional day and to others, it is a religious day. The day Christ was born, so they attend worship. During Christmas nobody wishes for bad news, though things happen, therefore a lot of worshipers flood their worship.

They do this to sing worship and give praises to Jesus, as his birth marked the beginning of a new era of Christian faith.

⦁ Have a party

You can never go wrong with a party. If you do not do any other thing this season, something to do this Christmas with family is have a party. Just have a ball. It will be worth your while.

Make merry, sing songs and dance to carols, a party is always the best idea. At these gatherings you can share love, joy and bond with every member of your family.

Things To Do This Christmas In Lagos

Christmas things to do near me

⦁ Attend concerts

In Lagos it is not just near you, it is on top of you. If you’re still thinking of Christmas things to do near me, think no further, attend a concert. December in Lagos is like Summer in LA.

It is filled with the hottest parties and concerts. Concerts are lined up back to back and you can still have two concerts in one day. Save up and grab your tickets so you can have the time of your life.

⦁ See Christmas Lights

Around the city of Lagos, festive lights go up from the last week in November. These C lights dazzle dim in ways and colours that you can’t imagine. They are laid out in shapes and sizes that connote the spirit of Christmas.

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A Christmas thing to do near me is see the lights an trust me, you’d be starstruck at the display. The best places to see the best and most creative display of lights is on Mobolaji Bank Anthony way, Falomo bridge, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Garden City and more.

⦁ Share gifts

One of the Christmas things to do near me is share gifts. Around you are people from all walks of life and they all play a part or two in your life. Sharing gifts brought with love further promotes the Christmas spirit.

You put a smile on someone’s face and give them hope with an action you may think to be little. It is not the value of the gift but the thought that counts.  gift ideas may be hard to think about, however, you can gift just about anything.

⦁ Help the needy

The vibe of the season is love, joy, togetherness and more. December time is a time to celebrate life and the opportunity to see yet another  holiday. In every community there are those who are privileged and those in need. It is the way it is, therefore, helping the needy will always be a Christmas thing to do near me.

You can give them anything you feel they will need, food, clothes, kind words, etc. The needy range from the homeless people on the streets, to care homes and even your neighbour.

Things To Do This Christmas In Lagos

Christmas things to do at home

⦁ Decorate your home

Christmas things to do at home involves decorating it. Decorating this time of the year is fun when you have all you need. It is the same decorations every year but you only get to do these  things at home once a year.

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It is fun and exciting bringing out the Christmas tree and hanging all your mistletoe. Nigeria may seem like a place where it is not taken seriously, however, in a lot of homes, the holiday  is a big deal.

⦁ Watch Christmas movies/specials

On all cable networks there is always a special selection of programs because tis’ the season to be jolly. A favourite  thing to do at home is to watch Christmas movies and special episodes of serial movies.

They never get old and are always relevant. The best of the best are classic movies like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. All you need is power supply,  subscription plan, family and rice.

⦁ Unwrap gifts

Though unwrapping gifts is one of the rarest Christmas things to do at home, it has to be on this list because it is part of the tradition. A lot of families gift each other presents. The difference is that most of these presents do not make it under the tree.

The kids most times get to pick their gifts. These gifts come in form of festve clothes, phones, shoes and the likes. Some people do things the traditional way and unwrap gifts on boxing day.

⦁ Play games

All carols and no play makes this holiday a pretty dull day. Playing games is inevitable once the family and friends are together.