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Bad Breath Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

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Bad the breath is a menace to anyone who has it. With numerous bad breath home remedies, the condition cannot be treated without knowing the cause of bad breath. Just like bad breath home remedies, bad breath causes are many in number. With no definite bad breath symptoms, there are different types of bad breath, some come from the stomach, lungs, kidney, teeth, liver, etc and some smell cheesy, fishy and more.

Bad Breath Causes

  • Poor dental hygiene

A poor dental hygiene is one of the most common bad breath causes. If you do not floss or brush your teeth regularly, food particles remain in your mouth and over time, they will produce foul odours. Also, a poor hygiene will lead to the build-up of dental plaque. If not brushed off, the dental plaque which is a colourless film of bacteria will form plaque filled pockets in your gums and between your teeth. Foul odour producing bacteria also forms on the tongue and the odour is fouler than you can imagine.

  • Food

You are really what you eat. Food is tasty and all forms of amazing, but it is one of the bad breath causes. At the same time, some of your favourite spices and herbs do not have the most pleasant odours once you’re done eating it. Foods like onions, fish, garlic and the likes can cause bad breath because once they are digested, they enter your bloodstream and find their way to your lungs. Also, the breakdown of food in your mouth increases the bacteria, thus making you more prone to bad breath

  • Diseases

Though the causes of bad breath are many and some can be easily controlled, however, a bad breath cause like diseases is a menace and a side effect of an unwanted medical condition. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, tonsillitis, metabolic conditions and more, cause bad breath. This is due to the mixture of chemicals and frequent stomach acid refluxes.

  • Dry mouth

The importance of staying hydrated does not only fall on the fact that it helps the body complete numerous processes, avoiding bad breath is part of it. A dry mouth is one of the bad breath causes and it will leave an equally horrible taste on your tongue. Saliva present in the mouth usually cleans the mouth naturally. When your mouth is dry due to whatever reason, foul odours can build up. The mouth becomes dry when you sleep causing morning breath, it will be even worse if you sleep with your mouth open.bad breath

  • Drugs

Certain drugs are capable of drying the mouth by reducing saliva and will, therefore, increase bad breath. As not all drugs do this, some drugs cause bad breath as they break down and release chemicals in the breath. Examples include nitrates, some chemotherapy chemicals, and some tranquillizers, such as phenothiazines. People who also take vitamin supplements in large doses can also be prone to bad breath.

  • Infections

It is no news that infections cause bad breath and believe it or not, some of these infections can take place in your mouth. This may be due to wounds from an accident, surgical procedures, tooth decay, tooth removal, gum decay, sores and more.

  • Tobacco products

Tobacco users are more likely to have gum diseases and more that cause bad breath. Tobacco products like cigarettes cause their own unpleasant mouth odours when smoked, this is why many smokers have a distinct bad breath.

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Bad Breath Symptoms

Bad breath symptoms are really not hard to decipher. Once you notice a broken expression on your audience’s face the moment you open your mouth at close range, be sure you have bad breath. It is difficult to assess your own breath yourself, that is why there are no definite bad breath symptoms. At times, good meaning individuals may tell you about your breath because the odds are, you are probably oblivious to it. Some other individuals are super conscious of their breath when they have no odour at all. When you notice a shift in countenance in your audience when you speak at close range, withdrawals and odd behaviour when you speak, see it as a bad breath symptom. To dispel paranoia, ask a close friend or family member who will tell you the truth.bad breath

Bad Breath Home Remedies

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily

Brushing your teeth is a big bad breath home remedy and a contributor to good dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth once may not be enough, maybe twice is the charm. Brushing your teeth is simply bathing your teeth. It removes all the dirt, bacteria build up and gives you minty fresh breath. Brushing your teeth twice daily can also help to remove food particles that remain in the mouth and can cause bad breath.

  1. Do not skip your tongue

Some people tend to think the tongue is important, it is actually the most important because the tongue traps a lot of foul odours causing bacteria and can give off a sinus damaging smell. It is not okay to brush the tip of your tongue or just lightly brush down, slightly towards the back is where the build-up happens. Do not brush your tongue like your car tires, neither should you try to brush your oesophagus, just brush your tongue.

  1. Use mouthwash

Mouthwash is another way to ensure fresh breath. Mouth keeps the bacteria at bay for a little longer and establishes a fresh breath in your mouth. The liquid also gets the tiny particles your toothbrush could neither see nor reach. Get a bottle and try it out.

  1. Rework your diet

Reworking your diet is one of the most suitable bad breath home remedies. It is also dependent on the cause of bad breath. You may love the spices and ingredients but tone it down a little. No need for overpowering tastes, your meal will do just fine with less. Also, reducing the rate at which you eat a bad breath causer will go a long way. If you must eat them, also eat foods that suppress odours.

  1. Stay hydrated

A dry mouth is one of the bad breath causes and here is the bad breath home remedy just for it, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and keep your mouth closed if need be, this will prevent your mouth from drying up too quickly and producing foul odours. Also chewing sugar-free gum promotes the production of saliva. Some also contain a mint ingredient which can freshen your breath.

  1. Clean dentures

A lot of people wear dentures like braces, retainers, underwiring, mouth guards and more. These items go into the mouth and should be clean at all times, to avoid the deposit of bacteria back into the mouth. This is a home remedy for bad breath that is easy to do and should be part of your lifestyle habits.

  1. Floss

Flossing is another one of the bad breath home remedies. It helps to get rid of abuild-upp of food particles and bacteria between your teeth. It reduces the risk of bad breath.

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